Weight Loss Hypnosis Secrets: Unlock Your Mind For Permanent Weight Loss

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Is your battle with weight is deeper than just diet and exercise
Do you think that your battle against weight loss has no end in sight?
Most people are very optimistic about losing weight in the first week of their new "Diet Regime", but if you ask them how their diet was serving them a month from the start, and nearly all of these people would have either quit or were thinking about quitting by now.
It is because of this very reason this book will change the game for you! This book addresses the root cause of why you are not being able to lose weight and through hypnosis based weight loss process, helps you break through the mental barriers that keep you failing, so that you can confidently lose weight and keep it off permanently! Gone for the good!!
When you read this book or hear the Audio-book, you will feel the shift in your mindset. This book will change the negative beliefs and habits that are keeping you stuck in a weight struggle while also developing a new and healthy relationship with food, exercise and yourself! You will finally have the keys to free yourself from the prison of the struggle with weight.
This book will be Your Road-map and will guide you from start to finish. The book will take you from where you find yourself right now in this war against weight loss and deliver you to the promised land, the paradise. No longer will you be tempted by the unhealthy cravings righter your powerful affirmations will be too great to let anyone come between you and your ideal body shape
In this book you'll discover:
How hypnosis can make it easier for you to discover the thinking processes that kept you without results
The four steps for successful hypnosis
How can hypnosis be conducted in almost any environment
How you can use hypnosis in overcoming addictions and fear


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