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  • Live-Writing | bohrdom. episode 018

    "Live-Writing" | bohrdom. episode 018

    15/05/2018 Duration: 01h34min

    Bogans and Niq quickly discuss "slavery is a choice" topic, Childish Gambino's new video, and other stories of the week! Music by R. Locko. Enjoy!

  • Wake Up Mr. West! | bohrdom. episode 17

    "Wake Up Mr. West!" | bohrdom. episode 17

    08/05/2018 Duration: 49min

    Niq and Bogans bring Sheila back to discuss all things Kanye related, with a touch of Cole and Local VA scene talk. Music by Tonee Novaa. Enjoy!

  • A Group Effort | bohrdom. episode 016

    "A Group Effort" | bohrdom. episode 016

    23/04/2018 Duration: 01h11min

    Niq is joined by ConFromThe703 and OMARtheGroove to discuss their upcoming projects along with NewTypeJosh, Vesta, Gxldie, and Sheila things go off the rails but hey, its cool right? Music by ConFromThe703 feat. OMARtheGroove. Enjoy!

  • SoundCloud Country Artist | bohrdom. episode 015

    "SoundCloud Country Artist" | bohrdom. episode 015

    16/04/2018 Duration: 01h49min

    Niq, Bogans, and Geronimo discuss the tipping point for great artists, the feud between Cardi and Nicki, and the cloud surrounding Kane Brown and why no other genre is discussed like hip-hop is. Music by Geronimo.

  • Frontin | bohrdom. episode 014

    "Frontin'" | bohrdom. episode 014

    09/04/2018 Duration: 01h24min

    Bogans and Niq talk Conor McGregor, subtle racism in advertising, some football, and the usual; whatever comes up! Music by Ceo. Enjoy!

  • Role Models | bohrdom. episode 013

    "Role Models" | bohrdom. episode 013

    04/04/2018 Duration: 01h32min

    Niq and Bogans introduce Key to the show where we discuss Lucas The Spider, Cardi B, Role Models, Drake vs Meek, and much more! Music by Simba. Enjoy!

  • Plug-a-holics | bohrdom. episode 012

    "Plug-a-holics" | bohrdom. episode 012

    02/04/2018 Duration: 01h04min

    Bogans, Con, and Niq have back DarkCaliSwag of BombBeats Productions directly after Episode 011 to touch on the subjects of this generations Michael Jackson, Stranger Things 2, 6ix9ine, and more. Enjoy!

  • You Tryna Quit... Walk | m(art)ch madness | bohrdom. episode 011

    "You Tryna Quit... Walk" | m(art)ch madness | bohrdom. episode 011

    25/03/2018 Duration: 02h38min

    Niq, Con, and Bogans are joined by JBrooks, LB, and DarkCaliSwag to debate the M(art)ch Madness bracket we released. I personally think the Final Four will surprise you. Idk! Find out!!

  • Dumpster Dive for Natty Ice | bohrdom. episode 010

    "Dumpster Dive for Natty Ice" | bohrdom. episode 010

    19/03/2018 Duration: 01h41min

    Immediately after the postponement of the upcoming showcase Lovelace Magazine was putting on, Niq, Con, and Bogans discuss bad business, the disrespect among the community, as well as the Katy Perry debacle, Fortnite, the bracket we put out, and more. Enjoy!

  • No More Flutes | bohrdom. episode 009

    "No More Flutes" | bohrdom. episode 009

    12/03/2018 Duration: 02h11min

    Bogans, Con, and Niq talk all things beefs an battles; Joyner vs Logic, Xan vs. Pac, Bruno Mars vs...appropriation, all the female wrestlers in NOVA, Alexa vs proper times to laugh as a machine in the world, and most of all, Bogans vs Flutes. Enjoy!

  • All of the Lights | bohrdom. episode 008

    "All of the Lights" | bohrdom. episode 008

    05/03/2018 Duration: 01h35min

    Bogans, Con, and Niq all talk about Atlanta, NCAA, and the Mo'Nique situation. You also get to hear all about me and Con's long trip to DC... Enjoy!

  • Chameleon Black | bohrdom. episode 007

    "Chameleon Black" | bohrdom. episode 007

    26/02/2018 Duration: 01h59min

    Vesta joins Niq, Con, and Bogans to pick up where we left off with our abortion topic, as well to talk about Fergie's anthem, our favorite actors, weird dating experiences, and whatever Vesta brings up!

  • Heavy Hearted | bohrdom. episode 006

    "Heavy Hearted" | bohrdom. episode 006

    19/02/2018 Duration: 01h47min

    Bogans returns to help Niq and Con break down the Top 5 Debut albums of the last 5 years, as well take on the heavy topics of school shootings and abortions. Music by Rozwell Fitzroy.

  •  #FreeMeekMill  | bohrdom. episode 005

    " #FreeMeekMill " | bohrdom. episode 005

    12/02/2018 Duration: 01h32min

    Con and Niq answer all the pressing questions: Where's Bogans? Did SZA get snubbed? Should they Free Meek? How is the current Virginia Hip-hop scene? What do we watch on Netflix? Where tf is Bogans?!

  • I Wanna Argue | bohrdom. episode 004

    "I Wanna Argue" | bohrdom. episode 004

    22/01/2018 Duration: 01h42min

    Con, Bogans, and Niq talk everything from BoJack, to the Eagles, to Jermaine Dupri, to 50 vs Ja Rule, and ... you know what we discuss alot alright? lets just go from there. tune in.

  • CONventional Payment | bohrdom. episode 003

    "CONventional Payment" | bohrdom. episode 003

    15/01/2018 Duration: 02h15min

    Bogans, Con, and Niq all talk about the NFL Playoffs, Producers getting paid, Campaigns being approved, Presidents being demented, and all things bohrdom related. Enjoy!

  • Crisp Transitions | bohrdom. episode 002

    "Crisp Transitions" | bohrdom. episode 002

    08/01/2018 Duration: 01h33min

    Bogans, Niq, and Con have been working on their subject transitions. Discussing all things festivals, comedy specials, music influences, and more!

  • Normal As Fuck | bohrdom. episode 001

    "Normal As Fuck" | bohrdom. episode 001

    01/01/2018 Duration: 01h49min

    We start the first episode of 'bohrdom.' with a shouting match, snow, drake vs Migos, Destiny beef, and according to Bogans, everything is Normal as fuck.

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