Run For Something: A Real-talk Guide To Fixing The System Yourself

Run For Something: A Real-talk Guide To Fixing The System Yourself


The must-have guide for young progressives looking to run for local office, complete with contributions from elected officials and political operatives.

You’ve been depressed since the night of November 8, 2016. You wore black to work the next morning. You berated yourself for your complacency during the Obama years. You ranted on Twitter. You deleted Twitter. You sent emails to your friends saying, “How can we get more involved?” You listened to Pod Save America. You knit­ted a pussyhat. You showed up to the Women’s March on Washington. You protested Donald Trump’s executive orders. You called your congressman. You called other people’s congressmen. You set up monthly donations to Planned Parenthood and the ACLU. You reactivated Twitter (begrudgingly).

Here’s what you do next: Run for something.

To be specific: Run for local office and become the change you want to see in the world. Forget about Con­gress. Forget about the Senate. Focus on the offices that get the real sh*t done: state legislatures, city councils, school boards, and mayors.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not a white man over sixty with an Ivy League law degree. (In fact, it’s better if you’re not!)

It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand the first thing about running for office, or never even imagined you would. That’s what this book is for.

Amanda Litman, experienced in hard-fought state and national election campaigns, is here to give you guid­ance as well as wisdom and insight from elected officials and political operatives she interviewed for this book.

There are half a million elected officials in the United States. Why can’t you be one of them?


  • RunForSomething 01 Open
    Duration: 20s
  • RunForSomething 02 Introduction
    Duration: 21min
  • RunForSomething 03 WhatsTheWorstThatCouldHappen
    Duration: 09min
  • RunForSomething 04 Ch1
    Duration: 34min
  • RunForSomething 05 APepTalk
    Duration: 07min
  • RunForSomething 06 Ch2
    Duration: 12min
  • RunForSomething 07 Ch3
    Duration: 22min
  • RunForSomething 08 Ch4
    Duration: 22min
  • RunForSomething 09 RunningAsAProgressiveInARedState
    Duration: 06min
  • RunForSomething 10 DoSomething
    Duration: 07min
  • RunForSomething 11 Ch5
    Duration: 42min
  • RunForSomething 12 RunningACampaign
    Duration: 08min
  • RunForSomething 13 Ch6
    Duration: 01h11min
  • RunForSomething 14 Ch7
    Duration: 19min
  • RunForSomething 15 Ch8
    Duration: 27min
  • RunForSomething 16 Ch9
    Duration: 07min
  • RunForSomething 17 MakeLocalElectionsGreatAgain
    Duration: 06min
  • RunForSomething 18 Ch10
    Duration: 21min
  • RunForSomething 19 SevenQuestions
    Duration: 02min
  • RunForSomething 20 Ch11
    Duration: 16min
  • RunForSomething 21 CampaignsWillChangeYourLife
    Duration: 07min
  • RunForSomething 22 PoliticsIsntBroken
    Duration: 07min
  • RunForSomething 23 Ch12
    Duration: 10min
  • RunForSomething 24 Ch13
    Duration: 05min
  • RunForSomething 25 Conclusion
    Duration: 04min
  • RunForSomething 26 Appendix
    Duration: 16min
  • RunForSomething 27 Credits
    Duration: 35s