Moshi Monsters on Fun Kids



Get videos and interviews with your favourite Moshi Monsters like Katsuma and Poppet, see the best bits from Moshi Monsters: The Movie premiere and loads more from Monstro City. Fun Kids is a childrens radio station in the UK. Tune in on DAB Digi


  • Moshi Monsters The Movies Jocelyn Stevenson

    Moshi Monsters The Movie's Jocelyn Stevenson

    20/12/2013 Duration: 04min

    Jocelyn Stevenson, the producer from Moshi Monsters chatted to Bex from The Club about the new move, what kids can expect and they even play a Moshi Monsters quiz!

  • Moshi Monsters Takeover Show - Best Bits

    Moshi Monsters Takeover Show - Best Bits

    18/12/2013 Duration: 06min

    Poppet and Katsuma got their Moshi pals to help them lock the Fun Kids bosses in the cupboard and took over the station for an hour!! Now that us bosses have got free we’ve decided to forgive them and here are the best bits from the Moshi Monsters takeover show!

  • Moshi Monsters: The Movie Preview

    Moshi Monsters: The Movie Preview

    18/12/2013 Duration: 04min

    Catch up with Alex as he went down to the preview screening of the Moshi Monsters Movie. Not only does he chat to loads of fans but he speaks to the creator of Moshi Monsters too!