Beautiful Sinner: A Devils Rock Novel

Beautiful Sinner: A Devil's Rock Novel


Locked in with the town bad boy . . .

Most women would be scared, but Gabriella’s only worried about resisting Cruz Walsh, who’s even hotter than he was back in high school. Cruz was wrongly accused of the high-profile crime for which he was imprisoned; Gabriella’s desperate for the scoop that will get her career off the ground and get her out of Sweet Hill, where everyone still remembers her as “Flabby Gabby.” Being stuck in a supply closet with Cruz is the perfect opportunity to land an interview. What Bri doesn’t count on is Cruz taking “up-close and personal” to a whole new level.

If there’s a silver lining to the hell Cruz went through, it’s that losing his freedom put everything in perspective. Maybe starting over someplace new would be easier, but after years locked up, Cruz values his family—and his true friends—more than ever. So he’s back home, facing the gossip, dodging reporters . . . and face-to-face with Gabriella Rossi. They’ve both changed: Bri wants a story and Cruz just wants her. Another thing he’s learned? Don’t let a good thing slip away.


  • chapter 01
    Duration: 14s
  • chapter 02
    Duration: 14s
  • chapter 03
    Duration: 17min
  • chapter 04
    Duration: 11min
  • chapter 05
    Duration: 32min
  • chapter 06
    Duration: 18min
  • chapter 07
    Duration: 29min
  • chapter 08
    Duration: 11min
  • chapter 09
    Duration: 14min
  • chapter 10
    Duration: 09min
  • chapter 11
    Duration: 17min
  • chapter 12
    Duration: 19min
  • chapter 13
    Duration: 11min
  • chapter 14
    Duration: 16min
  • chapter 15
    Duration: 28min
  • chapter 16
    Duration: 37min
  • chapter 17
    Duration: 17min
  • chapter 18
    Duration: 17min
  • chapter 19
    Duration: 13min
  • chapter 20
    Duration: 21min
  • chapter 21
    Duration: 11min
  • chapter 22
    Duration: 23min
  • chapter 23
    Duration: 12min
  • chapter 24
    Duration: 21min
  • chapter 25
    Duration: 12min
  • chapter 26
    Duration: 04min
  • chapter 27
    Duration: 33s