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  • Grand Opening Grand closing
    Grand Opening Grand closing
    Duration: 02h43min | 31/12/2019

    Top 5 Songs of the Decade, Less than 24 Hours for Rihanna to drop an album and Do-able New Year's Resolutions

  • What turns you off episode
    What turns you off episode
    Duration: 02h54min | 27/11/2019

    As always we discuss everything. we debate what makes one a homosexual, top 5 turn-offs, and all the goings on in the world. Press play and enjoy!

  • topvillians_1
    Duration: 02h35min | 22/11/2019

    topvillians_1 by Barbershop Banter

  • Topvillians
    Duration: 02h35min | 22/11/2019

    Back on our shit!!! I was stranded in Germany for a week (RAMSTEIN), but I'm back. Press play and listen to the latest and greatest. We name Top 5 villains and get into our fu**ery. Love and miss you guys!

  • Sidekicks
    Duration: 02h49min | 07/11/2019

    We Back people talking everything to sidekciks............ Shit gets crazy when Don and Bubbzz start talking about hair replacement shit. We are here, we talking everything form Apples to Zebras ................ Rate, harass, love, like and enjoy

  • trick or treat
    trick or treat
    Duration: 02h33min | 31/10/2019

    Sorry about last week, technical difficulties. We back on our bullie. We talk snacks and Kanye. The sweet and the bitter. we get into all the newest going on and recap some of the deleted episode. Press play and enjoy!!!!!

  • Top5dirtiestsongs
    Duration: 02h31min | 18/10/2019

    Same shit different banter.... We back with the top 5 dirtiest songs. We all have different ideas what that is so shit gets crazy... Also we talk about Cuba Gooding, DMX, Casanonva, Wale and the rock and roll hall of fame... WE ARE THE REAL BARBERSHOP BANTER NOT THAT OTHER SHIT WE FOUND...........................!

  • Hallpass_1
    Duration: 02h34min | 05/10/2019

    Listen people we are back with even more foolery..... what happens with 2 bottles of wine, 6 pack of IPA and Em with his 180OZ.... it might get crazy.................. Shout Out To the CO D'S for coming through ...........

  • Moviestheyshouldntmake
    Duration: 02h49min | 27/09/2019

    Same Shit different fuckery....... we talk about everything from movies they shouldn't remake to Lesile Jones vs DC young fly... who know how this shit comes about. we here, same bat time same bat channel ..................................

  • Blackout2
    Duration: 02h36min | 20/09/2019

    The shit hit the fan when the homie Blackout845 comes thru once again. We debate the top 5 most overated rappers.We Talk about the BET awards and the 845 Project that he is producing. We also talk about that 69 Sorry Nigga Im Trying To Come Home..... like, rate, argue, we in here..........

  • Top5sitcomcharacters_1
    Duration: 02h46min | 13/09/2019

    Wow.......... We here again talking top 5 sitcom characters, we talking everything form 9/11 to the NY jets Oh and dont forget abut that mono................ love is love, listen, rate , discuss, and banter with us .....

    Duration: 02h51min | 06/09/2019

    We had Austin Watts pull up this episode to release his new single: listen to our true opinion. We also discuss all the goings on in the world too. Press play and enjoy the episode. its an instant classic!

  • Kaboom in the building
    Kaboom in the building
    Duration: 02h37min | 29/08/2019

    From Hip-hop to roast sessions, we discuss the latest of this week's rotation. Jets, Cardi B, the Joe Budden phenomenon takes our episode by storm. We also touch base on last week's podcast introducing the latest and obnoxious Watermelon. Are you supporting the Popeye's Chicken Sandwich craze? Listen up! We got some shit to say.

  • Top5Videos
    Duration: 02h38min | 22/08/2019

    PEEEETTTTTTTY Bubbz is back, press play family. We just talked shit this episode. Top 5 videos of all time, lets debate!!!!!!

  • Top5DJs
    Duration: 02h39min | 01/08/2019

    We back people and bubbzz is saving us from area 52 so from time to time he calls in and shoot the shit. Shout to @845themixshow @djdoowyah_themixshow @jlynee_845themixshow for coming through and getting a fresh line up. We here people not going anywhere same banter tine, same banter channel. #barbeshopbanter #newzealand #podcast #hiphop #chancetherapper #goldroses

  • The NAS Episode
    The "NAS" Episode
    Duration: 02h56min | 25/07/2019

    We tried to do a deep dive into the one and only King of Queensbridge, but we failed. Press play and listen to our individual top 5 Nas songs. We hit all the latest and greatest in pop culture as always. This episode is dedicated to one of our favorite listeners and my family Nish. Sorry Nish!

  • Basketball, women and Ketchup
    Basketball, women and Ketchup
    Duration: 02h47min | 25/07/2019

    This week we are all over the place once again. We discuss the top duos in NBA history. The current state of the NBA and much More....Do you refrigerate your ketchup????

  • NBA, Ketchup, and women
    NBA, Ketchup, and women

    All over the place with this podcast. Press play and and enjoy

  • Chris Brown episode w/ audio Sorry
    Chris Brown episode w/ audio Sorry
    Duration: 02h43min | 04/07/2019

    Sorry for the empty post, we hired a new intern and he interned up!!!! This episode we discuss top 5 Chris Brown songs (his catalog is brazy). Don is back from hiatus and full of smoke, We have a guest from Hong Kong also joining us. Press play and enjoy.

  • TOP 5 Rappers 2003-present
    TOP 5 Rappers 2003-present
    Duration: 01h29min | 28/06/2019

    We hired an intern, and decided to let you guys meet him on this episode. We also discuss our top 5 Rappers, not including the GOATS. The stipulation being they had to debut after 2003. I hope you enjoy the episode.

  • Suck the Di** from the back
    Suck the Di** from the back
    Duration: 02h46min | 19/06/2019

    We back people with a few family members. We went sex, life , vacations and family on this episode.Petty Bubbz is a square apparently.

  • WorseSummer_1
    Duration: 01h29min | 15/06/2019

    We Back people talking about TYGA newest release. Also we talking about our top 5 things we hate about summer you will be surprised what is number 1. Listen and discuss all the usual non sense that goes on. We have Erin Boogie from In The Field radio chopping it up in her monthly spot................... WE AINT GOING NO WHERE

  • Jim Jones Summer 2019 Episode
    Jim Jones Summer 2019 Episode
    Duration: 02h41min | 07/06/2019

    Took a week off, we back on our bully tho. press play. We had one of our favorite guest's Scottie on, he pulled up from flight school. We discuss summertime vibes, EL Capo, and the everything you care about!

  • DJkhaled episode_1
    DJkhaled episode_1
    Duration: 01h11min | 24/05/2019

    Once again its ON................. we on our cant stop wont stop shit, top 5 remixes........... Oh and Peep the new LOGO. Like, review, rate, harass whatever YALL feel we are here aint going Know where.........................

  • BBQ Shit
    BBQ Shit
    Duration: 01h10min | 17/05/2019

    The Family is back.... first time in a long time we all here.. Shit falls back into the normal SHIT like we never left..... Come Pull up to CLIQUOPALOOZA the weekend of May 25 thru the 26................. ffollow us on instagram and the book to see where we at ...............

  • R And B Again 1 Audio 2 - St.L
    R And B Again 1 Audio 2 - St.L
    Duration: 02h30min | 10/05/2019

    We back people and we have a special guest..... An oldie and a goodie Ms Cocker is in the building discussing everything from Ms Curry to what Boro is better. It gets crazy facetime calls, laughs, walk outs and everything else you expect from the Banter Crew...................................

  • BadBoy4Life.L
    Duration: 02h34min | 03/05/2019

    We Back People talking about the Bad Boy era. We got the family Dell845 in the building. This Shit went crazy today talking about Hov B sides to the guy who got 2 twins pregnant we cover all the shit

  • Da Meltdown
    Da Meltdown
    Duration: 02h38min | 26/04/2019

    Bubbz goes crazy while the NFL draft is going on, plus we give you our top 5 NBA players in the game right now. A little something different NO GUEST........ Just DA TEAM in the da shop tonight

  • Banter Banter
    Banter Banter
    Duration: 02h33min | 19/04/2019

    We had the Homie Luck Davis come thru and chop it up about his new project "through the smoke" out on every streaming platforms. Also we had our sister from In the Field radio Erinboogie come through and listen to the shits... WE AINT GOING NO WHERE ...... listen and subscribe

  • Sneaker Head Episode.L
    Sneaker Head Episode.L
    Duration: 02h48min | 12/04/2019

    Sneaker Head episode turned to hip hop, politics, and sport. When we we thought we were intentionally avoiding the most import topic in the world; We discussed King Nipsey. The Marathon continues!!!!!!! Press play

  • Surviving Cardi?
    Surviving Cardi?
    Duration: 01h24min | 29/03/2019

    We discussing double standards, hip hop, sports and everything else that moves the soul. Press play and debate top 5 women anthems that move the club.

  • Agelikewine 1.L
    Agelikewine 1.L
    Duration: 01h20min | 23/03/2019

    We Back another week of the usual talk that yall want to hear. This week the top 5 is females that aged like wine. Don't worry we will get to those sour women too..... hit us up for topic suggestions or if you just want to come through......

  • Womens History Month Kickoff Episode
    Women's History Month Kickoff Episode
    Duration: 02h36min | 15/03/2019

    We love women at Barbershop Banter, so we wanted to start Women's history month paying homage to the ladies. Press play and enjoy

  • THE NOTORIOUS B I G episode
    THE NOTORIOUS B I G episode
    Duration: 02h37min | 08/03/2019

    IN HONOR OF BIGGIE SMALLS WE WANTED TO DISCUSS HIS TOP 5 SONGS and all the goings on in the world. we discussed the Khardashian's, R. Kelly and MJ. It's a must listen, I promise. Bubbz was wil'n this week. we apologize ahead of time

  • StayWokeepisode
    Duration: 02h31min | 01/03/2019

    We back people.... We told you we aint going know where. Where here discussing the top 5 hip hop fashion brands ever. We also have the fashion designer Delly. Check out his website for his "stay woke" clothing. His Instagram is @delly_845. website for his clothing is .... Let us know what you think follow us on instagram @Barberhshopbanterofficial on instagram let us know what you think.....

  • When E-Boogie Saves The Day
    When E-Boogie Saves The Day
    Duration: 01h11min | 22/02/2019

    Erin Boggie does dope shit. Bubz leaves Em behind for a more exciting lifestyle. #bff

    Duration: 01h27min | 17/02/2019

    We have Don on episode this week as we discuss top 5 drug dealers in movies and all the goings on since we last recorded. i was on hiatus because of work, but i was too excited to be back. press play, subscribe enjoy and listen.

  • The Mary J Episode
    The Mary J Episode
    Duration: 01h29min | 17/01/2019

    We discuss the queen and Bubbz daughter pulls up.

  • Mute R Kelly
    Mute R Kelly
    Duration: 58min | 11/01/2019

    We had to let the jokes go this week and drive home the point.Legend to tragedy!!!!!!!

  • Shammys
    Duration: 57min | 04/01/2019

    Shammys by Barbershop Banter

  • YearEndwrapup
    Duration: 02h13min | 28/12/2018

    Highbridge to Harvard

  • 2018- **The Top 5 Worst Year!**
    2018- **The Top 5 Worst Year!**
    Duration: 02h52min | 21/12/2018

    In this episode the gang discusses who had the worst year this year!

  • Wheres Petty?!
    Where's Petty?!
    Duration: 01h05min | 13/12/2018

    In this episode Em is abandoned by Petty and joined by Bumps and Jackie Dope to discuss top 5 rnb artists of 2018!

  • Destination Shit
    Destination Shit
    Duration: 01h06min | 30/11/2018

    Weeeee Back. Nothing to talk about, but we needed to touch the people. Thanks for the love, press play!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ode to the Latin Rappers
    Ode to the Latin Rappers
    Duration: 52min | 12/11/2018

    this episode we are joined by CANS an artist who has traveled the world. Other than top 5 Latin Rappers we just hit many tangents and had a good time. press play and feel free to DM all comments, critiques and hate!

  • bodega chronicles part 2
    bodega chronicles part 2
    Duration: 37min | 12/11/2018

    Press play part 2, we aren't done yet!!! shout out to Lad D our guest who caused all this commotion

  • BodegaChronicles part 1
    BodegaChronicles part 1
    Duration: 59min | 12/11/2018

    Em and I messed up engineering once again, you guys should be used to it by now. Long overdue this episode is coming out of the tuck. its part 1 and then press play for part two. Hope you guys enjoy

  • The Literally episode!
    The Literally episode!
    Duration: 01h10min | 03/10/2018

    In this episode we discuss the top trilogies of all time!

    Duration: 02h32min | 20/09/2018

    This week we are discussing beef/smoke and all the issues entertainers are having in the industry. Bumps Hollywood and Ada join the debate as we rank top 5 diss tracks. Press play and enjoy the banter!

  • Meet Blakout
    Meet Blakout
    Duration: 02h03min | 07/09/2018

    While Ms. Coker is enjoying Vegas Em and I sat down with BLACOUT and heard his story. We discuss the ups and downs in his career, sports, music, fatherhood and everything in between. hope you guys enjoy!!! at the completion of podcast stay tuned for his latest single as well. hit the comments Petty_Bubbz on insta with your opinions on the track

  • Bars and films
    Bars and films
    Duration: 01h25min | 28/08/2018

    this episode we discuss multi-talented STARS. Catch them in the booth or the big screen and you will not be disappointed. Much like us!! Press play and enjoy the BANTER

  • BarbershopSummer
    Duration: 02h39min | 22/08/2018

    BarbershopSummer by Barbershop Banter

  • The Making Love Episode
    The Making Love Episode
    Duration: 01h20min | 10/08/2018

    The Making Love Episode by Barbershop Banter

  • The Welcome Back Episode!
    The Welcome Back Episode!
    Duration: 01h21min | 31/07/2018

    Bumps is Back in the building! The banter is back after a brief break to discuss top 5 albums of 2018 so far and several other random topics! Welcome back!

  • 713 Episode (Audio)
    713 Episode (Audio)
    Duration: 02h50min | 25/06/2018

    713 Episode (Audio) by Barbershop Banter

  • Baddies
    Duration: 01h12min | 22/06/2018

    The team is back to discuss the goings on in the world this week. We are once again joined by Ms. Torres.This week we discuss Certified Barbershop Banter Baddies!!!!! I apologize to J LO because you should have made the list.

  • Carl Thomas
    Carl Thomas
    Duration: 01h02min | 31/05/2018

    Drake Vs. King Push.... Podcast beef?!?!?

  • The Shit Is Shambles Episode
    The Shit Is Shambles Episode
    Duration: 01h15min | 23/05/2018

    In a nutshell, this episode is in shambles... ENJOY!

  • The 845 Mixshow Episode
    The 845 Mixshow Episode
    Duration: 01h27min | 19/05/2018

    The 845 Mixshow Episode by Barbershop Banter

  • High Bridge Homie Episode
    High Bridge Homie Episode
    Duration: 01h13min | 08/05/2018

    High Bridge Homie Episode by Barbershop Banter

  • Harlem World
    Harlem World
    Duration: 46min | 24/04/2018

    Harlem World by Barbershop Banter

  • Barbershop Banter 4-12-18....Back From Vacation
    Barbershop Banter 4-12-18....Back From Vacation
    Duration: 54min | 14/04/2018

    Barbershop Banter 4-12-18....Back From Vacation by Barbershop Banter

  • Florida Episode
    Florida Episode
    Duration: 01h17min | 07/03/2018

    Florida Episode by Barbershop Banter

  • Cereal and temple run
    Cereal and temple run
    Duration: 01h12min | 30/01/2018

    Your boys are back with some females in the room. We discuss Grammys, politics and our usual commentary

  • *Better Late Than Never!* Season 2 Premier
    *Better Late Than Never!* Season 2 Premier
    Duration: 01h04min | 26/01/2018

    Welcome Back to the shop! Season 2 kicks off with Petty, Em and Bumps discussing sex dolls and the top 5 songs to smash them to!

  • **The Weekend Morning, Clean The Sh*t Outta Your Brib Playlist Episode**
    **The Weekend Morning, Clean The Sh*t Outta Your Brib Playlist Episode**
    Duration: 01h14min | 14/11/2017

    Back from hiatus, the gang discusses their top songs/albums/genres they play when they are cleaning on the weekend! Several other topics are rattled off by Em and debated intensely! Welcome back to the shop!

  • *The Weak Dick and Prison Visit Episode*
    *The Weak Dick and Prison Visit Episode*
    Duration: 01h24min | 17/10/2017

    The Top 5 Biopics are discussed in this episode!

  • The C.R.E.A.M Episode
    The C.R.E.A.M Episode
    Duration: 01h22min | 10/10/2017

    In this episode, Ms. Cokerr is back! Join the gang as they debate the top 5 junk foods of all time!

  • *The Lost Tapes* The Cartoon Episode
    *The Lost Tapes* The Cartoon Episode
    Duration: 01h11min | 07/10/2017

    In this episode the gang debate the top 5 cartoons of all time!

  • *The West Coast Episode*
    *The West Coast Episode*
    Duration: 01h15min | 26/09/2017

    In this episode the gang is joined by Ms Rebecca to discuss the top rappers from the west coast, anthem protests and Carmello Anthony. Welcome back to the shop!

  • The Stay Woke Episode
    The Stay Woke Episode
    Duration: 01h15min | 20/09/2017

    In this episode, Ms. Cokerr rejoins the gang as they explore some of the most controversial conspiracy theories known to man....and the top 5 television theme songs of all time! Stay Woke!

  • Episode 18 *The Down South Episode*
    Episode 18 *The Down South Episode*
    Duration: 01h15min | 08/09/2017

    In this episode the gang is joined by Ms. Cockerr to discuss the top 5 rappers from the south!

  • Episode 5 (2.0) * The Jig Nice Episode*
    Episode 5 (2.0) * The Jig Nice Episode*
    Duration: 01h28min | 31/08/2017

    This week's episode is a throwback in honor of #TBT, to episode 5 where Jig Nice pulled up and chopped it up int he barbershop! Enjoy!

  • Episode 17 *The Hov Episode*
    Episode 17 *The Hov Episode*
    Duration: 01h07min | 22/08/2017

    In this episode, the gang is going by Jaime Stylist and Jozzy to discuss the top 5 Jay Z albums of all time and much more!

  • Episode 16 *The Talk Shows Episode*
    Episode 16 *The Talk Shows Episode*
    Duration: 01h16min | 15/08/2017

    In this episode the gang discusses the top 5 talk shows of all time, racism, and much more!

  • Episode 15! *The Scandalous Episode*
    Episode 15! *The Scandalous Episode*
    Duration: 02h39min | 08/08/2017

    In this episode the guys discuss the top 5 scandals in hiphop/r&b history!

  • Episode 14! *The Top 5 Cable Shows Episode*
    Episode 14! *The Top 5 Cable Shows Episode*
    Duration: 02h51min | 01/08/2017

    In this episode the gang discusses the Top 5 cable shows of all time, transgenders in the military and much more! Welcome to the shop!

  • Episode 13! *The J-Hoe Episode*
    Episode 13! *The J-Hoe Episode*
    Duration: 02h52min | 26/07/2017

    In this episode, the gang discuss the Top 5 Hip Hop groups of all time, identify: what makes a woman a hoe, and go on several other tangents! Welcome Back to the shop!

  • Episode 12 *The Fuxkin Scotty Episode*
    Episode 12 *The Fuxkin Scotty Episode*
    Duration: 02h55min | 18/07/2017

    In this episode Scotty falls through to give us financial tips and the gang discusses the top 5 Sports movies of all time.Welcome to the shop!

  • Episode 11! *The RomCom Episode!*
    Episode 11! *The RomCom Episode!*
    Duration: 02h37min | 13/07/2017

    In this episode Em guzzles 100 oz. of beer....... The gang also debates the top Romantic Comedies and various other tirades and tangents! Welcome to the shop!

  • Episode 8! *Politics as Usual*
    Episode 8! *Politics as Usual*
    Duration: 01h23min | 23/06/2017

    In this episode, 3 men sit in a basement and discuss the best hip hop love songs! Also, the gang pay homage to a hip hop icon: Prodigy of Mobb Deep. Welcome back to the shop! *DISCLAIMER* Listening to portions of this episode may result in the Men In Black appearing at your door and wiping out your memory with a red beam! You have been warned!