Mind Platter

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Mind Platter is a compilation of reflections on life as seen through the eyes of an educator, student, and human who experienced her early days in silence. It is written in the words of a woman who came from Lebanon to Canada at the age of 16 and experienced what it was like to have fate push her to a place where she didn't belong. It is written in the voice of every person who has felt unheard, mistreated, misjudged, or unseen. The audiobook contains over 200 reflections on topics we encounter in our everyday lives: love, friendship, hurt, inspiration, respect, motivation, integrity, honesty, and more. 

Mind Platter is not about the words it contains, but what the listener makes of them. May this book give a voice to those who need one, be a crying shoulder for those who yearn for someone to listen, and inspire those who need a reminder of the power they have over their lives.


  • Mind Platter 01 Title

    Duration: 08s
  • Mind Platter 02 Dedication

    Duration: 20s
  • Mind Platter 03 Introduction

    Duration: 01min
  • Mind Platter 04 Part 1

    Duration: 30min
  • Mind Platter 05 Part 2

    Duration: 30min
  • Mind Platter 06 Part 3

    Duration: 31min
  • Mind Platter 07 Part 4

    Duration: 30min
  • Mind Platter 08 Part 5

    Duration: 31min
  • Mind Platter 09 Part 6

    Duration: 30min
  • Mind Platter 10 Part 7

    Duration: 30min
  • Mind Platter 11 Part 8

    Duration: 30min
  • Mind Platter 12 Part 9

    Duration: 25min
  • Mind Platter 13 Acknowledments

    Duration: 26s
  • Mind Platter 14 Closing Credits

    Duration: 26s