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Your source for all things vegan! From cooking to fitness to haircare, Vegan Danielle discusses everything from the benefits to the frustrations of going vegan. Podcast episodes alternate between scheduled interviews with vegan friends and businesses and small scripted researched documents pertaining to the vegan community.

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  • 217: Powerhaus Pizza
    217: Powerhaus Pizza

    Anisha Blodgett is vegetarian and has an avid passion for fitness and overall wellness. She was ultimately inspired to further develop her own personal recipes for some of her favorite foods (like... visit for more information!

  • 216: Donna Jean, Part 2
    216: Donna Jean, Part 2

    Roy Elam and Tony Howe are two of the badass creative geniuses behind San Diego's rustic comfort-food restaurant, Donna Jean. From sauces to doughs and everything in between, Roy, Tony and the rest... visit for more information!

  • 215: Million Dollar Vegan  Veganuary
    215: Million Dollar Vegan & Veganuary

    9 year old Vegan Evan has been making waves in the community for a few years now, but most recently his publicity has come from a collaboration with Million Dollar Vegan, where he asked President... visit for more information!

  • 214: Mindful Meditation
    214: Mindful Meditation

    Dawn Ressel has been vegan since January of 2001. She leads an amazing series of meditations out of San Diego, in styles of which have been clinically proven to improve one's quality of life. In... visit for more information!

  • 213: The Vegan Warehouse
    213: The Vegan Warehouse

    Carl and Ewelina founded The Vegan Warehouse in 2017 after Ewelina struggled to find vegan alternatives to her household staples. After years of frustration, then later partnering with Carl, the... visit for more information!

  • 212: Eco-Detectives
    212: Eco-Detectives

    Lacie Ward and Hannah Elauria are the two best friends, turned business partners who co-founded the local San Diego brand, Lum A Terra, which focuses on supporting brands who are socially conscious... visit for more information!

  • 211: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse
    211: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse

    Liz Murphy is the chef and founder at Santosha Nutrition. After 10 years in the hotel & restaurant industry, Liz decided to stop being part of the problem and choose to fight food waste &... visit for more information!

  • 210: Holistic Vibrations
    210: Holistic Vibrations

    Jon grew up in the vegan/punk/straight edge scene in Baltimore, Maryland. Growing up with an abusive dad, then later seeing the documentary Earthlings, Jon made the correlation between the pain he... visit for more information!

  • 209: Talks ‘n’ Tacos
    209: Talks ‘n’ Tacos

    Ellen Ericksen has been fighting for the animals for as long as she can remember. Although she participates in many anti-cruelty events, one of her biggest passions is protesting Del Mar's... visit for more information!

  • 208: Kill Racing, Not Horses!
    208: Kill Racing, Not Horses!

    Ellen Ericksen has been fighting for the animals for as long as she can remember. Although she participates in many anti-cruelty events, one of her biggest passions is protesting Del Mar's... visit for more information!

  • 207: Behind the Lens
    207: Behind the Lens

    Peepal Farm is a stray animal rescue, vegan organic farm, low-impact farmstay and a small scale social enterprise. The farm is located in a small village near Charamsala, Himachal Pradesh, India and... visit for more information!

  • 206: Peepal Farm
    206: Peepal Farm

    Peepal Farm is a stray animal rescue, vegan organic farm, low-impact farmstay and a small scale social enterprise. The farm is located in a small village near Charamsala, Himachal Pradesh, India and... visit for more information!

  • 205: Straight Edge Vegan
    205: Straight Edge Vegan

    *MILDLY EXPLICIT LANGUAGE* Alex Edge has been vegan and straight-edge for about 21 years, and made the decision after being exposed to it through the Punk Music scene. Today, Alex uses his... visit for more information!

  • 204: Eco-Friendly Hair
    204: Eco-Friendly Hair

    Kim and Leeanne are the owners of the all vegan, cruelty-free, low-waste, eco-friendly salon in San Diego. They focus on minimizing as much as possible, without sacrificing quality or hiking up the... visit for more information!

  • 203: Proteinaholic
    203: Proteinaholic

    Dr. Garth Davis, MD, starred on the hit TLC show Big Medicine. He's certified by the American Board of Surgery and is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and a Fellow of the American Society... visit for more information!

  • 202: World Vegan Travel
    202: World Vegan Travel

    Brighde Reed is one half of the duo that created World Vegan Travel; the all vegan travelling program that takes the stress out of big trips! Don't worry about checking ingredients, or verifying if... visit for more information!

  • 201: From Hunter to Vegan
    201: From Hunter to Vegan

    Chris Peed grew up hunting and fishing in Ohio and, by the time he was 12, he was able to use his own firearm after completing a hunter's safety course. In this episode, Chris shares some of the... visit for more information!

  • 200: Eat Meat or Don’t.. A Debate on Veganism
    200: Eat Meat or Don’t.. A Debate on Veganism

    Dr. Bo Bennett has a PhD in social psychology, and a special interest in logic, reason and critical thinking. He is also the author of "Eat Meat... or Don't: Considering the Moral Arguments For and... visit for more information!

  • 199: Non-Toxic Lifestyle
    199: Non-Toxic Lifestyle

    Dr. Christian Gonzalez is a Naturopathic Doctor, an Oncology Expert and an Environmental Professional. He is also a proponent of a Whole Food Plant Based diet, and believes in reducing toxicity in... visit for more information!

  • 198: Vegan Strong
    198: Vegan Strong

    Bill Muir, AKA Sgt. Vegan has been vegan since 1992, after he was already in the punk scene and identified as straight-edge. As a defiant act, he figured since he wasn't drinking or doing drugs, it... visit for more information!

  • 197: Plant-Based Addict
    197: Plant-Based Addict

    In 2012, Adam Sud’s life was completely out of control. Once weighing nearly 350lbs and struggling with multiple addictions, serious chronic diseases, and mental health disorders. His life nearly... visit for more information!

  • 196: Vegan Dogs?
    196: Vegan Dogs?

    Lindsay Rubin is the Vice President of v-dog; the vegan and family-owned, dog food brand based out of San Francisco. In this episode, Lindsay not only shares her personal story of veganism, but... visit for more information!

  • 195: Organic WFPB
    195: Organic WFPB

    Ben Honeycutt is a sixteen year old speaker on the topic of the importance of the organic WFPB diet and extending quality of life. He's in the Future Farmers of America program and is a cross country... visit for more information!

  • 194: Myths of Choice
    194: Myths of Choice

    Clare Mann is an organisational psychologist, existential psychotherapist and author of numerous books and training programs. She is an expert in communication, human behavior and Vystopia (the... visit for more information!

  • 193: Choice Juicery
    193: Choice Juicery

    Choice Juicery CEO and bad-ass babe, Nastasha McKeon prides herself on being a "momtrepreneur" — balancing the hustles of being a business owner, mother, and certified plant-based nutritionist. In this episode, Nastasha tells her personal story on how and why she became vegan, but also how she is able to run the fully vegan, gluten-free, organic brand, Choice. Website: Instagram: PS. They're hiring! Check this out:

  • 192: Anonymous for the Voiceless
    192: Anonymous for the Voiceless

    Asal Alamdari is the Co-Founder and Director of Anonymous for the Voiceless; an international group of people sharing standard practice factory farm footage while wearing masks and standing in square-like formations, better known as Cubes of Truth. As a child, Asal witnessed the ceremonial practice of lamb slaughter on the streets of Iran, which provoked the idea that she would never again consume lamb. Years later, Asal came across a video of a fur farm, which prompted her to do something about animal cruelty. With her partner Paul, Asal co-founded Anonymous for the Voiceless, and today, the organization has over 1000 chapters and has hosted over 15,000 events worldwide! Find or create a chapter: To donate: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube:

  • 191: Nomad Vegan Eats
    191: Nomad Vegan Eats

    Jasmine Singh & Rebecca Newell are the sauce bosses behind Nomad Vegan Eats; the Whole Food Plant-Based "cheese" company, servin' up crunch wraps, nachos and so much more! Everything is made with love, and organic ingredients right here in San Diego! Kickstarter: Website: To Buy: Just Peachy: 1354 N. Coast Hwy, Encinitas, Ca 92024 Healthy Creations: 376 N El Camino Real, Encinitas, Ca 92024 Mission Square: 6171 Mission Gorge Rd. unit 111 San Diego, Ca 92120 Artisan's Palate: 26459 Ynez Rd. Suite C Temecula, Ca 92591 Jimbo's Carmel Valley: 12841 El Camino Real, San Diego, CA 92130 Sundays @ Leucadia Farmer's Market Tuesdays @ San Marcos Farmer's Market Wednesdays @ Carlsbad Farmer's Market

  • 189: MN Spine  Sport
    189: MN Spine & Sport

    Dr. Scott Schreiber has been in practice since 2004. He is double board certified in rehabilitation and clinical nutrition. He graduated in 2004 from University of Bridgeport with a Doctor of Chiropractic and a Master of Science in Human Nutrition. Dr. Schreiber has spent thousands of hours in post-doctoral training including acupuncture, the McKenzie method, kinesiotaping, spider tech tape, rock tape, functional movement screen, post-surgical rehabilitation, and nutrition. In addition to his chiropractic practice, Dr. Schreiber is a licensed nutritionist and a certified nutrition specialist. In this episode, Scott talks about how he incorporates a plant-based diet into his patients' healing regimen and shares a few of their (anonymous) success stories. Website: Instagram: FaceBook: Email:

  • 188: Recipe IQ
    188: Recipe IQ
    Duration: 17min | 26/09/2019

    Ken Leeser is the creator of the app, Recipe IQ; a nutrition calculator that takes the mystery out of healthy cooking! The app uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to extract the ingredients from images of recipes... or, cooks can enter their own ingredients! Users have the option to scan in recipes, add links to recipes, or manually type in ingredients themselves, and the app does the rest! Website: FaceBook: IG:

  • 187: For Goodness Seyks
    187: For Goodness Seyks
    Duration: 44min | 23/09/2019

    Seyka Mejeur has been in the vegan community for over 12 years and has been cooking for about 20 years. She has a love of food, environmental sustainability and protecting animals. Today, Seyka runs the all-encompassing plant-based blog and consulting service, "For Goodness Seyks", which offers everything from training to marketing to workshops and one-on-one coaching. In this episode, Seyka shares some vegan traveling tips, as well as how to veganize any cuisine. She also shares her previous personal struggles with food, and how she overcame them through a plant-based diet. *Pardon the random laughing; Seyka's dog was keeping us company in the studio :-) For more Seyka: Instagram: FaceBook: Website:

  • 186: Reversing Vascular Disease
    186: Reversing Vascular Disease
    Duration: 32min | 19/09/2019

    Dr. Rizwan Bukhari is a Dallas-based vascular surgeon and has been treating patients for over 20 years. A proponent for a Whole Food Plant Based Diet, his goal is to prescribe his patients with plants, not prescriptions. Dr. Riz is also an animal activist and not only speaks about his views on animal testing in the medical industry, but will be participating in a protest against the Cattle Feeder's Annual Conference. Dr. Riz is also a member of PCRM, ACLM, Plant Pure Communities and Walk with a Doc. For more information about Dr. Rizwan Bukhari: Website: OR FaceBook: Instagram: Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM): PlantPure Nation: American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM): Walk with a Doc: Food as Medicine Summit, Dallas: https://www.foodasm

  • 185: Is Your Closet as Organic as Your Kitchen?
    185: Is Your Closet as Organic as Your Kitchen?
    Duration: 21min | 16/09/2019

    Brendan Synnott has been an entrepreneur for quite some time. After owning multiple food-industry brands, Brendan felt the need to dig into an industry that even eco-conscious people don't tend to think too much about; clothing. With the fashion industry being one of the top polluters in the world, Brendan decided to tackle the HUGE problem of "fast fashion" by founding Pact -- the world's first guilt-free fashion brand made with organic cotton in a certified Fair-Trade factory! *September is Organic Awareness Month. Take 25% off your order for the entire month!* Website: LinkedIn: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: YouTube:

  • 184: San Diego Vegan Democrats
    184: San Diego Vegan Democrats
    Duration: 54min | 12/09/2019

    Chyann Cox is the President of San Diego Vegan Democrats and Delegate of the California Democratic Party. In this episode, Chyann discusses some of the ways people can get legally involved with San Diego's vegan community to help combat animal cruelty on a judicial level. Disclosure: Although this podcast discusses political parties, I do not wish to discuss personal association (or lack of association) with political parties. This episode is about two people discussing similar views on broad vegan topics. Chyann: Instagram: FaceBook: SD Vegan Democrats: Instagram: FaceBook: Website: The 39th Annual Roosevelt Dinner: 1st Tuesday of each month at 6:30pm @ Gourmet Island Bistro Volunteer days at

  • 183: Sale Ranch Sanctuary
    183: Sale Ranch Sanctuary
    Duration: 58min | 05/09/2019

    Jen Sale fell in love with horses as a young girl, and her animal-loving journey began with her first horse, Patches. In 2011, with the intention of solely running a horse rescue, Jen and her husband moved to Temecula. Little did they know, they'd switch to a plant-based diet and start rescuing all animals; especially those in dire need of medical care and emotional connection. Website: To Donate: 2019 GraceGiving : Instagram: FaceBook:

  • 182: Horseracing Wrongs
    182: Horseracing Wrongs
    Duration: 39min | 03/09/2019

    Patrick Battuello is the Founder, Director and President of Horseracing Wrongs -- a 501(c)(3) committed to eradicating horseracing in the United States. In this episode, Patrick discloses the horrific details behind horseracing that is covered up by the "glitz and glamour" of this multi-billion dollar industry. ** This episode contains graphic detail about horse slaughter at about twenty-five minutes into the episode. Listener discretion is advised. Website: FaceBook: Instagram: Current (2019) Stats on Killed Racehorses: Protests and Events: To Donate:

  • 181: The Greenbaum Foundation
    181: The Greenbaum Foundation
    Duration: 42min | 29/08/2019

    Jim Greenbaum has been interested in resolving injustices that exist in our society since he was a child in Louisiana. When he was a young adult, he had the idea of combating some of these issues legally, by attending law school. At the last minute, Jim decided to switch to a business major, with the idea that he could make a larger impact that way. Thankfully, Jim was far from wrong. After a few "practice" attempts at business, Jim was able to reach a goal to help support organizations dealing with human rights, and later added a focus on animal rights. Today, Jim has successfully supported numerous organizations, including Animal Equality, Earthling Ed, The Humane League, The Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine, as well as documentaries such as Game Changers, What the Health and Cowspiracy (to name a few)! For more information about Jim or the organizations he supports, please visit For documentaries mentioned in this podcast, visit: https://www.vegandanielle

  • 180: Non-Violent Communication
    180: Non-Violent Communication
    Duration: 50min | 22/08/2019

    Marina Yanay-Triner started Soul in the Raw in 2013 as a way to share her vegan journey with the world and inspire other women to make healthier choices. She's been vegan for over 7 years now, and shares not only some food-related tips, but some of her non-violent methods of communication when speaking to others about veganism! To sign up for Soul in the Raw coaching or courses, visit: Instagram: FaceBook:

  • 179: The Land of Ahimsa
    179: The Land of Ahimsa
    Duration: 46min | 19/08/2019

    Dolly Vyas-Ahuja is an Ahimsa animal activist and a voice for the voiceless. Her mission is to spread awareness and education about the cruelty of the Dairy Industry. She comes from a Gandhian family and is the granddaughter of a Freedom Fighter for social justice in India. One of her main objectives is to have Indian temples pledge to be cruelty-free and ban the use of dairy products. In this episode, Dolly tells her personal story as well as her great efforts to educate India, and the rest of the world on the idea that dairy is not Ahimsa (an act of non-violence). For Dolly's Film, "The Land of Ahimsa": Website: FaceBook: Instagram: To donate to the film:

  • 178: José for Congress
    178: José for Congress
    Duration: 59min | 15/08/2019

    José Caballero grew up in a small town in Texas to parents of Panamanian, Puerto Rican, and Mexican descent. Until the age of five, José grew up with both parents, however, after José's father was imprisoned for drug dealing and money laundering, his mother was forced to raise him and his younger sister on a less than average income, working multiple jobs to support them. Today, José is running for US Congress CA53 to end all animal agriculture subsidies and inform the public of the health dangers associated with animal products, but his story had a bit of an interesting start to it. Disclosure: Although I've allowed a politician on the show, I do not discuss my personal association (or lack of association) with political parties. Website: Instagram: FaceBook: Twitter: To Donate:

  • 177: Right to Rescue
    177: Right to Rescue
    Duration: 37min | 05/08/2019

    Cassie King leads the Communications Committee for Direct Action Everywhere (DxE), an international animal rights group based in Berkeley, California. With DxE, she has helped rescue animals from farms and slaughterhouses, including her two bunnies at home (Jonah was rescued from a live poultry slaughterhouse and Mabel was rescued from a fur farm), and she is currently facing 7 felony charges for helping starving animals on factory farms in Sonoma County, California. In this episode, Cassie explains the importance (and dangers) of Open Rescues, and how we can get involved. Video footage from @onegreenplanet DxE: Website: FaceBook: Instagram: Cassie IG: Animal Liberation California Convergence - September 28, 2019: DxE uses donations to continue filming and exposing these industry. They also use these funds to pay for legal fees a

  • 176: America’s Algae Gal
    176: America’s Algae Gal
    Duration: 46min | 01/08/2019

    Attention all Science Nerds and Gym Rats: This episode is PACKED with mind-blowing stats and information! Catharine Arnston is the founder and CEO of Energy Bits; the raw, vegan, gluten-free, nutrient-dense, alkalizing algae tabs. Algae is the single-handed most documented food in the world with the highest health and beauty benefits. It also contains the highest concentration of vitamins and minerals and is considered the most sustainable crop in the world. If that's not enough, Energy Bits algae also contains 3x the amount of Protein of steak, 48x the Iron of spinach and even contains the Fatty Acids, Omega-3, DHA and GLA. Catharine shares her discovery of alkaline foods after searching for answers for her sister who was diagnosed with cancer. Through her research, she stumbled upon algae and eventually created the brand, Energy Bits. Today, Energy Bits are used by top professional athletes, practitioners and families. As a gift to you for listening to this podcast, Catharine is offering a 20% discount o

  • 175: Organic for Health
    175: Organic for Health
    Duration: 35min | 29/07/2019

    Deborah Nash has been vegetarian for life, and later discovered plant-based nutrition and the idea of "Food as Medicine" after experiencing some childhood health issues and surgeries. Today, she is a referral-based celebrity holistic chef for clients such as Simon Cowell, Jennifer Lopez, Derek Jeter, Stevan Seagal, Alex Rodriguez and many more, and she's come on to talk about not only the importance of putting organic foods into our bodies, but also the importance of putting organic products on our bodies. Deborah's organic vegan skin and oral care, "Deborah Organics": Etsy: Instagram: FaceBook: Deborah Nash:

  • 174: Horses are not Machines!
    174: Horses are not Machines!
    Duration: 48min | 25/07/2019

    With Del Mar Racing Season in full swing, Ellen Ericksen is back to talk about the horses! According to, as of July 2019, the beginning of the season for California, 63 horses have already been reported as dead as a result of this cruel industry, people call a "sport". Unfortunately, the reported deaths are often modest compared to the actual deaths due to under-reporting and other deceitful conduct, in order to keep numbers low, and ticket sales high. Current stats (CA only), as of 7/24/2019: Del Mar: 2 dead Golden Gate Fields: 13 dead Los Alamitos Race Course: 10 dead Santa Anita Park: 35 dead Alameda County Fair, Pleasanton: 3 dead Protests every Saturday at 11:30am at Del Mar until September 3rd, 2019 For protest updates and more about Ellen, Facebook: Instagram: References and statistics by Horse Racing Wrongs: Website (updated frequently): FaceBook: https://www

  • 173: Sweet Ritual  Cool School
    173: Sweet Ritual & Cool School
    Duration: 30min | 18/07/2019

    Amelia Raley grew up in Northwest Arkansas, the capital of Tyson Foods, where it was a regular occurrence to see chickens on the side of the road, who had fallen from transport trucks. She was also nearby the University of Arkansas' animal experimental farms, where she witnessed cattle testing techniques and had first-had exposure to the animal agriculture industry. After a period of time, Amelia was exposed to veganism by accident, while attending the University of Oregon, and today runs one of Austin's coolest shops, Sweet Ritual. She is also the founder of an all vegan ice cream school, Cool School, which is a 5-day course about commercial ice cream production and has hosted a total of over 50 alumni so far! Cool School: Website: Instagram: Sweet Ritual: Website: Twitter: FaceBook: Instagram:

  • 172: Biking Across America
    172: Biking Across America
    Duration: 53min | 15/07/2019

    Richie Crowley is an Ivy-League-Educated former professional athlete who left the late night party scene to became a sober vegan entrepreneur who's taking a huge risk by Biking Across America with the hopes of educating others on the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle as well as overall total health and wellness! Medium: IG: YouTube: FB: Veestro:

  • 171: The Superfood Goddess
    171: The Superfood Goddess
    Duration: 34min | 01/07/2019

    Stephanie Bosco is an expert in plant-based nutrition. She's also a transitional health coach, personal chef, nutritional guide and so much more! In this episode, learn how Stephanie's journey started as a bit of a challenge brought on by family members, as well as what's kept her going strong as a Whole Food Plant Based vegan today! Website: Instagram: FaceBook: Twitter:

  • 170: Ottawa International Vegan Film Festival
    170: Ottawa International Vegan Film Festival
    Duration: 30min | 28/06/2019

    Shawn Stratton is the director of the Ottawa International Vegan Film Festival, as well as an international leadership and team development consultant, professional speaker, bestselling author and even an Ironman and Ultramarathon competitor! In this episode, Shawn shares his story on how he got to learn about surviving in the wilderness as well as how to be a part of the next Ottawa International Vegan Film Festival! Ottawa International Vegan Film Festival (for dates and other details): Website: Twitter: FaceBook: Instagram:

  • 169: Self-Reflection
    169: Self-Reflection
    Duration: 24min | 18/06/2019

    **EXPLICIT** This episodes contains language and content not suitable for children. In this episode, I've done a bit of self-reflecting (What? No guest??... NOPE). What is this thing called life, and what's my purpose here? How do we heal from past traumas and use them for the best today? If you're looking to the answers to those questions, you won't find them here.. you'll just find me pondering the thoughts in my head. Hopefully I can at least help you feel like you're not alone if you are thinking the same thing. Love you guys!

  • 168: Namaste Chef
    168: Namaste Chef
    Duration: 16min | 10/06/2019

    Chef Jordan Wagner graduated from Culinary School in San Francisco in 2011 with a Culinary Arts Degree. He's worked in restaurants as well as catering companies, wineries and retirement communities, and is currently the Chef of Kappa Delta Sorority at SDSU. In this podcast, Jordan tells his story of how he discovered Whole Food Plant Based cooking and what keeps him going today! For more Chef Jordan Wagner: Instagram: Cooking Classes:

  • 167: WFPB Chef
    167: WFPB Chef
    Duration: 39min | 06/06/2019

    Chef Roberto Carboni was once suffering from numerous health challenges and symptoms. He eventually found relief from his problems by switching to a Whole Food Plant Based diet! Roberto now has his certification in Plant Based Nutrition from eCornell and uses his own personal experience to fuel his healthy cooking today. For information about current events, services, resources and more: Website: FaceBook: Tuscan Plant Based Cuisine at HI Street Kitchen and Tap: Sunday, July 7th, 2019 at 6pm 7767 Balboa Ave San Diego, California (858) 430-6815

  • 166: Joyful Vegan
    166: Joyful Vegan
    Duration: 40min | 03/06/2019

    Colleen Patrick-Goudreau is a speaker, cultural commentator, podcaster and award-winning author of seven books. She's an acclaimed speaker and beloved host of the inspiring podcast, "Food for Thought", and has since launched a spin-off podcast called "Animalogy". In this podcast, Colleen discusses some of the reasons in which people may have trouble going vegan, along with helpful ways to help understand the way people operate, which helps us to more effectively have conversations around the topic of veganism. For more Colleen: Website: FaceBook: Instagram: YouTube: Amazon: 30 Day Vegan Challenge:

  • 165: Therapeutic Vinyasa Yoga
    165: Therapeutic Vinyasa Yoga
    Duration: 52min | 30/05/2019

    *Mildly Explicit Language* Elia Nikolaev started his journey through living a more compassionate life around the age of 22, when he read the great Paramahansa Yogananda's "Autobiography of a Yogi", which was a gateway into his next phase of life. From there, he took his first Hatha Yoga class, and eventually became certified in 2006. In this episode, Elia describes the importance of yoga and meditation, and how to incorporate the principals derived from those practices, into the foods we eat. FaceBook: Instagram: Website: Yoga Tropics:

  • 164: The Vegan Psychologist
    164: The Vegan Psychologist
    Duration: 52min | 27/05/2019

    Clare Mann is an organisational psychologist, existential psychotherapist and author of numerous books and training programs. She is an expert in communication, skilled in dispelling the myths that limit people in their lives and work so they can create and satisfying lives which align with their values and purpose. Clare also has a BSc in Psychology, MSc in Occupational Psychology, MA in Existential Psychotherapy and Counselling and Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling. In this episode, Clare discusses the psychology behind veganism, why many people are so quick to reject the idea, and how us vegans can learn to handle Vystopia; the idea of being vegan in a non-vegan world. The Vegan Psychologist: Training programs from Communicate 31: Vystopia: Free Meditation: ** Newest book, "The Myths of Choice; Why People Won't Change And What We Can Do About It" COMING OUT IN JUNE 2019!

  • 163: Don’t be a Shithead!
    163: Don’t be a Shithead!
    Duration: 20min | 23/05/2019

    *Mildly Explicit* - Language Krimsey Ramsey is originally from Louisiana, but over time has relocated to North Hollywood where she runs THE FIRST all vegan Cajun Restaurant! In this episode, we talk about how Krimsey made the switch while in the midst of a Cajun, meat-heavy environment, and how she uses her experiences as inspiration for her restaurant. Website: Instagram: FaceBook: Yelp: YouTube:

  • 162: A Voice for the Voiceless
    162: A Voice for the Voiceless
    Duration: 43min | 20/05/2019

    Luiz Silva was born and raised in Brazil on a meat-heavy diet. After a few life experiences, he made a connection with the animals and what he was eating and decided to go vegetarian. Now, Luiz has been vegan for 6 years and is a strong member in the animal activist community! In this episode, Luiz shares his story transitioning into veganism, as well as his recent heart-warming experience at the Pig Vigil in Los Angeles. For more Luiz: Instagram: FaceBook: For more Chia the Vegan Pit: Instagram: Valerie Taylor Befriends an Eel: Okja (Animated; Animals): Earthlings (Animals): Cowspiracy (Evironmental): LA Animal Save Weekly Pig Vigil (Farmer John's):

  • 161: Veg’n Out SD
    161: Veg’n Out SD
    Duration: 18min | 16/05/2019

    Grant Plummer is the founder of Veg'n Out, one of San Diego's best burger joints! After years of his family talking about veganism, the concept finally clicked for him when he learned about the environmental impact that animal agriculture has on the planet. With menu items such as the Pepper Crusted Bacon Cheeseburger and Spicy Jalapeno Kraut Burger, Grant continues to make food that break the stereotype of what most people think of when they hear the word "vegan"! Veg'n Out: Website: Instagram: FaceBook: Current Events: Every Thursday, 3-7:30pm - NorthPark Farmer's Market Every Friday, 4-8pm - Modern Times, LomaLand Every Sunday, 9am-2pm - Hillcrest Farmer's Market Saturday, 5/25: 1-5pm - Festival of Funk

  • 160: Vegan Living for Earth
    160: Vegan Living for Earth
    Duration: 39min | 13/05/2019

    Beata grew up in Communist Poland where meat was rationed and people were looking for alternative ways to get it. She tells the story of childhood experiences where her family would slaughter pigs in their own backyard to get around the mandatory rations. When she was a young adult, she came to the US as an exchange student and experienced even more difficulties (I'll allow her to explain). Today, Beata is a mother, a vegan, and an advocate for plant-based cooking and eating! In this podcast, she also shares how she cured her daughter of what seemed like an incurable respiratory disease, by switching her to a plant-based diet. Beata is also offering a free online training for those interested in switching to a vegan lifestyle, but there's only 10 spots available! Sign up now at: For more Beata: Website: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube:

  • 159: The Undercover Investigator
    159: The Undercover Investigator
    Duration: 39min | 09/05/2019

    Rich Hardy has been a professional environmental and animal activist for over 25 years, including his over two-decade-long uncover work, which documents animal suffering from a multitude of businesses. In this episode, Rich talks about some of his findings (non-graphic), along with his accomplishments today and goals for "tomorrow". * By the way, it's "Surfers Against Sewage"; I stumbled upon my words in the first few minutes :-D For more Rich: Website: Instagram: Book: The Disclosure Podcast, Episode 6 (Earthling Ed):

  • 158: Clean Machine
    158: Clean Machine
    Duration: 36min | 06/05/2019

    Geoff Palmer is a Natural Bodybuilding and Natural Physique Champion, the CEO and founder of Clean Machine Plant Based Fitness Nutrition and an author among some of his other titles. He has been vegan for 34 years and made it on the Top 100 Most Influential Vegans by Plant Based News. In this episode, Geoff shares some staggering stats about the pharmaceutical industry, drug dependency and common preventable diseases. He also shares some of his personal scientific research that led him to the ingredients he uses in his products. For more Clean Machine: Website: YouTube: Facebook: Instagram: Product Education Videos: Cell Block 80: Clean BCAA: Ahiflower Oil: Clean Green Protein with Lentein: T

  • 157: Love is My Religion
    157: Love is My Religion
    Duration: 50min | 02/05/2019

    Monk is a vegan 3-time Pro Physique Body Builder, Personal Trainer, Inspirational Speaker, Meditation Instructor and father. He grew up with some of his own personal challenges, some of which he was born into, and some of which were of his own making, but he's used these experiences to help create who he is today! For more Monk: FaceBook: Instagram: Clean Machine: Website: FaceBook: Instagram:

  • 156: Dying to Race
    156: Dying to Race
    Duration: 39min | 22/04/2019

    Ellen Ericksen is a known animal rights activist here in San Diego. She's also been on the podcast a few times already to discuss Sea World as well as Del Mar racetrack (Episodes 88 and 94). With horse racing season coming up (7/17/2019), Ellen returns to the podcast to expose some of the details behind the $100 BILLION dollar industry, including the underground horse slaughter and horse-meat trade that's happening right in our own backyards! To follow Ellen or participate in a protest: Instagram: FaceBook: Sign the Petition! For more about horse racing deaths & slaughter: Horse Death Watch (USA): Horse Racing Kills (AUS): The Horse Fund; Slaughter (USA): The Guardian (USA):

  • 155: Plastic Pants
    155: Plastic Pants
    Duration: 24min | 19/04/2019

    Did you know that an estimated 5.25 TRILLION pieces of plastic are in the ocean right now? An estimated 100,000 marine animals plus about 1,000,000 seabirds that are killed every year due to plastic in our oceans! Meet Nora, the founder if KIIN athletic; the boutique athletic wear brand featuring clothing made from recycled bottles! In this episode, we talk all about Nora's journey into veganism along with her love for the environment, and how these two came together to create KIIN! PS: The pants are so thick, Nora challenges us to do the "Bend Over in the Sun, and Take a Photo" to prove their high quality won't go see-through on you! Trust me, I tried it and it works! Website: Instagram: FaceBook:

  • 154: Jai Fusion
    154: Jai Fusion
    Duration: 29min | 17/04/2019

    Randy DeLue became a vegetarian at the age of 19. He is also a graduate of SDSU and has over 25 years of experience in health and wellness. Ingrid Meza was born in Mexico City, but spent most of her early years in El Salvador. She attended the UABC University in Ensenada, where she studied Marine Biology. Together, the couple have taken their talents and experience and combined them together to form the San Diego vegan restaurant, Jai Fusion! FaceBook: Instagram: Email:

  • 153: No Worries
    153: No Worries
    Duration: 40min | 15/04/2019

    Lindsi and Monica started the No Worries Movement by raising funds from shirts and hats that would go towards saving dogs and adopting them to forever homes. Today, they continue the Movement by using proceeds from their restaurants, NoW Cafe and NoW Sushi, to help fund the creation of their up-and-coming animal sanctuary in Texas! Web: No Worries Movement: Instagram: FaceBook: NoW Sushi: Instagram: FaceBook: NoW Cafe: Instagram: FaceBook:

  • 152: Saving Animals  Healing Hearts
    152: Saving Animals & Healing Hearts
    Duration: 31min | 12/04/2019

    Teri Crutchfield hasn't had an easy life, but that has been no excuse for her to get busy and rescue animals. By the time she was 20, she was married, pregnant and going to horse auctions to pick up the animals nobody wanted to prevent them from going to kill buyers. Today, she works a full-time job and aside from donations, is the sole provider for Saving Animals & Healing Hearts Animal Rescue, where she continues to carry on her legacy of saving animals. In this episode, Lisa Clar joins Teri to tell us all about their recent 1 year anniversary as a 501(c)3 (non-profit) and how we can help their organization thrive! Instagram: FaceBook: Ways You Can Help: Website (to donate, volunteer etc.): Amazon Wish List: Patreon:

  • 151: LA Animal Save
    151: LA Animal Save
    Duration: 50min | 10/04/2019

    Amy Jean Davis is the founder of LA Animal Save, the Los Angeles chapter of the Save Movement. Amy graduated Purdue University, has completed her certificate in Plant Based Nutrition from eCornell and was even a Top 24 Finalist American Idol, Season 7. In this episode, Amy tells her own journey of veganism as well as the story of how LA Animal Save was started. She also describes the importance of being on the front lines for the animals by participating in Vigils or Saves.

  • 150: Peace by Vegan
    150: Peace by Vegan
    Duration: 52min | 08/04/2019

    Ryuji Chua is an animal rights activist and content creator with millions of YouTube video views. Just like most of us, Ryuji did not grow up vegan; in fact he states that he assumed he would be eating eggs for breakfast for the rest of his life. Then, a few years ago, Ryuji made the connection between his breakfast choices, and the impact they were having on the animals and the environment. In this episode, Ryuji shares his own transformational story and gives us some tips on how to peacefully and lovingly talk to others, even under the most stressful of situations. For more Ryuji: Website: Instagram: YouTube: FaceBook: Two Rowdy Vegans Podcast: Shoutout to Renee King-Sonnen of Rowdy Girl Sanctuary

  • 149: I’m Not Vegan Anymore
    149: I’m Not Vegan Anymore
    Duration: 41min | 05/04/2019

    Victoria Mahdion is vegan and has a podcast. I am vegan and have a podcast. Together we recorded this episode to discuss some prominent vegans suddenly not being vegan anymore (because apparently fish and eggs have the magical cure-all for underlying mental and physical disorders). Victoria is probably a bit more understanding towards these situations, where I feel money and greed have taken precedence over the animals, and therefore have less sympathy.

  • 148: Cannabidiol
    148: Cannabidiol
    Duration: 31min | 03/04/2019

    Victoria Cotnoir is an Atlanta native who has recently moved to Denver to continue her education with Colorado State University and start her job with Groheline and Main Street Media 360. In this podcast, Victoria explains some of the differences between CBD, THC and the marijuana plant. With the rise of cannabis products due to it's recent legalization, many new companies within the industry are being born. Victoria discusses the differences between Groheline and it's competitors. For more Victoria: For more Groheline: Instagram: FaceBook:

  • 147: Your Optimal Health
    147: Your Optimal Health
    Duration: 43min | 01/04/2019

    Dr. Christopher McLaine has been vegan for 30 years. 10 years ago, he sustained a nearly-fatal brain injury which drove his passion to helping others to maintain and grow their own brain health. Today, Dr. McLaine is a neurologically-based Doctor of Chiropractic, a Holistic Health Coach, a Custom Orthotics Specialist and a Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Provider. In this episode, we talk all about direct correlations between poor diet choices and poor brain health, as well as ways we can help improve our own quality of health in a few simple ways! Website: FaceBook: Instagram:

  • 146: Vegan As Fvck
    146: Vegan As Fvck
    Duration: 59min | 28/03/2019

    *Language may be offensive to some listeners* Donny is a vegan activist, a coach and an all around influencer. He's vegan for the animals, the planet, his health and the people. Inspired by R&B artist, Mya, Donnie shares his vegan journey with all of us! For more Donny: Instagram: Website: YouTube: Vegan As Fvck Shoutout Mya @myaplanet9

  • 145: All About Avocado Toast
    145: All About Avocado Toast
    Duration: 24min | 26/03/2019

    Shawn Blaze of the Avocado Toast Bro's talks all about avocados, toast, and avocados on toast. Although Shawn's business is not 100% vegan, he does offer a few pretty amazing options. Instagram: FaceBook: Bread by: Fallbrook Avocado Fest (4/14/2019):

  • 144: Vegan for the Booty
    144: Vegan for the Booty
    Duration: 26min | 21/03/2019

    *Language may be offensive to some listeners.* Samantha and Kassie are models, travelers and all around bad asses! Samantha has a Masters in Industrial Psychology and is an environmental enthusiast. Kassie is a captioner for the deaf and hard of hearing. These two babes are way more than meets the eye! In this episode, Samantha and Kassie swing by the studio in San Diego, after visiting two of my favorite spots; The Purple Mint and Mission Square Market, as they talk about how they sneak activism between their sexy modeling photos. Samantha: Instagram: Snapchat: MissShane16 Kassie:

  • 143: EVE Encinitas
    143: EVE Encinitas
    Duration: 24min | 18/03/2019

    Brandi Daniels is a dancer, community-connector and all around bad ass babe. Arielle Moskow is a Yoga & Meditation Instructor, a Doula and a Reiki Healer. Together, they make up part of the fabulous team at EVE Encinitas, and the soon-to-open EVE Oceanside. In this podcast, the ladies tell us all about the current success at the Encinitas location, but also give us a sneak peak of what's to come for Oceanside! EVE: Website: Instagram: FaceBook:

  • 142: Cucumbers on Acid
    142: Cucumbers on Acid
    Duration: 33min | 14/03/2019

    Jarod Farver founded Farv's Pickles in 2013 to continue the legacy of his grandmother's family recipe. Today, Farv's Pickles has 5 main products, one of which includes a collaboration with 619 Spirits: Pickle Infused Vodka (it's great with their Bloody Mary mix)! In this episode, Jarod not only talks about how the company was founded and started, but also offers a few tips and tricks for home pickling. Farv's Pickles: Instagram: FaceBook: Website: Mission Valley Craft Beer Festival: (Use Promo Code "Farvs")

  • 141: Mental Health – Anxiety Disorder
    141: Mental Health – Anxiety Disorder
    Duration: 01h02min | 11/03/2019

    Gina Harrison is a 28 year old British artist, model, actress, director, and MENTAL HEALTH ADVOCATE, among many other titles. She specializes in ritualistic/shamanistic performances and live exorcisms. Gina attributes a lot of her self-growth to her ongoing project, Reclamation (previously labeled "GH Anxiety"), which she describes it as being "her own heart, body, mind and soul in pixel form". Louis Fleischauer *Graphic Image Warning*: Doctor Daniel Amen: Gina: Instagram: Website:

  • 140: Natural Delights
    140: Natural Delights
    Duration: 33min | 04/03/2019

    Alondra Ruiz is a successful San Diego Real Estate Agent and the co-owner of Natural Delights in East County, San Diego. But, Alondra's life hasn't always been so healthy. When she was a young child, she lived on the streets with her mother and found most of her meals by digging in dumpsters and trashcans around the town. In this Episode, Alondra shares her crazy story on how her family members literally saved her as a child, and of course, how she made her most recent transition to veganism. In addition to Alondra, her 11 year old nephew, Gael and 17 year old niece, Esmy have become vegan (on their own) after watching some of the same documentaries she watched! Website: Instagram: FaceBook:

  • 139: All Star Vegans
    139: All Star Vegans
    Duration: 36min | 28/02/2019

    Jay and his wife Skaii own San Diego's trending vegan restaurant, The Purple Mint along with their all vegan nail salon, Nailstalgic. But, today, Jay is here to talk all about his newest business adventure; All Star Vegans! To donate to Samar's Leukemia treatment: The Purple Mint: Nailstalgic Salon: All Star Vegans:

  • 138: Might Be Vegan
    138: Might Be Vegan
    Duration: 50min | 18/02/2019

    Kimberly Barnes is a private chef and founder of Might Be Vegan; a plant-based culinary group offering in-home meal prep in Atlanta, Ga. She also offers virtual meal planning services to people around the world! Kimberly is the author of "How TF To Eat More Plants", the creator of the #FromMeatsToBeets challenge, and the host of the web series, "Vegan This, Not That" and co-host of the podcast "Do Fries Come With That Convo". In this episode, Kimberly and I also include a very important, yet usually controversial topic; building bridges between racial and ethnic groups to build a stronger future for us all. **The term "cis-gender" comes up about half-way through the podcast, then again 10 minutes later. For those unfamiliar with the term, it defines the majority of the population; the people whose sense of personal identity and gender corresponds with their birth sex. Website: Instagram: 7-Day Guided Vegan Challenge:

  • 137: CARE4YOGA
    137: CARE4YOGA
    Duration: 22min | 14/02/2019

    13 year old Tabay Atkins is the youngest Certified Yoga Teacher in America! After learning about his mother's cancer diagnosis at just 6 years old, he began looking for ways to help her heal. At only 7 years old, Tabay received his first yoga certificate! Today, Tabay teaches classes that are 100% donation based, where the proceeds go to foundations that promote the cure of cancer, with his goal of helping others beat the disease the way his mom did! Tabay is truly one of the most giving, intelligent and intuitive people I have ever met, and I guarantee this interview will pull on your heart strings! For more Tabay: Website: Instagram: FaceBook: Care 4 Yoga:

  • 136: Pain Into Purpose
    136: Pain Into Purpose
    Duration: 33min | 31/01/2019

    Melanie Langston-Bazzell is one of the strongest people I have ever met. After a traumatic accident on a San Diego freeway, Melanie suffered major injuries to her brain and other parts of her body. There's no doubt she went through a period of depression, but rather than feeling sorry for herself, she decided to get active for the animals because she knew exactly what it meant to not have a voice. Melanie's story is truly heart-warming and I hope you all experience the same joy hearing it as I did! Melanie: Kind Heart Coalition: Jane Velez-Mitchell:

  • 135: Crypto-Veganism
    135: Crypto-Veganism
    Duration: 54min | 29/01/2019

    Sifu Guillermo is a Vegan Martial Artist and has spent his life pursuing Dharma. He is now involved in holistic wealth creation and vegan health advocacy, with the goal to help people save the world and gain wealth outside of our current financial system which finances factory farms and war. In this episode we talk everything from the non-violence principles taught in Buddhism, to crypto-currency and Martial Arts! Learn more about Sifu Guillermo Learn more about benevolent alternative financial solutions at Political activism information related can be found at Instagram:

  • 134: The Nutrition Translator
    134: The Nutrition Translator
    Duration: 36min | 23/01/2019

    Colleen Poling is the smart and sexy Registered Dietitian and Vegan Wellness Educator behind the name "Nutrition Translator". She converts vegan nutrition into easy to digest concepts for the most optimal health. Colleen also hosts transformational workshops and 1-on-1 nutrition counseling sessions that teach individuals how to develop the best health by understanding the often overlooked components of plant-based nutrition! Website: Instagram: FaceBook:

  • 133: Main Street Vegan
    133: Main Street Vegan
    Duration: 41min | 21/01/2019

    Victoria Moran has been a Main Street Vegan for 35 years and she held the title of PETA's Sexiest Vegans Over 50. She is also the best-selling author of 13 books, the host of the podcast "Main Street Vegan" and the founder and director of the "Main Street Vegan Academy". In this podcast we talk all about Victoria's experience over her last three and a half decades along with how she got there, and what inspires her to do what she does. San Diego Residents: Pre-Release Screening for "A Prayer for Compassion": When: Sunday, January 27th, 2019. 5:30 - 7:30pm Where: EVE Encinitas. 575 S Coast Hwy 101, Encinitas, California 92024 Website: Film: To screen the film in your community, eMail: Amazon: Podcast: Academy: Instagram: FaceBook: https://www.facebook.c

  • 132: Plant Nerds!
    132: Plant Nerds!
    Duration: 45min | 17/01/2019

    Smart Pressed Juice is not just another juice company on the market. Aside from the juices being certified vegan, organic, non-gmo, gluten-free and also contain no artificial ingredients, they were voted as the best superfoods powder by Vegan Health and Fitness Magazine in 2017. Founder, Annie Vonheim, has been working in the functional medicine industry for over 15 years, alongside top researchers to design health protocols for chronic disease management. After disovering that the most powerful medicine in the world comes from green vegetables, she created Smart Pressed Juice with the goal of making phytonutrients accessible to everyone! Website: Instagram: FaceBook: Twitter: Amazon:

  • 131: I Don’t Eat My Friends
    131: I Don’t Eat My Friends
    Duration: 47min | 14/01/2019

    Mychael McNeeley studied Philosophy and Religion and continues to have interest in the ideology surrounding animal rights and veganism. Mychael also holds a BA in Philosophy from SDSU and an AS in Arboriculture from Cuyamaca. After a horrendous event that took his son Jamie's life, Mychael has gained a whole new perspective on his own vitality. Mychael's links: FaceBook: Instagram: One Minute Vegan: FaceBook: YouTube: Reducetarianism: Jamie's Joy: Bite Size Vegan: Colleen Patrick-Goudreau: 30 Day Vegan Challenge (Affordable Course): 22 Day Vegan Challenge (Free):

  • 130: Total Animal Liberation
    130: Total Animal Liberation
    Duration: 45min | 10/01/2019

    Over the last year, Animal Liberation Activist Joshua Entis has been traveling the globe giving inspirational talks and workshops in over 21 countries on how to become the strongest and loudest voice for the animals. He uses his sales background to help navigate outreach conversations and motivate others to choose a more compassionate lifestyle. Today, Joshua joins me in studio during his trip to San Diego for the #ChangeMakersTour after I had the pleasure of doing an Anonymous for the Voiceless Cube of Truth as well as hearing one of his talks regarding Sustainable Activism. In this talk, Josh shares a little more about himself as well as some of the ways we can work towards being more active. Joshua's Links: Website: Instagram: YouTube: FaceBook: Anonymous for the Voiceless: The Save Movement: Vegan in S

  • 129: Plant Chics
    129: Plant Chics
    Duration: 46min | 07/01/2019

    Jacque Tarlton is a Certified Wellcoach and Wellness Advocate. She’s passionate about improving health through fabulous, fun and scientifically proven lifestyle changes. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition and Dietetics and practiced as a Registered Dietitian in her early career. Marzia Prince is an award-winning international health and wellness expert. She has been hosted on many TV networks and radio stations including Fox News Radio, iHeartRadio, CW, WFAA Channel 8 News. Her plant-based programs have changed thousands of lives, helping clients achieve goals they once thought were impossible. Together Jacque and Marzia make up the super cute, exceptionally fun and always healthy; Plant Chics! PlantChics: Website: FaceBook: Plant Chics Tribe (private group; women only): Instagram: Jacque's IG:

  • 128: Wrapping Up 2018
    128: Wrapping Up 2018
    Duration: 45min | 31/12/2018

    Rachel is one of the most influential vegan activist organizers here in San Diego, so who better to have on the podcast and talk all about 2018!? In this episode, Rach and I discuss some of San Diego's big vegan news along with some other note-worthy global news. Friends and businesses mentioned in this episode: Veg News Magazine, Nailstalgic Salon, Eco Chic Salon SD, Kava Collective, Don Lee Farms, Costco, Plant Power Fast Food, Breakfast Republic, Del Taco, Beyond Meat, Starbucks, WuTang Clan, White Castle, Impossible Foods, Billion Vegans, Paige Parsons, Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, Anonymous for the Voiceless, Melanie Langston-Bazzell, Kind Heart Coalition, Saving Animals & Healing Hearts, DxE, Staci Plikaytis, Karl Kyler, Melanie Arce, Matt Johnson, Wayne Hsiung, Breathe Vegan, San Diego Animal Save, Purple Mint, SoulShine, By.Rosaline, Rocky Howe Tattoo, Kat Von D, High Voltage Tattoo, James Spooner, Mission Square Market, Brianna Martelozzo, SD Union Tribune, SDPD, Ellen Ericksen, Farm Animal Refuge

  • 127: Rowdy Girl Sanctuary
    127: Rowdy Girl Sanctuary
    Duration: 40min | 26/12/2018

    Renee King-Sonnen went from rancher's wife to vegan highly because of a special calf she calls Rowdy Girl. Renee's husband Tommy wanted her to care for the calf, hoping that she would become a better Rancher's Wife. Renee quickly realized the cows were sentient beings as she watched the mothers and babies cry for each other when they were separated. She bought Rowdy Girl for $300, which gave her the official title as a "Rancher", having no idea that this was to be the beginning of her journey towards veganism. Today, Renee and Tommy's ranch that was once called "Sonnen Ranch" is a sanctuary named after her calf, Rowdy Girl. Rowdy Girl Sanctuary is recognized as a 501C-3 (Non-Profit) and houses 107 animals, 62 of which are cows! **MENTION THIS PODCAST and get a Rowdy Girl Sanctuary Calendar for $10 at **

  • 126: The Vegan Olympian
    126: The Vegan Olympian
    Duration: 49min | 19/12/2018

    Silver Olympic Medalist and vegan, Dotsie Bausch wasn't always so healthy; her journey into her cycling career began when she left behind her harmful lifestyle habits of drugs and an eating disorder. Dotsie is now the founder of Switch 4 Good; the strong and growing coalition made up of dairy-free athletes, trainers, doctors, nutritionists and influencers who have made the switch from dairy to plant-based, for good! Psssst, Shoutout Chef Charity Morgan! =D Dotsie Bausch: Website: Instagram: Switch4Good: Website: Instagram:

  • 125: It’s So Easie!
    125: It’s So Easie!
    Duration: 36min | 13/12/2018

    Rock Vitale is the founder and creative director of I Care Vegan and the CEO of Easie; a 24/7/365 service that connects you with professionals who will get your task done when you need it! Rock is also newly vegan, and he shares some of his struggles and successes of being vegan this year. iCareVegan: So Easie:

  • 124: Breakfast Republic
    124: Breakfast Republic
    Duration: 21min | 10/12/2018

    What happens when a vegan has the Owner and the Corporate Executive Chef of an egg-dominant restaurant on her show? It's not what you think, guys; Breakfast Republic is doing big things here in San Diego! Not only have they added a few vegan items to the menu (they're friggin' amazing; I've had them!), but they even removed a lot of the animal products from their non-vegan items (by replacing the butter with oil, etc), to create less of a chance of contamination. Let's give a big round of applause for (in my opinion) one of the most vegan-conscious, but otherwise non-vegan breakfast joints for taking the extra step to create an environment for vegans to feel safe to eat in!

  • 123: Van Life, Sloth Sex  Bath Bombs
    123: Van Life, Sloth Sex & Bath Bombs
    Duration: 41min | 06/12/2018

    Lauren White aka "Vegan Life by Lauren" joins us in studio today to share her #VanLife experience along with Amber Bath; the natural, handmade, plant-based, cruelty-free bathing essentials company. SQUIRREL! (or should I say "sloth"?) We totally change gears and talk about mating rituals in the animal kingdom. For more Lauren: Instagram: YouTube: For more Amber Bath: Instagram: Facebook: Website: Sloth Sex:

  • 122: Direct Action Everywhere – DxE
    122: Direct Action Everywhere – DxE
    Duration: 38min | 03/12/2018

    Born and raised in Iowa, Matt Johnson grew up with plenty of farmers, hunters and fishers in his family. As a kid, he made a decision to not eat animals after making the connection that they were sentient beings, but it wasn't until 2013 that he went fully vegan. Since 2015, Matt has been the press coordinator, as well as an open rescue investigator with the animal rights network Direct Action Everywhere, also known as DxE. In this episode, Matt shares what it means to be involved in "direct action" as well as the legality of open-rescues under our current system. DxE: Website: FaceBook: Instagram: Matt: Animal Liberation Conference, May 29th 2019; Berkeley, CA:

  • 121: Understanding Rett Syndrome
    121: Understanding Rett Syndrome
    Duration: 40min | 29/11/2018

    Janelle Noble Donovan, creator of ANSHI, developed a product literally at her daughter Raegan's hospital bedside. Raegan has a genetic condition called Rett Syndrome and according to, the unique postnatal neurological disorder is often misdiagnosed as autism, cerebral palsy or non-specific developmental delay. Rett Syndrome is caused by mutations on the X Chromosome on a gene called MECP2. Common medical concerns may include, but are not limited to: epilepsy, disrupted sleep, orthopedic dysfunction, osteoporosis, spasticity, anxiety and/or early-onset puberty. For more information on Rett Syndrome: ANSHI Website: ANSHI FaceBook: ANSHI Instagram:

  • 120: The Purple Mint
    120: The Purple Mint
    Duration: 32min | 26/11/2018

    Jay and Crystal, owners of the Purple Mint Vegan Bistro share their stories about how and why they went vegan as well as their journey from New York to California, raising vegan kids, and opening an all-vegan, cruelty-free nail salon..!? Whaaaaat??? Yes, it's true!

  • 119: Jule’s Vegan Foods
    119: Jule’s Vegan Foods
    Duration: 35min | 19/11/2018

    Founders Julie Van Dam and Stephen Janke are passionate about Vegan Cheese. After years working in upscale fine dining restaurants such as LA's Patina, San Francisco's Aqua and The Waterfront, and later, running a successful catering company, Julie and Stephen underwent a life-changing event; in 2014, Julie was diagnosed with Stage 4 Colo-rectal Cancer! After two surgeries and eight months of chemotherapy, Julie knew they needed to make a change, which is when the their transition to veganism began! In this episode, we talk all about the couples' experience, strength and hope and how veganism ties into their story! Also, shout out to their super cool "Kid", Carson! (Sorry, Carson, I know you're not a kid anymore!)

  • 118: Let’s Talk About Sex (Hormones)!
    118: Let’s Talk About Sex (Hormones)!
    Duration: 50min | 12/11/2018

    Returning guest, Jim Chialtas (from Episodes 75 and 86) is back, and today we're talking all about Sex Hormones! What is a hormone? What is it's function? What kinds of foods can impact hormone production and utilization? What can happen if hormones are imbalanced? These and many other questions, answered! Laurel Acupuncture: Jim Chialtas:

  • 117: Eco-Veganism
    117: Eco-Veganism
    Duration: 47min | 08/11/2018

    Paige Parsons-Roache aka "Vegan Rama Mama" shows up as a surprise-visit guest after her and I filmed Jane-Velez Mitchell's Lunch Break Live at Mission Square Market. This episode was also recorded on FaceBook LIVE (10/31) and contains some interaction with the audience. Paige is one of the few people I've talked to that went vegan for the environment, which leads to our topic of "eco-veganism"; the concept of not only appreciating and respecting animal life, but also the plant kingdom and the environment. We talk composting, recycling, minimalism and so much more! Find Paige on Wednesday's Lunch Break LIVE show as she pops up all over town on Jane-Velez Mitchell's FaceBook and Instagram! Brands and friends mentioned in this podcast: Turnip Vegan | Trevy James | Mingalicious | Bootstrap Kombucha | Coco Straws | Joy Cafe | Specialty Produce | Beau Broughton | James Aspey | Art by Melanie | Brianna Baer | Rachel Derose-Hosler | Botko | Marina Q

  • 116: The Vida Method
    116: The Vida Method
    Duration: 39min | 05/11/2018

    Vida Weinstein has been working as a clinical psychotherapist for over 30 years. She has experience with individuals with both eating disorders and drug abuse in inpatient, hospitals, psychiatric wards and rehab facilities. In this episode, Vida talks about her work in her private practice as well as the expansion of her patient population, which includes people from all walks of life. Website: Instagram: FaceBook:

  • 115: Married to Health
    115: Married to Health
    Duration: 57min | 29/10/2018

    "Our tax dollars are both funding and fighting obesity!" GMO's, Microbes, Infertility, Environmental Toxins... What do all of these have in common? Tune in to find out as Registered Dietitians and Plant-Based Nutritionists, James and Dahlia Marin explain that sometimes just going vegan isn't enough for some of us to live our most optimum lives. Also, learn how this power couple has not only had an all vegan pregnancy, but has been raising their child vegan as well! Website (Information and Consultations): Instagram: FaceBook:

  • 114: Mental Health – Borderline Personality Disorder
    114: Mental Health – Borderline Personality Disorder
    Duration: 48min | 25/10/2018

    ** This episodes contains sensitive material that may be bothersome for some listeners ** Chef Logan Kendall is probably best known for his career with Chefs Roll or his consulting projects, placing his name on menus all around San Diego, but what you may not know, is his past that led him here. He spent most of his teenage years in Juvenile Hall and has had an ongoing relationship with Borderline Personality Disorder. When he was just fourteen, he was housed in a residential treatment center for well over a year and his almost successful attempted suicide was what actually gave him the opportunity to show his parents that type of treatment wasn't right for him. Now, at 24 years old, Logan talks about what it's like for him to thrive in today's world while also managing BPD. Instagram: Chef's Roll: NIMH - BPD: Crisis Hotline: Call: 1 (800) 273-8255 &

  • 113: Beasts
    113: Beasts
    Duration: 44min | 23/10/2018

    Ana Levley is a novelist, a vegan and a creative artist who expresses her strengths through creating videos and writing stories. Her first published (and recently released) novel, "Beasts" features a new idea of "telecide"; a murder of one's telegraphic (an advanced biotechnology). Book Signing @ Warwicks: 7812 Girard Ave, La Jolla, CA 92037 (11/11/2018 at 12:00pm) Beasts (Amazon): Website: Instagram: Twitter:

  • 112: Mastering Diabetes, Part 2
    112: Mastering Diabetes, Part 2
    Duration: 42min | 19/10/2018

    Robby Barbaro was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when he was 12 years old. Currently, along with his business partner Cyrus Khambatta (from Episode 111), Robby runs "Mastering Diabetes"; an online coaching program that has changed thousands of lives of people living with Type 1, 1.5 or Type 2 Diabetes, along with Prediabetes and even Gestational Diabetes. In this episode, Robby goes through the major difference between natural sugars (such as fructose) and processed white sugar. He also explains why whole foods, in their natural form, are the best foods for everyone, including diabetics.

  • 111: Mastering Diabetes, Part 1
    111: Mastering Diabetes, Part 1
    Duration: 41min | 17/10/2018

    Dr. Cyrus Khambatta (aka Mango Man) was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in 2002, when he was a presumably-healthy 22-year-old college athlete. Did you know, there are an estimated 75 million people, in the United States, that are currently UNDIAGNOSED and UNKNOWINGLY living with Diabetes or Prediabetes?!? In this episode Cyrus not only explains the difference between Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes, but also explains some of the warning signs and even introduces a new (to me, anyway) diagnosis of Type 1.5 Diabetes. Also, Stay Tuned for Episode 112 (Part 2 of "Mastering Diabetes"), where we talk to Cyrus' Diabetic friend and business partner, Robby Barbaro! Insulin Resistance Diet: Mastering Diabetes: Website: Instagram: FaceBook: Cyrus Khambatta: Website: Instagram:

  • 110: Lola Loves the Sky
    110: Lola Loves the Sky
    Duration: 44min | 15/10/2018

    Lola Loves the Sky is a fun, educating (and appropriate) vegan card game for kids and adults. Creator, Hila joins us on the phone from Bali to share her experience going from meat-eater to animal-advocate, which includes her non-graphic description of her visit to a slaughterhouse. She also shares her collaboration with her now business partners, Francisca and Antoine as well as the inspiration behind Lola and how she was actually born in the sky! Website: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Video referenced in podcast:

  • 109: They’re Just Kids
    109: They’re Just Kids
    Duration: 27min | 12/10/2018

    Christian Sanon has helped support his sister with her Cerebral Palsy and Autism her whole life, which has influenced him to pursue the job he has today as a behavioral therapist. In this episode, he explains what a Behavioral Therapist does and gives some tips on developing positive interactions and a better understanding with those we may not understand. Instagram: FaceBook: Website:

  • 108: Plant Based World
    108: Plant Based World
    Duration: 49min | 10/10/2018

    Ben Davis was once the guy that felt he needed meat in every meal in order to perform athletically. But, after he really thought about his morals and where they aligned, he realized that his food choices didn't reflect. It didn't take him long to understand that the meat he once thought of as fuel, was actually hindering him from growth. Today, Ben is the Council Chair for the Plant Based World Conference & Expo and invites you to check out the next event! PBW Expo Website: PBW Expo FB: PBW Expo IG: Ben's IG: Vibe Street Music:

  • 107: This is Going to Hurt
    107: This is Going to Hurt
    Duration: 34min | 08/10/2018

    Tattoo Artist, graphic novelist, vegan and owner of Monocle Tattoo in Los Angeles, James Spooner talks about his journey from growing up in the High Desert, Ca in the Punk Rock scene, to owning and operating Monocle Tattoo in Los Angeles. He also straightens out my own misconception of the reason why some tattoos are not considered vegan! Plus, stay tuned because Spooner gives us tips and tricks on how to keep a tattoo that you got in your twenties still looking good in your fifties!

  • 106: Doctor’s Daughters
    106: Doctor’s Daughters
    Duration: 36min | 04/10/2018

    Jenna and Cara Fuhrman are the daughters of Board-Certified Physician and author, Dr. Joel Fuhrman. In this episode, the Fuhrman sisters talk all about what it was like growing up fully vegan and give some experiences on how their dad tried to make their life seem as normal as possible in the process! Also, at the end of the podcast the girls propose an oil-free, salt-free challenge for you listeners; can you do it? Jenna and Cara: Dr. Joel: eBook: COMING SOON!

  • 105: Beyond the NFL
    105: Beyond the NFL
    Duration: 52min | 01/10/2018

    Charity Morgan is back! Earlier this year, on Episode 41 we talked all about her husband (Tennessee Titans Outside Linebacker, Derrick Morgan) switched to a plant-based lifestyle and how this helped his athletic performance and recovery time. Since then, a pretty good amount of the players have also adopted the vegan lifestyle (at least during NFL season). Today, we get an update on how the players are doing, but also learn a little more about the badass babe that started this plant-based movement! One of the things Charity stresses is that you don't have to be a chef, or even a cook to experiment in the kitchen and make good vegan food. Fun Fact: Charity is a faster swimmer than Derrick ;-) Charity's Links: Website: Instagram: The Game Changers Documentary:

  • 104: Are “Clean Meats” the Future?
    104: Are “Clean Meats” the Future?
    Duration: 47min | 27/09/2018

    Dawn Ressel specializes in vegan entrepreneurship and business as a form of activism. She also runs a workshop called "Jumpstart Your Vegan Business" where people can learn to promote the development and growth of new vegan businesses. But, the topic I'm even more excited about is the idea of "clean meats". What is clean meat (cellular agriculture)? Is it considered vegan? Are animals harmed? Could it be our future? It's a very controversial topic in the vegan world, but Dawn makes a clear analogy of us being "at war" and fighting for the animals from multiple angles, as being the only solution to victory.

  • 103: The Butcher’s Son
    103: The Butcher’s Son
    Duration: 51min | 24/09/2018

    Forrest Folen went from Butcher's son to VEGAN! Aside from the major mental shift that was necessary for this transformation, Forrest is very well connected with the health and fitness community. However, we wasn't always the fitness guy either. When he was younger, he made some poor health choices, which led him to homelessness. Now, he's been in the fitness industry for over 17 years and has opened multiple boot camp locations along the coast of California. He's also done consulting for over 200 fitness centers around the world and spends a lot of his time working closely with an organization called "Solutions for Change", which is dedicated towards helping those in need.

  • 102: Vivo Tribe
    102: Vivo Tribe
    Duration: 27min | 20/09/2018

    Mary and Ana make up part of the team at Bean Vivo; a sustainable and all vegan, gluten free, organic and local San Diego company. Aside from having amazing products, the team has created a "tribe" of bean lovers, known as "Vivo Tribe", which is made up of a network of explorers that think globally, act locally and love great food! Instagram: FaceBook: Website: Coming Soon:

  • 101: Farm Animal Refuge
    101: Farm Animal Refuge
    Duration: 36min | 17/09/2018

    Matt Lieurance, along with his partner, Jordan Russo developed a farm animal sanctuary in the hills of San Diego. In addition to saving farm animals, Jordan and Matt open their doors to help inform people of what goes on at seemingly-harmless events like the San Diego Fair. Matt joins me in studio today and discusses some of the hardships and joys of running the farm! Also, stay tuned because Farm Animal Refuge is having a FREE event (10/6/2018) where you can come meet all of the animals! Stay tuned for more details! Farm Animal Refuge: Website: Instagram: FaceBook: Go Fund Me:

  • 100: You Called, I Answered
    100: You Called, I Answered
    Duration: 01h05min | 14/09/2018

    Your calls came in, and I've got your answers! Thank you so much to everyone who called in, and of course all of you who are tuning in as well! I appologize if I've spelled anyone's name wrong; I only had audio to go off of. 02:01 - Kylee: How do you encorporate healthy fats into shakes? 02:54 - Response 06:41 - Chantelle: New vegan; super sweet compliment! 07:26 - Response 09:33 - Dr. Kasey Johnson: Congrats on Episode 100 09:58 - Response 10:47 - Shawnie: What type of vegan foods keep you full for the longest amount of time? 11:15 - Response 15:39 - Lindsay: Calling from NC; Vegan and vegetarian options ARE available in the south! (This comment was completely warranted; listen to my response!) 15:58 - Response 16:59 - Barbara (Rawsome Delights): What have been some of the things I've learned over these 100 episodes? 17:39 - Response 21:41 - Rachel DeRose-Hosler (AV & Pollinated Palette): What color panties are you wearing today? 23:47 - Response 27:28 - Phil: Health benefits of organic vs. non-organic

  • 99: The Levels of Veganism
    99: The Levels of Veganism
    Duration: 42min | 10/09/2018

    Raw Living Food Specialist, Nick Ferguson was a guest on Episode 9 over a year ago, and today he's back to talk about some of the "levels" of veganism. In short, here's the breakdown: Vegan: All-encompassing; anyone who doesn't consume or use animal products Plant-Based: This one has been skewed a bit over time, but usually means that the person is eating all, or mostly all vegan, but doesn't necessarily adopt the principles of veganism off the plate. Whole-Food Plant-Based: A lifestyle where one only eats plants in their whole form; nothing processed, no junkfood. Sorry guys, no Oreos or Beyond Patties here! Raw Vegan: A vegan who doesn't eat foods (usually) above 104 degrees Fahrenheit. The reasoning behind this is that essential enzymes in foods are killed during the cooking process of foods. Raw Living Culture Vegan: Wait, what? Yup, there's another level to veganism, and probably the healthiest any human can live! Check out this episode to hear all about Raw Living Foods; Plus, how (and why) Nick choose

  • 98: Eco Caters
    98: Eco Caters
    Duration: 43min | 03/09/2018

    Nick Brune is a personal chef and the founder of Eco Caters. He was born and raised in the heart of "Flavor Country" in Louisiana and moved to Los Angeles to work as head chef for multiple catering companies. One of Nick's top focusses is "local" produce, but why is local so important? In this episode we talk all about sustainability and the local economics that come into play in the food industry. Eco Caters is a catering company with locations in California and DC that features EXTENSIVE vegan menus! They offer services to cater weddings, work parties, birthdays and so much more! For more information, visit their website at or their Instagram at

  • 97: Young at Heart
    97: Young at Heart
    Duration: 34min | 27/08/2018

    Vegan of 41 yrs, Dr. Joel Kahn is one of the world's top cardiologists and best selling authors. According to the CDC, about 610,000 Americans die from a heart attack EVERY YEAR. That’s one in every four deaths! Heart disease has also been rated as the leading cause of death for both men and women. In addition, every year about 735,000 Americans have a heart attack, and of these, 525,000 are first heart attacks, and 210,000 are repeated. What’s even more alarming? A lot of this can be prevented! In fact, did you know that some nations don't even have a word for "heart attack"? This is because heart disease is RARELY genetic, but rather a product of our lifestyles! Dr. Kahn mentions a study that was done in Sweden and the Netherlands with a sample size of 25,000 participants. Various questions were asked regarding the participants' lifestyle choices. Then another 20 years later, the analysts researched who was alive, who died, who had a heart attack, what kind of medical procedures were performed... After the

  • 96: Change Your Mindset
    96: Change Your Mindset
    Duration: 41min | 20/08/2018

    Dr. Kasey Johnson is a vegan, a mother, a chiropractor, and a badass babe! While she was training for her current career, she started adopting the principles of the Paleo and Ketogenic diets; compared to her dorm-style junkfood college days, this was a huge improvement! However, it was also just a stepping stone in her towards an even more positive goal of being vegan! After giving birth, she ended up with the extremely painful condition known as mastitis (inflammation of the breast tissue). After researching how meat and dairy cause inflamation, she cut out the animal products and saw immediate results! To call in for Episode 100 (instructions on voicemail): 619-537-9516

  • 95: Bro Science
    95: Bro Science
    Duration: 41min | 16/08/2018

    Multi-sport enthusiast, Ryan Nelson talks all about his journey with sports and fitness. Ryan has always been active, but at one point, started realizing that he just wasn't losing that extra fat in his mid-section; then, almost immediately after removing dairy from his diet, he lost about 10 lbs in his midsection alone! Being raised in Wyoming, Ryan had the typical "Bro" type attitude towards meat and hunting, and therefore had some aprehension towards the idea of a plant-based diet. However, after he started seeing almost immediate results, his old ideas were smashed. Also, guys, did you know that on average, vegan men have higher levels of testosterone than non-vegan men? ;-) Website: Instagram: FaceBook:

  • 94: A Storyteller For The Animals
    94: A Storyteller For The Animals
    Duration: 44min | 13/08/2018

    Ellen Ericksen, returning guest from Episode 88, dives a little deeper into the Del Mar Racetrack and exposes more of the hideous truths behind the business. With money being a key motivator, a lot of work is done to cover up what really happens on the track! Recently, there was some minor coverage for the death of horse, Bobby Abu Dhabi, but unfortunately rider Victor Espinoza has received much greater attention for his non-fatal injury. The last part of the podcast dives into the more widely known topic of Sea World. Ellen's FaceBook: Instagram:

  • 93: Positive Choice Integrative Wellness
    93: Positive Choice Integrative Wellness
    Duration: 01h04min | 09/08/2018

    Kaiser Permanente's Dr. Raymond Berdugo, and Chris Heslin talk about the implementation of whole food plant-based nutrition into the doctor's office! "Of the top 15 causes of death, only one is NOT related to food, and that's accidents." "Our number one killer in the world, noone ever has to die from!" "We don't need animal protein. We don't need more protein at all. We need more energy; complex carbs in their whole form." Heart disease has now climbed to be not only the #1 killer in the US, but also the world. Today's episode focusses on all things health! From prevention to termination and even reversal of some of the world's deadliest conditions, all by switching to plants (in their un-processed, original form)! Oh, and by the way, Plants Have Protein; you don't need to consume animals to bulk up at the gym! KP Positive Choice Integrative Wellness Center: Dr. Raymond Berdugo: Instagram: Twitter: FaceBook: h

  • 92: The Travelling Vegan
    92: The Travelling Vegan
    Duration: 45min | 07/08/2018

    Yogi, Jenna Carpenter went plant-based a little over 6 years ago, and has tried her best to be as vegan as possible. In this episode she discusses some vegan travelling tips, along with advice on how to still leave room for compassion for YOURSELF as a vegan (many of us forget about that)! Jenna first went plant-based because of auto-immunte complications, but has continued to follow the lifestyle for ethical reasons.

  • 91: Two Guys Walk Into a Studio…
    91: Two Guys Walk Into a Studio…
    Duration: 52min | 02/08/2018

    * This podcast is intended for mature audiences * One day, at work, my two non-vegan friends stopped by the studio to check it out. Then they asked to do a podcast. No script, no format, no idea what was going to happen. This podcast is all over the place, but somehow we ended up getting on the subject of diet, exercize and body image (that exists in men too, ladies!)

  • 90: Plant Based Fitness
    90: Plant Based Fitness
    Duration: 52min | 30/07/2018

    Chris Moore is a fitness enthusiast, but he hasn't always lived this way; when Chris graduated from nursing school he was 235 pounds. In this episode, Chris talks about his journey through losing weight, eliminating stomach problems and anxiety while gaining a whole new outlook on fitness and nutrition! Chris goes into his own experience with how veganism has helped his post-workout recovery as well as his stamina while in the gym! PS: Did you know Tulum is organizing a Cube of Truth for Anonymous for the Voiceless??? Chris' Instagram:

  • 89: Domaine Santé
    89: Domaine Santé
    Duration: 20min | 23/07/2018

    Nutritionist Emily Josenhans founded Domaine Santé to offer a healthy, yet enticing sugar alternative. Wine not choose a sweetener that not only preserves health, but also tastes amazing and comes from a sustainable California crop?! Website:\ Recipe Blog with vegan focus: Instagram: FaceBook: Can also be purchased in person at: Little Italy Farmer's Market (Saturdays) Specialty Produce (open 7 days/week)

  • 88: Death Race
    88: Death Race
    Duration: 56min | 19/07/2018

    What is a protest? What goes into the organization of a protest? Who gets involved? What are the laws? All of these questions, and many more were definitely on my list for guest, Ellen Ericksen. Ellen has been vegan for a really long time, and has been fighting for animals since she can remember. She's extremely knowledgable of both sides of the law; the protester's side and the cruelty-promoting business' side. Ellen has earned a reputation for causing unethical businesses to shut down, but it has all come from a place of love for the animals! With San Diego being the home of the deathly Del Mar Races, the Del Mar Fair, Sea World and once even a slaughterhouse, Ellen (unfortunately) has no shortage of people to talk to, regarding their financial contributions that encourage the prosperity of these businesses. Many of us know why Sea World has a bad reputation, but when Ellen told me what goes on at the Del Mar Fair, I was shocked!

  • 87: Dz Vegan Kid Athletes
    87: Dz Vegan Kid Athletes
    Duration: 39min | 16/07/2018

    Dz Vegan Kid Athletes are three sisters, Danaé, 14 years old, Danya 8 years old & Danielle 4 years old. They lead very active lifestyles; Danaé dances six days a week, Danya does gymnastics six days a week, Danielle does rhythmic gymnastics three days a week and dances once a week. Danya was born vegan but at the age of four and a half, had tasted meat for the first time. She ate meat on and off but 1 year later, she stopped eating chicken and fish completely after learning how the animals were treated and killed. Danaé was diagnosed with fibromyalgia eighteen months ago and was on four different medications to control her pain. She missed a lot of dance practices because of this. She was inspired by her Mom (who also has auto immune disease, endometriosis, fibromyalgia, thyroid disease and asthma) to go 100% vegan, after seeing her get off her medications and become much healthier! Danaé is now off her daily medication, drinks lots of raw green juices with turmeric to help reduce inflammation.

  • 86: What’s the Underlying Issue?
    86: What’s the Underlying Issue?
    Duration: 38min | 12/07/2018

    Remember Jim Chialtas from Episode 75? If you haven't heard it yet, I recommend you check it out! Today, we welcome back Jim to dive a little deeper into Functional Blood Chemistry, as well as review some of my personal blood and saliva tests that may have revealed something I would've never expected. After my last podcast with Jim, I had a consultation with him and mentioned that one of my biggest physical set-backs was EXTREME bloating combined with eczema. I don't like to abuse the word "suffering", but I'm telling you; most days I would look like I was 4 months pregnant, and I would scratch my legs so bad in my sleep, I'd wake up with wounds. I don't eat meat, don't eat dairy, I've recently cut out gluten and I eat mostly whole foods. I was really confused as to what it could be. The blood test showed I was low in iron, but there were other results that I didn't quite understand. The funny thing is, I track my macro and micronutrients, and get PLENTY of iron in my diet! So, what's the underlying issue

  • 85: Spoiled Vegans
    85: Spoiled Vegans
    Duration: 48min | 09/07/2018

    Todd Anderson, Brandy Espi and Cody Blake make up a group of influencers called "Spoiled Vegans". They created the group to show others that not all vegans are the same! Don't get them wrong, the name "spoiled" isn't coming from a pretentious, "better than others" attitude, it comes from the humility they've achieved realizing how spoiled they are to be in San Diego and have so many great vegan resources!

  • 84: Balanced
    84: Balanced
    Duration: 38min | 05/07/2018

    Founder, Audrey Sanchez, along with her Manager of Strategic Partnerships, Lorna Ciccone make up part of the team at Balanced; a non-profit public health and nutrition advocacy organization focused on improving the healthfulness of institutional menus. Audrey and Lorna run and support meat-reduction and healthy menu campaigns in communities across the country, with a common goal to hold the food industry accountable for designing menus with health in mind - rather than corporate profits. In this episode, the ladies talk about how they can help those of you out there (vegan, or not), that are looking to reduce the amount of animal products being served in schools, hospitals and the like.

  • 83: Aztec Supplements
    83: Aztec Supplements
    Duration: 41min | 02/07/2018

    You've caught me saying this on other podcasts, "You can't cleanse your way out of a bad diet"! However, if you're transitioning into a healthier, plant-based lifestyle, it may be worth a try! Meet Jered Landreth and Chris Singleton of Aztec Supplements! Jered has been in the fitness industry successfully for over 10 years and has been operating Full Force Fitness/Aztec Supplements since 2012. Chris has been working alongside Jered at FFF since the spring of 2014 and has overseen the company's manufacturing of goods, services and distribution. Neither Chris or Jered are vegan... yet... but both are transitioning to a diet that is more plant-rich and towards the end of the podcast I give them a little challenge of my own! Website: Instagram: Facebook: Chris:

  • 82: It’s All About The Booch!
    82: It’s All About The Booch!
    Duration: 27min | 28/06/2018

    Bootstrap co-founder, and SCOBY-wrangler, Susan McMillion is a chef. Along with her business partner James Farnworth, both have enjoyed kombucha for many years, and after making it for themselves at home, they knew they had to find a way to brew more and share the enthusiasm with others! Their common passion for kombucha, as well as overall health, nutrition, and the environment, led to their vision of what is now Bootstrap Kombucha. They have been brewing organic kombucha in small batches ever since! (When we say organic, we mean every step of the process is organic!) San Diego Tasting Room: Bootstrap Kombucha 4085 Pacific Hwy #105b San Diego, CA 92110 Website: Instagram: FaceBook:

  • 81: San Diego Coffee Training Institute
    81: San Diego Coffee Training Institute
    Duration: 45min | 25/06/2018

    Meet Savannah Phillips, the woman behind San Diego Coffee Training Institute. The original idea for SDCTI was to be a training space inside Cafe Virtuoso where they could teach classes to wholesale clients on coffee prep. Savannah came up with the idea to make it a nonprofit, which was inspired by a desire to work directly with marginalized individuals in the surrounding community, including homeless, youth aging out of foster care, and individuals recently released from incarceration. #givingback Plus, have you ever heard of the World Barista Championship? I seriously had no idea this kind of thing existed, but Savannah tells us all about it! San Diego Coffee Training Institute: Website: Instagram: FaceBook:

  • 80: Viva Glam
    80: Viva Glam
    Duration: 50min | 21/06/2018

    Katarina Van Derham is no ordinary supermodel, she's a bad ass babe! Not only is she absolutely gorgeous, she's got a heart as big as her beauty! She came to America and faced many obstacles before she became who she is today. Now, she's a super successful model with her own Vegan Fashion Magazine, Viva Glam, which shows women that it's not only easy to eat vegan, but to wear vegan as well! Also, forget about the "Eating for Your Bloodtype" nonsense because Katarina is blood type O+, which recommends a heavy meat diet, yet she hasn't eaten meat in 25 years!

  • 79: Wonder Woman is Real
    79: Wonder Woman is Real
    Duration: 50min | 18/06/2018

    Meet Victoria Ikerd-Schreiter. The gorgeous woman behind the character "Wonder Woman is Real". Aside from Cosplaying as the character Wonder Woman, Victoria is a real-life superhero every day! When she is not dressed up, she is a lawyer and advocate for children with disabilities. About a year ago, Victoria adopted a fully vegan lifestyle, not only because she felt she was living principled as Wonder Woman, but because her own son was suffering from terrible seizures which she helped reduce with a plant-based diet!

  • 78: Rawsome Delights
    78: Rawsome Delights
    Duration: 30min | 14/06/2018

    Meet Barbara Zeiß (it's Zeiss for all you non-German speakers out there). Barbara moved from Germany to Australia, then to the USA to persue her passion for creating! She now owns a raw vegan dessert business, and just celebrated one year of success! If you're interested in special ordering cakes for any occasion, please email Barbara at

  • 77: Punk Rock Vegan
    77: Punk Rock Vegan
    Duration: 59min | 11/06/2018

    *This episode contains mildly offensive language* David Agranoff lives and writes in San Diego California. He is an author of Horror, Bizarro and Science Fiction mostly. His short story collection Screams from a Dying World was nominated for a wonderland award for best collection. His debut novel The Vegan Revolution with Zombies is a hilarious satire that received rave reviews and was even featured in the Journal of Animal Studies. He has a novella called "Punkupine Moshers of the Apocalypse" was featured in the Best Bizarro Fiction of the Decade edited by Cameron Pierce. His novels include Hunting The Moon Tribe, Boot Boys of the Wolf Reich, Punk Rock Ghost Story and Flesh Trade co-written with Edward R. Morris. In this episode, David shares the correlation between veganism and the Straight Edge movement in the Punk Rock scene along with his journey as a vegan author!

  • 76: All About Coffee!
    76: All About Coffee!
    Duration: 34min | 07/06/2018

    Have you ever wondered what or where your coffee was before it ended up in a grinder and converted to one of the most popular beverages in the world? Meet Laurie Britton of Cafe Virtuoso in Barrio Logan, San Diego. Laurie founded and maintains Cafe Virtuoso as the only 100 percent certified organic coffee roaster in San Diego, and one of the few in the country, certifying every step of the coffee process as organic (not just the beans themselves)! Also, stay tuned because in a few episodes we'll be speaking with Laurie's daughter, Savannah who runs the non-profit associated with Cafe Virtuoso!

  • 75: Jiu Jitsu, Yoga  Food Sensitivities
    75: Jiu Jitsu, Yoga & Food Sensitivities
    Duration: 37min | 04/06/2018

    What do these three age-old practices have in common? Points on the body that could be used both Martially and Remedially. Meet Jim Chialtas, the human behind the practices at Laurel Acupuncture in San Diego. Jim began is private practice in 2003, and has trained extensively in Functional Blood Chemistry and Hormone Analysis. He has a cutting edge way of looking at the body, which allows him a greater understanding of Eastern and Western methodologies! In this episode, we talk all about food sensitivities (including gluten and dairy) as well as blood tests, thyroid complications and so much more!

  • 74: Story Time with Ryan
    74: Story Time with Ryan
    Duration: 44min | 31/05/2018

    Ryan Mahle is the host of "Story Time with Ryan" (a podcast that focuses on the power of conversation) switches seats with me as we discuss his how and why his podcast was created... aaaaaaaand then go off on some random rants.

  • 73: Let’s Talk About The Weather
    73: Let’s Talk About The Weather
    Duration: 50min | 28/05/2018

    Ashley Marie Mazanec is an eco-musician, environmental policy professional, eco-community developer, and Founding Director of EcoArts Foundation. A partner and affiliated artist at the Climate Science Alliance, she collaborates with various artists including her progressive rock band Ashley & The Altruists. The EcoArts podcast named after her 2016 album Let's Talk About the Weather showcases ecological topics through the eyes of artists, and serves a a platform to build cultural change. Also, stay tuned for the end of the episode to hear Ashley's Song, "Let's Talk About The Weather" Album Title: Let's Talk About The Weather Release Title: Let's Talk About The Weather © 2016 Rarefied Recording, San Diego, CA

  • 72: Seva Foods
    72: Seva Foods
    Duration: 25min | 24/05/2018

    Michelle May is the co-founder and President of Seva Foods. She is a nutrition geek, plant-based chef and animal rights advocate. Also! Check out the Seva Foods Kickstarter for the chance to design your own coconut jerky or ice cream flavor!

  • 71: #KarlIsMyRealtor
    71: #KarlIsMyRealtor
    Duration: 40min | 21/05/2018

    Karl Kyler is a residential real estate agent in San Diego, who has been in the business for nearly 14 years. He also has his M.A. in Philosophy with a combined knowledge of Neurolinguistic Programming. With a keen sense of humor, Karl also mentions that he talks and walks in his sleep, and even occasionally eats in his sleep. One thing he does really well is sleep... with his eyes closed.

  • 70: Raise Vegan
    70: Raise Vegan
    Duration: 49min | 17/05/2018

    First of all: Shoutout, John Lewis, AKA @BadAssVegan Meet Lynda Landaverde; a new vegan mommy of one baby boy. She became vegan a few months pre-pregnancy and currently raises her son Vegan. Also! Exciting News! Check out Raise Vegan; The world's first ever vegan pregnancy and parenting magazine! Raise Vegan is ran by passionate vegan moms who want to help the world raise compassionate vegan children and families. The magazine includes recipes, pregnancy and parenting tips, and even vegan fashion!

  • 69: Mindful Meals
    69: Mindful Meals
    Duration: 38min | 14/05/2018

    Meet Shana Moore. Shana struggled with her weight most of her life, but especially in college. As a young adult, she decided to have surgery to help her slim down. Originally, it worked, but there was one problem; her mind. Shana talks about how action without knowledge doesn't last. In her case, it didn't and she gained all of the weight back. Today she is 100 pounds thinner than she was before she started her journey, and it has nothing to do with surgery, and everything to do with a shift in her mind, combined with a plant-based diet!

  • 68: Milk Is For Baby Cows
    68: Milk Is For Baby Cows
    Duration: 41min | 10/05/2018

    New mother, Rachel Ferri, talks about raising her child vegan after having a fully vegan pregnancy. Being a new mother and realizing strength of the bond to her child, helps her connect even more to the mother cows who get their babies taken from them in the dairy industry.

  • 67: Energy Healing with Ashley Lee
    67: Energy Healing with Ashley Lee
    Duration: 46min | 07/05/2018

    Ashley Lee is an Advanced Energy Healer. She has been a pediatric critical care nurse for 30 years and has an inherent ability to see and work with energies to promote deep and lasting healing for people. In her private practice,, Ashley specializes in facilitating many advanced forms of energy healing for children and their families who experience sensitivities that may limit how they feel and function in the world. Ashley sees children and people from all walks of life and from countries all over the world!

  • 66: More Than Just Kale
    66: More Than Just Kale
    Duration: 41min | 30/04/2018

    *This episode contains mild language that may be offensive to some listeners* Meet Angelo; the writer and video producer of the blog "More Than Just Kale"; a thought out, exceedingly hilarious, compilation of "Shit Vegans Say" (and some things they eat, too). Angelo has been vegan for about 2 1/2 years and vegetarian about 6. Fun Fact: He was born in Mexico City, and spent summers between Mexico and Austria as a kid, and therefore speaks Spanish and German!

  • 65: Veg Appeal
    65: Veg Appeal
    Duration: 54min | 26/04/2018

    Vegan since 1990, Tracy Childs is the founder of the local company, Veg-Appeal, where she is a health and cooking coach, a certified Food For Life Nutrition & Cooking Instructor with the nationwide program from the Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine. She has most recently founded, with friends, the San Diego-based non-profit, PlantDiego.

  • 64: Angelina For The Animals
    64: Angelina For The Animals
    Duration: 22min | 23/04/2018

    Think you're doing all you can do as an activist? You may want to think again! Meet 10 year old, Angelina Poli! In this episode, Angelina talks all about how she became vegan, what she eats for school lunches and how to educate people on their daily choices. You guys! This episodes is one of my favorites. Angelina is so well spoken, respectful and passionate about what she does. I honestly feel that I've learned more from her than I've learned from most adults. Thank you, Angelina.

  • 63: The Accidental Paleo
    63: The Accidental Paleo
    Duration: 24min | 19/04/2018

    Certified Holistic Health Coach, Lauren Lobley talks about how removing dairy from her life instantly led to a loss of 10 pounds, and how removing meat helped her with her longterm digestive issues. Soon after, she delved into the idea of "food as medicine" as she experimented with her own diet. When she first started eating more plant-based, she wasn't sure how to replace the animal proteins on her plate with something healthier. Today, Lauren is the author of the cookbook, "The Accidental Paleo: Easy Vegetarian Recipes for a Paleo Lifestyle", which is a book that literally replaces the meat with healthier, plant-based alternatives! Her book even includes a section which mentions items to deck out your pantry with to make your time spent in the kitchen far more efficient!

  • 62: Do What You Love!
    62: Do What You Love!
    Duration: 48min | 16/04/2018

    Cat Woods is a writer with experience in magazine editing. She's also an instructor of yoga and CEO of Ballet Sculpt, and stresses the importance of not focusing on "shrinking" or "punishing" yourself, but rather, to learn a sense of gratitude for your body.

  • 61: Convenience Kills
    61: Convenience Kills
    Duration: 39min | 12/04/2018

    Are you having trouble transitioning to a more plant-based diet? Are there certain foods you feel you can't give up? Are you finding yourself opting for convenient junk foods rather than whole foods? Meet Cathy Ramos; founder of CLR Trust, and the Naturally Vegan Movement. In this episode, Cathy and I discuss some of the hardest habits to break and how to break them to live a healthier, more abundant life!

  • 60: OCDeli
    60: OCDeli
    Duration: 45min | 09/04/2018

    OCDanielle? OCDeli? OCD? OC...WHAT?!?! Meet Caleb Brandalise, The OCD behind OCDeli; a Vegan Meal-prep concept that's waste free, healthy and affordable! A place where patrons could choose plant-based meals from multiple chefs at the same time, from the same site. By the way: 1.618 - remember that number when you near the ending of this episode!

  • 59: Anonymous For The Voiceless | San Diego
    59: Anonymous For The Voiceless | San Diego
    Duration: 49min | 05/04/2018

    Rachel Hosler grew up in a butcher shop. Samar Jadeed grew up in Honduras. I grew up with tractors and a BBQ. Today, all three of us are vegan. In today's episode, we talk about how Samar and Rachel started the Anonymous for the Voiceless San Diego Chapter, along with my first CUBE experience!

  • 58: Healing Cancer Holistically
    58: Healing Cancer Holistically
    Duration: 29min | 02/04/2018

    Holistic Lifestyle Blogger, Alyssa Nicole, shares her personal story as she walked her mom through her Stage 3 Cancer diagnosis and helped her heal through a plant-based diet combined with spirituality. You guys! This girl is AMAZING! She has the biggest heart, she's full of love, and her story is BEAUTIFUL! Plus, #VanLife

  • 57: The Best Deodorant In The World!
    57: The Best Deodorant In The World!
    Duration: 26min | 27/03/2018

    Margaux Khoury is the CEO of the best natural deodorant. Her products are always organic, cruelty-free, chemical-free and even plastic-free from start to finish! Margaux is a true example of giving back as she donates 100% of all SALES (not just profits) to an animal sanctuary, for one day, every month. For every deodorant sold, 1 year of clean water is provided to someone in need; their average sales is at 4/day! If that wasn't enough to convince you, the entire company is ZERO WASTE!!

  • 56: Over Fed + Under Nourished
    56: Over Fed + Under Nourished
    Duration: 52min | 19/03/2018

    Dr. Raymond Berdugo (PCP of Kaiser Permanente), and Dr. Angie Sadeghi (Gastroenerologist) talk about how a whole food plant-based diet directly improves the health of their patients, from the inside out. We also talk about some of the myths associated with products such as detox teas, and diets like Paleo or Keto.

  • 55: Blissful Gatherings
    55: Blissful Gatherings
    Duration: 47min | 15/03/2018

    Meet Lila and Alexa - the beauties and brains behind Blissful Gatherings. These ladies are young, focussed, and devoted to living a healthy vegan lifestyle and they are determined to show the world how to eat right, be satisfied and save animals all at the same time! (Plus, they both have BEAUTIFUL Instagram pages!)

  • 54: From Liberia To Guyana
    54: From Liberia To Guyana
    Duration: 41min | 12/03/2018

    When Cynthia Pean was asked what inspired her to eat food that heals, she responded with, "My mother died of cancer, my grandmother died of cancer, my mother was a diabetic, my aunt is a diabetic...". In this Episode, Cynthia talks about the knowledge she's gained about healing foods all while combining influences from her Liberian and Guyanese roots.

  • 53: Sagency Wellness
    53: Sagency Wellness
    Duration: 57min | 08/03/2018

    Meet Haz Adiguzel: Owner of Sagency Wellness in San Diego. Haz is a Licensed Acupuncturist, Licensed Massage Therapist, Registered Yoga Teacher and so much more! In this episode, Haz talks discusses some of the benefits of herbs and how combining them in different ways can increase or decrease their effectiveness. Sagency Wellness is Downtown San Diego's premier blend of the best of the ancient and new; offering acupuncture, Eastern-inspired bodywork, Kundalini Yoga and plant remedies.

  • 52: Stripping The Layers
    52: Stripping The Layers
    Duration: 02h37min | 05/03/2018

    This episode contains language and/or subject matter that is not suitable for children. In this episode, Vegan Danielle is interviewed by friend (and fellow vegan), Trish Ferrer for a follow-up on Episode 16 "The Autobiography". Trish peels back some of Danielle's many layers by asking questions about her past that she probably wouldn't have shared otherwise. This episode is unscripted, un-formatted and unedited!

  • 51: Ahimsa Healers
    51: Ahimsa Healers
    Duration: 46min | 01/03/2018

    "Drink celery juice and watch your life transform!" Jamie and Courtney are two holistic practitioners that work with a wide spectrum clients to help them heal and change their lifestyle through a plant based diet! Hear how both of them positively transformed their lives after becoming more aware with their bodies' signals.

  • 50: Pollinated Palette
    50: Pollinated Palette
    Duration: 59min | 26/02/2018

    Rachel DeRose-Hosler has had a lifelong passion for health and wellness! Living life to the fullest with the least amount of stress helps to lead a fun and exciting and prosperous life. Having a passion for this, she has chosen to share her happiness and keys to living life to the fullest. Aside from her own practices, she also works with her friend Karl Kyler, to support the San Diego chapter of Anonymous For The Voiceless! ** This episode contains mildly harsh language and may not be suitable for young children **

  • 49: Where Do You Get Your Protein?
    49: Where Do You Get Your Protein?
    Duration: 49min | 22/02/2018

    NPC Bikini Competitor, Nancy Rodriguez talks about how veganism has helped her preform in her competitions. She also walks us through what it's like to compete and what the judges are looking for!

  • 48: Be Brave Do Epic Shit!
    48: Be Brave; Do Epic Shit!
    Duration: 40min | 19/02/2018

    Sonya Looney is a sponsored professional outdoor adventure athlete and American mountain biker. She's passionate about cycling, adventure travel, personal growth, plant-based nutrition, health and wellness, and being of service to others to help them find the best and bravest version of themselves. Sonya also finished her Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering and worked as a solar design engineer in Boulder, CO. You guys - This chick is a BAD ASS!

  • 47: Pesto Prime
    47: Pesto Prime
    Duration: 27min | 12/02/2018

    Previous NPC Fitness Champion, Alex Massir, talks about how veganism played a positive role in competing and working out. We also talk about his San Diego restaurant, Pesto, which features tons of vegan options and Alex mentions a future concept for quick food delivery: "Pesto Prime".

  • 46: Does Food Create Mood?
    46: Does Food Create Mood?
    Duration: 47min | 01/02/2018

    Fellow podcaster (of the Specialty Produce Network) and energy healer, Ashley Lee, talks with Vegan Danielle about what certain colors represent in our subconscious minds. Special Thank You to Travis for producing this episode!

  • 45: The Hill Killer
    45: The Hill Killer
    Duration: 29min | 29/01/2018

    Jon Burrier is an Athlete, Audio / Visual Artist and Educator, born and raised in Baltimore Maryland. He has been vegan for 15 years and drug free since birth. When Jon is not touring in avant-garde trio, Les Rhinoceros or training endurance sports, he works as a brand advocate for Baltimore Based Cycling Apparel Company, Hill Killer.

  • 44: Lean  Green Kids
    44: Lean & Green Kids
    Duration: 55min | 26/01/2018

    Lean and Green Kids educates families about the life-changing, planet-saving power of eating plants; especially beans! Join us for this interview with founder, Barbara Gates as we discuss how and why her organization is making a difference today!

  • 43: Let’s Veganize It!
    43: Let’s Veganize It!
    Duration: 43min | 22/01/2018

    Returning "champion" (so he says), of Episode 21, Rick LeBeau comes back as we discuss some of our favorite meals to "veganize"!

  • 42: Donna Jean – San Diego
    42: Donna Jean – San Diego
    Duration: 28min | 16/01/2018

    Meet Roy Elam; chef and co-owner of Donna Jean in San Diego.

  • 41: The Tennessee Titans Vegan Movement
    41: The Tennessee Titans Vegan Movement
    Duration: 35min | 12/01/2018

    Chef Charity Morgan, wife of Derrick Morgan (Tennessee Titans Outside Linebacker), talks about how her and her husband started their vegan journey and how her cooking has transformed the way a lot of the players eat!

  • 40: Veggies Don’t Bite!
    40: Veggies Don’t Bite!
    Duration: 41min | 08/01/2018

    Meet Sophia DeSantis, mother of 3, vegan recipe blogger, cookbook author and former elementary school teacher. Sophia not only discusses her blog and cookbook, but mentions why it was important to her to be a 95%-ish vegan rather than stressing over reading every single label and making a fuss at restaurants. Sophia DeSantis: Website: Instagram: FaceBook: CookBook: Vegan Danielle: Website: Instagram: FaceBook:

  • 39: The Road Less Eaten
    39: The Road Less Eaten
    Duration: 51min | 01/01/2018

    Actor, writer and producer, Ally Iseman discusses her new project, "The Road Less Eaten", a vegan travel show hosted all around the world! Ally Iseman: Website: FaceBook (personal): FaceBook (The Road Less Eaten): Facebook (It's a Mouthful): YouTube (Flip the Script): Instagram: IMDB: Vegan Danielle: Website: Instagram: FaceBook:

  • 38: Vegan Meal Prep
    38: Vegan Meal Prep
    Duration: 50min | 26/12/2017

    Gina and Christine (The Vegan Honeybee) talk about their San Diego-based, vegan meal-prep service along with how Gina cured herself of a few small ailments by turning to a plant-based diet! Plus, somehow we started talking about Jon Venus and Nimai Delgado - WOOPS!

  • Episode 37 – Intentional Actions
    Episode 37 – Intentional Actions
    Duration: 52min | 20/12/2017

    Intentional Action Coach and speaker, Chris Kelly, talks about her dedication to helping others learn how to let go and gain confidence. And then... SQUIRREL! Random friend (and Episode 21 guest), Rick LeBeau of Rickaroons, happens to walk by so he treats us to some of his coconut energy bars (THEY'RE NOT COOKIES!). After Rick leaves, Chris and I get into a deep talk about my uncomfortability with showing emotions. Chris Kelly: Instagram: Website: Vegan Danielle: Website: Instagram: FaceBook:

  • 36: The Humane Society
    36: The Humane Society
    Duration: 54min | 04/12/2017

    Senior food policy director of The Humane Society of the United States, and author of "MeatLess: Transform the Way You Eat and Live - One Meal at a Time", Kristie Middleton, speaks about food, nutrition and saving animals! She has also completed her certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from T. Colin Campbell for Nutrition Studies.

  • 35: One Dope Vegan
    35: One Dope Vegan
    Duration: 31min | 30/11/2017

    "You eat vegans!" Tune in to find out what vegan personal trainer, Branden Williams was talking about when he said this! Also, Listen to how Branden turned his life from a negative to a positive as he shares his amazing transformation with us! Branden's Links: Self Made Training Facility: Instagram: Danielle's Links: Website: Instagram: FaceBook: Danielle's Links: Website: Instagram: FaceBook:

  • Episode 34 – A Doctor’s Opinion
    Episode 34 – A Doctor’s Opinion
    Duration: 57min | 27/11/2017

    Kaiser Permanente's Primary Care Physician, Dr. Raymond Berdugo, discusses his own journey into veganism as well as some of the many success stories he's personally witnessed after helping his patients switch to a whole food, plant-based diet! Dr. Raymond Berdugo (and related) Links: Blog Article: Positive Choice Integrative Wellness Center: KP Nutrition and Wellness Info: KP Plant Based Handout: KP 2013 Online Journal Article: Danielle's Links: Website: Instagram: FaceBook:

  • Episode 33 – Rookie Of The Year!
    Episode 33 – Rookie Of The Year!
    Duration: 54min | 24/11/2017

    American professional sports car and stock car driver, Andy Lally talks about his love for all things fast as well as the importance of being a fit VEGAN on and off the track. Andy's Links: FaceBook: Instagram: Website: http:// Danielle's Links: Website: Instagram: FaceBook:

  • Episode 32 – The Veg Foodie
    Episode 32 – The Veg Foodie
    Duration: 37min | 20/11/2017

    Food Critic and Instagrammer, Kelly Bone talks all about life as a food blogger! What goes into a review? What inspires her restaurant choice? How long does it take to write a review? All these questions and much more are answered in this episode! Kelly Bone: Instagram: Twitter: TheVegFoodie Blog: Vegan Danielle: Website: Instagram: FaceBook: For discounts on vegan superfoods or protein powders, visit and use coupon code VeganDanielle15 at checkout!

  • Episode 31 – Vegan On The Big Screen
    Episode 31 – Vegan On The Big Screen
    Duration: 01h03min | 16/11/2017

    Actor, Marley Ficalora talks about how life was different growing up without ever tasting meat to the challenges he faces today being vegan on the big screen. Marley Ficalora Links: Instagram: FaceBook: Vegan Danielle Links: Website: Instagram: FaceBook: For discounts on vegan superfoods or protein powders, visit and use coupon code VeganDanielle15 at checkout!

  • Episode 30 – The Vegan Option
    Episode 30 – The Vegan Option
    Duration: 49min | 13/11/2017

    16th Century Mock Meats? Buddhist Monks? Daoists and Jains? We get a full blown history lesson here! Guest Ian McD calls in from London and tells us all about the very early history of veganism! Ian McD Links: Website: http:// Instagram: FaceBook: SoundCloud: Vegan Danielle Links: Website: Instagram: FaceBook:

  • Episode 29 – Zuddha Organics
    Episode 29 – Zuddha Organics
    Duration: 39min | 06/11/2017

    Tyson Adams talks about the superiority of Zuddha Organic in comparisson to other coconut oil brands. Zuddha uses single-origin, organic premium Thai coconuts. Because they use cold pressing technology, the brand is certified RAW and always VEGAN! Tyson: Zuddha: Vegan Danielle: Website: Instagram: FaceBook:

  • Episode 28 – Soul In The Raw
    Episode 28 – Soul In The Raw
    Duration: 42min | 02/11/2017

    High-raw vegan and healthy foodist, Marina Yanay-Triner, talks about her vegan journey; from all of the amazing changes she personally experienced to making a strong connection with her body and learning to love herself again after having a very painful past with sexual assault. Just in time for the holidays, Marina talks about how to have a vegan-friendly Thanksgiving with your non-vegan family members. Soul In The Raw Links: Website: Instagram: soulintheraw Facebook: YouTube: Online Course: 4 Week Coaching Program: Vegan Danielle Links: Website: Instagram: FaceBook:

  • Episode 27 – Suburban Food Farming
    Episode 27 – Suburban Food Farming
    Duration: 51min | 30/10/2017

    When it comes to gardening (and everything related), rare fruit grower and professor, Ben Kotnik teaches us all about making the most of your home garden space! Plus... he does home gardening consultations! Ben's Links: Website: FaceBook: YouTube: Vegan Danielle Links: Website: Instagram: FaceBook: For discounts on vegan superfoods or protein powders, visit and use coupon code VeganDanielle15 at checkout!

  • Episode 26 – Vegan Life By Lauren
    Episode 26 – Vegan Life By Lauren
    Duration: 51min | 23/10/2017

    Lauren White first attempted to go vegetarian in 5th grade when she choked on a piece of steak! She's now a communications professor at Community Colleges in San Diego and talks to her students about the ways they can contribute to the welfare of animals. Vegan Danielle Links: Website: Instagram: FaceBook: Lauren White Links: Instagram:

  • Episode 25 – Bear Valley Organics
    Episode 25 – Bear Valley Organics
    Duration: 55min | 19/10/2017

    Registered Dietitian and farmer, Cora Ragaini and her boyfriend, Maxon Keaton talk about how they have come together and driven cross-country to create their new, all organic farm, Bear Valley Organics. Added bonus: they teach us how to keep critters away from organic gardens without causing any harm! Also, listen to hear about their upcoming farm event featuring The Vegan Honeybee! Bear Valley Organics Links: Website: Instagram: FaceBook: Vegan Danielle Links: Website: Instagram: FaceBook:

  • Episode 24 – Vegan Hate Crimes
    Episode 24 – Vegan Hate Crimes
    Duration: 39min | 16/10/2017

    David Brecht was assaulted with severe bodily injuries for having a "Go Vegan" bumper sticker on his car. David is also a Registered Nurse, and has been on disability for the injuries he sustained in the attack. Before this, he had purchased 10 acres of land to start an animal sanctuary and risks the chance of losing the land because if his decreased disability pay and inability to work. David's Links: Facebook: To donate to David's cause: Vegan Danielle Links: Website: Instagram: FaceBook:

  • Episode 23 – Jessica Waite: Plant Based, No Waste
    Episode 23 – Jessica Waite: Plant Based, No Waste
    Duration: 43min | 12/10/2017

    Long-time vegan, Jessica Waite discusses the positive side of owning a restaurant with her non-vegan husband; their restaurants offer full vegan and non-vegan menus. Jessica also discusses their newest project, "Plant Based, No Waste" that focuses on minimizing waste in restaurants. Oh! And have you ever heard of "banana peel tacos"? Yup! We talk about those too! Jessica Waite Links: Instagram: Facebook: Jessica and Davin's Restaurants (Vegan Options): Wrench and Rodent Seabasstropub: The Whet Noodle: Vegan Danielle Links: Website: Instagram: FaceBook:

  • Episode 22 – Marco Antonio Regil
    Episode 22 – Marco Antonio Regil
    Duration: 01h08min | 09/10/2017

    Marco Antonio Regil has established himself as one of the most popular and trusted personalities in the US Spanish-speaking market, Mexico and Latin America, with 33 years of experience on TV, Radio and as a public speaker. He has hosted a number of smash hit TV shows, including The Price Is Right, Family Feud, Minute To Win It and Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader. Regil is also a spokesperson for several high quality trusted brands, such as the Mexican and US Latino Telethon, and organizations like Children International, Greenpeace, PETA, Humane Society International, Animal Equality and Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine. Not only is he a legendary media personality, he is also a renowned speaker, an ambassador for healthy physical and emotional life styles, and a passionate advocate for children, women, immigrants and animals. He has 3.2 million followers on social media, making him an important and influential voice. Marco Antonio Regil is aware that he has a potentially valuable platform, en

  • Episode 21 – Rickaroons!
    Episode 21 – Rickaroons!
    Duration: 44min | 02/10/2017

    Join Vegan Danielle as she interviews Rick LeBeau, the creator of Rickaroons. Rick discusses his motive behind starting this all vegan company along with his future goals. You can find Rickaroons at many San Diego locations including farmer's markets, coffee houses, gas stations and more! To receive a special discount when ordering Rickaroons online, enter coupon code "vegan" at checkout! Rickaroons Links: Website: Instagram: Facebook: Vegan Danielle Links: Website: Instagram: FaceBook:

  • Episode 20 – Kentucky Fried Vegans
    Episode 20 – Kentucky Fried Vegans
    Duration: 52min | 25/09/2017

    This episode contains mildly explicit language. Vegan Danielle co-hosts the show with Kentucky boys and fellow podcasters, Travis and Pete, as they discuss their new journey into veganism. This episode was also recorded on FaceBook Live and includes interactions with followers. For more Travis and Pete, Click these: Vegan Danielle Links: Website: Instagram: FaceBook:

  • Episode 19 – DISL Automatic: Plant Based Bigness
    Episode 19 – DISL Automatic: Plant Based Bigness
    Duration: 01h10min | 18/09/2017

    We finally meet DISL Automatic! Not only is he the creator and producer of Vegan Danielle's intro music (an instrumental to the song "I'm a Vegan"), but he's also got an awesome story to tell! DISL was born and raised on the North Side of Chicago but currently lives in Montenegro (which is where he's calling from)! DISL started rapping when he was 13 years old which later lead him to receive major record label attention. One of those labels, The Legion, had already been working with some of Chicago's biggest, such as Kanye West, R. Kelly, Twista and many more. Many years later, DISL Automatic is using his gift and love for music in a positive way as he talks about activism, veganism and oppression around the world. DISL's Links: Website: YouTube: Instagram: Facebook: Vegan Danielle Links: Website: Instagram:

  • Episode 18 – Lindsay Ray: Sol-ti
    Episode 18 – Lindsay Ray: Sol-ti
    Duration: 39min | 11/09/2017

    Lindsay Ray talks about Sol-ti: A San Diego based company specializing glass-bottled juice! They've adopted a unique light filtration process that uses light rays to preserve their juices without pasteurizing it. For more infomation about Lindsay or Sol-ti, click the links below! Lindsay Ray: Instagram: FaceBook: Sol-ti: Instagram: FaceBook: Website:

  • Episode 17 – The Humane League
    Episode 17 – The Humane League
    Duration: 26min | 04/09/2017

    Beau Broughton talks about his vegan journey along with experience as the Humane League's Grassroots Director. Beau works with The Humane League and activists in San Diego to help minimize animal cruelty. The Humane League: Beau Broughton:

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