Quantum Success: 7 Essential Laws For A Thriving, Joyful, And Prosperous Relationship With Work And Money

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In the bestselling tradition of The Secret, learn how to use the law of attraction for your career to access greater financial success and fulfillment in this positive, detailed guide from celebrated life coach and New York Times bestselling author of The Art of Having It All, Christy Whitman.

Whether your vision of an ideal career is starting your own business, rising to a different position within your current company, or landing your very first job, Quantum Success will help you make the prosperity and fulfillment of your dreams a reality.

Through her accessible, empowering writing, Christy Whitman shares the fundamental principles that she’s discovered after more than twenty years of studying universal forces—such as polarity, alignment, resonance, momentum, and magnetism—and explains how to harness these forces to optimize your wealth and career. Exemplified by numerous case studies, Christy’s ten-step plan teaches you how to establish inner relationships with future clients, associates, and employees, work with light and energy to magnetize opportunities and resources, build a culture of value and appreciation that brings out the very best in those around you, and operate at your highest capacity.

By mastering this process, you will enable yourself to achieve unimaginable success in your career, however you define it.


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