Bellwether Pod



Tough Subjects? Opinionated analysis? Guests who know better? Actual facts? Bellwether is 30 minutes of sunshine on subjects that will capture your attention as guests share their knowledge and experience one on one. We talk about the issues and events that serve as harbingers of the political and cultural shifts to come.


  • Bellwether Pod Season 1 Trailer

    16/02/2019 Duration: 01min

    Learn more about the Bellwether Pod, host Laura Fink & the origins of Season 1

  • What Up White Women?!

    15/02/2019 Duration: 31min

    Professor of Black Studies at San Diego Mesa College Candace Katungi joins us for our election unpack part one to talk about the stark race, class and gender rifts in this year's presidential election, and whether or not any of it was a surprise.