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  • 092 - Adolfs Old First Ward vs. Lloyd

    092 - Adolf's Old First Ward vs. Lloyd

    27/04/2020 Duration: 01h29min

    Brandon, Tim, Lauren and JJ in our second part of this Bar Madness Final Four Series are joined by Mike from Adolf's Old First Ward Tavern and Yuri who is the head of operations at the Lloyd Taco Factory. We run through each of the match ups that lead both squads to this point in the tournament and each give us a overview of their respective bars, and how it all came together. Both guests were awesome! and we look forward to visiting both establishments once this pandemic is all over!  Below are the time stamps for each bar! Best of luck as the voting wraps up over the next 24 hours! Enjoy!! 00:20:00 - Adolf's Old First Ward Tavern 00:45:00 - Lloyd Taco Factory

  • 091 - Matinee and Caseys Black Rock

    091 - Matinee and Casey's Black Rock

    27/04/2020 Duration: 01h02min

    Brandon, Tim, Lauren and JJ sit down with the owners of both #2 Matinee and #13 Casey's Black Rock. Each discuss their ongoing match up against one another and we dive into each establishment, how they got started in the industry and what their bar is all about. The crew is first joined by Rex and Kevin from Matinee followed by Vinny from Casey's Black Rock. All were awesome guests! We can't wait until we can visit both of these fine establishments once this quarantine is all over!  Below are the time stamps for each of the bars below! Best of luck as the voting wraps up over the next 24 hours! Enjoy!! 00:01:00 - Matinee 00:30:00 - Casey's Black Rock

  • 090 - Group Therapy Session #2

    090 - Group Therapy Session #2

    19/04/2020 Duration: 01h22min

    The third episode from our four hour zoom call!! Only two weeks into this quarantine several of us, no unlike many of you, were going slightly stir crazy. So we needed a good group therapy session where we just checked in to see how everyone was doing, who was still going into work and what they were dealing with on day to day basis in this world turned upside-down.    So Enjoy! We had some fun with this one!   Love Always! From everyone at Game On!  

  • 088 - WNY Run Club

    088 - WNY Run Club

    13/04/2020 Duration: 49min

    During our four hour zoom podcast, Lauren and Tim take a deep dive into WNY Run Club, how things got started, and the recent surge in runners within the group. We also discuss the upcoming Run Club Spring Session (whenever this is all over, that will begin) and some of the adjustments we made after reviewing what went well last year, and what we felt we could improve upon. Lauren touches on a few topics included footwear, training, apps and some of her personal experiences running. Just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to knowledge she has gained through course of running over the past 2.5 years.  This is a good one for all you runners AND non-runners out there. We look forward to future Run Club specific episodes, and maybe we can hear from a few of you! as we love to have guests on for our podcast.    Enjoy!    Love always,  From all of us at Game On! 

  • 087-Bar Madness Buffalos Ultimate Bar Challenge

    087-Bar Madness Buffalo's Ultimate Bar Challenge

    06/04/2020 Duration: 01h05min

    Bar Madness is in full swing as we are currently in the midst of teams taking on one another to advance to the Elite 8! But we wanted to take a step back and do a deep dive into how this all came together and take a closer look at the field of 64 and the match ups that took place in Rounds 1 & 2. In what turned out to be a part of our four hour zoom call podcast (sorry for the audio on this one folks) we spend a solid hour on Bar Madness! So be on the look out for Episodes 88-90 that we will be releasing throughout the week.  Enjoy!!  Love Always,  Tim, Brandon, Marty, JJ, Amber Lauren, and all of us from the Game On! Family!  Cheers and STAY SAFE!

  • 086 - Quarantine Group Therapy Session 1

    086 - Quarantine Group Therapy Session 1

    20/03/2020 Duration: 01h47min

    We may not be able to see each other, but we won't let that stop us from bring you another episode of your favorite Social Sports Podcast. Tim, way up in the attic, Brandon in Rocco's Room, Marty to the Second Floor, Amber from the Bedroom, and JJ silent til about an hour in.  We are also joined by some fun special guests in Martha from LCC Ballers, and Josh Wrest of Lace Out! over the On!core Hotline.  We are all happier when we get to converse, and though we might not be able to do that in person, technology allows us to stay in touch. So this is the first of several group therapy session while we all work our way through life without life.  Thanks for tuning in!    Love Always, A All of us from the Game On! Family!

  • 085 - Floss or Die with Brittany Kolesar, JJ Dann, and Scott Gowanlock

    085 - Floss or Die with Brittany Kolesar, JJ Dann, and Scott Gowanlock

    12/03/2020 Duration: 56min

    On!core is back with a variety of guests from our Floor Hockey league held at Spinners Rink in West Seneca! Amber Williams, Dave Pickens, Kay Schwan, Brittany Kolesar (our resident Dental Hygienist for the show) JD Damn and Scott Gowanlock all spend some time on the show talking about their teams, telling some fun stories and general nonsense.  We also briefly touch base on the general lay of the land regarding coronavirus, discuss a controversial call in real-time as it's happening, followed by a deep dive into Dental Hygiene.  Enjoy everyone! Stay Safe and wash your hands!    Love Always,  From all of us at Game On! 

  • 84 - Think of how different your life would be with Guest Martha Russel

    84 - "Think of how different your life would be" with Guest Martha Russel

    04/03/2020 Duration: 01h13s

    The On!core is back and we are hanging out on the sidelines at Sportsplex and Martha Russel of LCC Ballers joins us as we discuss how different life would be and how sports has played a role in it.  We also discuss our time in Mexico and celebrate our Social Star Award for Best Marketing Innovation.    Enjoy Everyone!   Love Always,  Tim, Brandon, Marty and all of us from the Game On! Family. 

  • 082 - SSIA Conference Preview - Part 1

    082 - SSIA Conference Preview - Part 1

    07/02/2020 Duration: 39min

    The Game On! Staff will be headed to the Annual SSIA conference in a few weeks where they will be presenting a seminar on THIS, Podcasting, where we will share our experiences with Podcasting, and how we feel it could be of benefit to other clubs!  Our staff will also sit in on several seminars presented by our peers in the industry, covering a wide variety of subjects with goal of improving and expanding the offerings of Game On!  In addition, for those attending our seminar this podcast serves as a chance to get to know Brandon, Tim and Marty. In this episode of the On!core we breakdown the conference agenda and give a brief preview of all the topics and seminars that are taking this year.  This is Part 1 of our SSIA themed podcast, with our second Podcast breaking down the Annual Social Star Awards! 

  • 083 - Social Star Awards Preview - Part 2

    083 - Social Star Awards Preview - Part 2

    07/02/2020 Duration: 42min

    Every year at the annual SSIA Conference the Executive Committee Recognizes excellence in Sport and Social Industry! And the nominees are.... BEST INDUSTRY COLLABORATION Sport & Social Group (Toronto) - No Touch T-Shirt Program GameOnVT and SportsLink - New Years Eve Party Knowledge Share Top Golf Multi Market Sponsorship/Program (18 SSIA Clubs) Atlanta Sport & Social Club, Sportslink, Tampa Bay Club Sport - 2019 Tri-Wizard Cup Xoso Sport & Social League - Grill Cheese Fest Knowledge Share Best Marketing Innovation Sport & Social Group (Toronto) - Player 4 Life United Fray - On Tap Media Game On! Sports Buffalo - Player Interviews (https://youtu.be/hWkFlu_s02M) Atlanta Sport and Social Club - Oktobefest Atlanta - Influencer Marketing Campaign NJ Play Sports - Weekly MVP Recognition! Houston Sports and Social Club - Celebrate Diversity Campaign Best Video  Campaign - In House Tampa Bay Club Sport / Taylor Tegarden - Bar Olympics https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C03LwBfrqOU KC Crew - .5K (Easy Sp

  • 81- Live from Canalside with Allyson Zurawski

    81- Live from Canalside with Allyson Zurawski

    30/01/2020 Duration: 38min

    Tim, Marty and guest Allyson Zurawski sit rink side at our Tuesday Night Pond Hockey League in beautiful downtown Buffalo at Canalsides, just steps away from the Keybank Center.  We talk Pond Hockey, update standings in Football, Hockey and Recap this past weekends Flurrious Winter Kickball Tournament. Allyson tells us all above her life and her upcoming trip to Utah. She also breaks down her experience with two deodorants.    Enjoy! 

  • 80 - Week 1 Football and Brandon is a Dad

    80 - Week 1 Football and Brandon is a Dad

    17/01/2020 Duration: 01h23min

    Another episode of the On!core with Amber, Tim, Marty and the new dad Brandon!We talk week 1 of Indoor Football, preview the upcoming Winter Kickball Tournament, FLOOR HOCKEY AT SPINNERS, bowling and darts.  We also talk about our experiences with concussions given some of the ongoing discussions around the NFL and NHL.  O and Brandon is a dad, so we talk a bit about being a father. Be sure to check out Brandon's --->Blog! Excuse My Language

  • 079 - Macys Place Pizza

    079 - Macy's Place Pizza

    03/01/2020 Duration: 01h02min

    The On!core team heads over to Macy's Place Pizzeria in Cheektowaga, NY located near Union and Genesee Street. We talk about Game On!'s upcoming sports leagues (Football, Darts, Bowling, Floor Hockey, and Run Club). We also talk about our most recent event the Karaoke Before Christmas and the upcoming Flurrious Winter Kickball Tournament taking place on January 25th.  Also we of course talk the state of the Sabres and the upcoming Buffalo Bills Playoff Game against the Houston Texans. GO BILLS! Wing Review Backyard Bourbon, Italian Parmesan, Hot Lemon Pepper.  Noted, there Pizza also lives up to the hype.  

  • 078 - Lets Go Buffalo with Special Guest James Celotto Jr.

    078 - Let's Go Buffalo with Special Guest James Celotto Jr.

    19/12/2019 Duration: 56min

    Brandon and Tim are joined by Special Guest James Celloto at our favorite stomping ground adokfs following his Pond Hockey Debut at the Ice at Canalside!  The boys talk ice skating and how it's James Second time only out on the ice and how he fared on the Marty Finucane led Ferda!    We of course talk some Buffalo Bills following their Playoff clinching victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers!  Head over to gameonbuffalo.com to check out all our upcoming leagues and events Including the Karaoke before Christmas happing this Fridqy at Adolfs, Indoor Football Leagues and Flurrious Kickball Tournament!    Enjoy! 

  • 077 - Now He Cant Move and Makes Bad Decisions

    077 - Now He Can't Move and Makes Bad Decisions

    12/12/2019 Duration: 01h35min

    Brandon, Tim and Marty hangout at ..where else.. Adolf's Old First Ward Tavern as we discuss all of the topics!..But mainly randomly, first jobs, the Bills, the Sabres and of course! Karaoke!  Head over at gameonbuffalo.com/leagues for Indoor Football, Pond Hockey, BOWLING! (coming soon) and of course our upcoming Karaoke Night.    Enjoy everyone!   Love Always, Tim, Brandon, Marty and all of us at Game On! Sports 

  • 076 - Brandon Tim go Live! A Thanksgiving Special

    076 - Brandon Tim go Live! A Thanksgiving Special

    27/11/2019 Duration: 01h13min

    The title says it all! Brandon and Tim recorded a live episode this past evening a feature we look forward to doing again in an effort to expand our listener involvement and for those who have wanted to be guests but the timing hasn't always worked out. We are joined via phone both Amber Williams and Marty Finucane.  The first 15 min or so is us getting used to the new set up and the bit of lag in our headphones, so feel free to skip ahead to that point in the episode.    Enjoy! And Happy Thanksgiving Everybody! 

  • 075 - Jennings and the Stoner Dave of Buffalo Stunners

    075 - Jennings and the Stoner Dave of Buffalo Stunners

    18/11/2019 Duration: 01h40min

    Brandon and Marty are joined by long time Game On! QB and Captain of Buffalo Stunners and the one and only Stoner Dave for a conversation about the Stunners D2 Championship over Remember the Beer. We also hear how both got involved with the league, their plans come spring session, and cap it off with some Buffalo Bills talk.   Enjoy!   Love Always, Tim, Brandon, Marty and all of us from the Game On! Family 

  • 074 -

    074 -

    08/11/2019 Duration: 30min

    Often when we have  guests on we like to ask them, what they do outside if sports and for those of you who don't know, Hoff works in the funeral industry specifically the production of the vaults which caskets are placed in. It's not exactly a subject that is often talked about because often it's a very emotional time for people.  But both Brandon and Tim had a ton of questions while Hoff was describing what he does for a living off the mic. Brandon and Tim found the topic incredibly interesting and not one either of us knew much about. Sober asked Hoff if it was okay to flip on the recorder and he gave the

  • 073 - Hoffy 69ers 2.0 2019 Fall Football D3 Championship Recap

    073 - Hoffy 69ers 2.0 2019 Fall Football D3 Championship Recap

    08/11/2019 Duration: 01h15min

    Brandon and Tim are joined by the one and only Hoffy (David Hoffman) of 69ers 2.0 and Talent Juice! to recap 69ers 2.0 run to the Fall Football championship in D3. Hoff and his 69ers went on a 8 game win streak on capping it off with a championship win. Hoff and Tim reminisce about the 69ers of yesteryear, how Hoff got into the league, and his journey over the years.  Thanks for joining us Hoff! It was a blast! Also be on the lookout for the bonus episode. Hoff has a very unique job so Tim and Brandon take a peak inside the casket as they discuss what its like working in the funeral industry.  Thanks for Listening and Thank you to everyone who played this season with Game On! We look forward to seeing you on the rink, turf, gym floor, or just hanging out at the bar over the winter until we reconvene for the outdoor Spring Session in 2020.  Love Always,  Tim, Brandon, Marty and everyone from the Game On! Family   Be sure to follow us on Social Media, @gameonbuffalo on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram! and be on

  • 072 Championship Week! with guest Cesar Leo of Stunner and North Buffalo Knights

    072 Championship Week! with guest Cesar Leo of Stunner and North Buffalo Knights

    31/10/2019 Duration: 01h33min

    The boys are joined by Cesar Leo (Cordair) of Buffalo Stunners ( and North Buffalo Knights as they preview the upcoming Game On! Sports 2019 Fall Co-ed Touch Football Championships. We breakdown how the playoffs unfolded and the teams that made a run at the end of the season all the way to the Championship. We also chat with Cesar about Semi-Pro Football, which NFL receivers best describe his style of play, and what the league has meant to him this season, his first with Game On! Sports.    Thank you to all who have listened and keep tuning in! We love doing this week in and week out and have some fun things planned for the off-season between football while we cover our winter sports leagues, and during our down time in between!    Love Always,    Tim, Brandon, Marty and all of us with the Game On! Family   Start of with D429 min D343 Min Hoff's Cooler45 Min D21:12 Min D1

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