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  • Popcorn Balls. | bohrdom. episode 075
    "Popcorn Balls." | bohrdom. episode 075
    Duration: 01h05min | 08/11/2019

    Rec. 11.2.19 | Niq and Zac down with Black Renaissance Entertainment members Father Harri$ and Tonee Novaa to discuss their beginnings, their future endeavors, and whether or not Popcorn Balls should be handed out to children at Halloween or not. Music by Father Harri$. ENjoy!

  • Apple Event. | bohrdom. episode 074
    "Apple Event." | bohrdom. episode 074
    Duration: 01h06min | 20/10/2019

    Rec. 10.16.19 | Niq is joined by our new co-host, Zac, to discuss the future of both the podcast and Lovelace Network. As well as we get to know Zac! ENjoy!

  • Better Than Diggy | bohrdom. episode 073
    "Better Than Diggy" | bohrdom. episode 073
    Duration: 01h19min | 08/07/2019

    Rec. 7.6.19 | Niq and Bogans talk about their new football show, some basketball and football talk, Jaden's new ERYS project, Halle Bailey playing Little Mermaid, Lil Nas X going Diamond?, The Dreamville project, and more! Music by JackTP. ENjoy!

  • Legacy Music | bohrdom. episode 072
    "Legacy Music" | bohrdom. episode 072
    Duration: 01h25min | 02/07/2019

    Rec. 6.30.19 | Niq and Bogans talk about all the music coming out: new ones like Chris Brown's Indigo, and old one's like Chance's 10Day and Acid Rap. We also discussed Ed Sheeran's hip-hop heavy tracklist and whether or not there's a difference between pop stars and vultures. We discussed the bdot tweet saying 4:44 is the most important hiphop album of the last 5 years, and so much more! Music by Noo$e! ENjoy!

  • Salute (or Not) | bohrdom. episode 071
    "Salute (or Not)" | bohrdom. episode 071
    Duration: 01h17min | 24/06/2019

    Rec. 6.23.19 | Niq and Bogans recap Goin Diamond, Niq addresses some things surrounding his other show 'Tough Talk', they talk XXL Freshmen, loot boxes in video games, and much more! Music by Father Harri$! ENjoy!

  • Same Day Delivery | bohrdom. episode 070
    "Same Day Delivery" | bohrdom. episode 070
    Duration: 01h14s | 24/06/2019

    Rec. 6.15.19 | Niq and Bogans talk everything from The new Apple products, New Drake 2-pack, Instagram and Twitter's dominance, OJ on Twitter, and much more! Music by Blake G! ENjoy!

  • Stadia Status | bohrdom. episode 069
    "Stadia Status" | bohrdom. episode 069
    Duration: 01h10min | 18/06/2019

    Rec. 6.9.19 | Niq and Bogans talk about the future of gaming with the announcement of Google Stadia, as well as what looks to be the future of terrible CGI with Sonic. Much more topics as well! Music by Wombo Combo! ENjoy!

  • I Think... Nah | bohrdom. episode 068
    "I Think... Nah" | bohrdom. episode 068
    Duration: 01h11min | 16/06/2019

    Rec. 5.25.19 | Niq, Bogans, and Jeff discuss energy, patterns, YG, DJ Khaled, and the new Batman, along with so much more! Music by Ari Lennox. ENjoy!

  • The 9GN Episode | bohrdom. episode 067
    "The 9GN Episode" | bohrdom. episode 067
    Duration: 01h06min | 20/05/2019

    Rec. 5.19.19 | Con takesover the podcast to interview rap trio, 9GN, aka 90Wyse, No Face, and Geronimo. They talk all things NoVa, No Face's Olumide collaboration, the good and bads of the NoVa scene, and more! Music by Keynote Illidge! ENjoy!

  • Poddin on the Low | bohrdom. episode 066
    "Poddin' on the Low" | bohrdom. episode 066
    Duration: 47min | 16/05/2019

    Rec. 5.11.2019 | Niq, Con, and Sheila, are joined by Chantelle, and KingKolTrane to discuss Ayesha Curry's recent remarks about wanting outside male attention, as well as we go into Steve Harvey's comments about "Rich People Don't Sleep" plus more! Music by Matt Maeson. ENjoy!

  • Spoiler Alert | bohrdom. episode 065
    "Spoiler Alert" | bohrdom. episode 065
    Duration: 01h03min | 13/05/2019

    *SPOILER ALERT*: Between timestamps 22:52 and 44:42 we giveaway "Avengers: Endgame" spoilers. If you don't wanna hear about the movie, please skip that part of the podcast. Otherwise, ENjoy the show! | Rec. 5.5.19 | Niq, Con, Bogans, and Sheila discuss the movie game, with Avengers bringing in 1.2Billion opening weekend, is the monopoly age of Streaming long away? Also, we discuss Avengers, Niq's birthday, Brocoli City, SITW, and more! Music by Reece! ENjoy!

  • Bill Kapri | bohrdom. episode 064
    "Bill Kapri" | bohrdom. episode 064
    Duration: 48min | 22/04/2019

    Rec. 4.20.19 | Niq, Con, Bogans, and Sheila break down why white people are the ultimate scammers, Kodak Black's real name, we recap Fool's Gold, and more! Music by ConFromThe703! ENjoy!

  • Get What You Paid For | bohrdom. episode 063
    "Get What You Paid For" | bohrdom. episode 063
    Duration: 01h02min | 17/04/2019

    Rec. 4.13.19 | Niq, Con, and Sheila are joined by KingKoltrane to discuss the recent GGBro Super Smash Bros Event, our recent WrestleMania party, our upcoming Fools Gold event, Adidas vs Nike is our main topic, and we jump into how some local artists "network". Music by Jalfred. ENjoy!

  • Sheilas iPad | bohrdom. episode 062
    "Sheila's iPad" | bohrdom. episode 062
    Duration: 50min | 16/04/2019

    Rec. 4.6.19 | Niq Con and Sheila sit down to discuss all the ways hard-working artists get held up by outside entities such as videographers, engineers, and even other artists. OMARtheGroove comes in later to discuss his own endeavors. Music by Lil Naro. ENjoy!

  • Nah w/ Keynote  G-Salih | bohrdom. episode 061
    "Nah" w/ Keynote & G-Salih | bohrdom. episode 061
    Duration: 01h11min | 04/04/2019

    Rec. 3.29.19 | Niq and KingKolTrane took a trip to the Valley to visit Keynote and G-Salih to talk about inspirations, exclusive music, our music upbringings, the area, and more! Music by Keynote and G-Salih! ENjoy!

  • I Wish Jeff Were Here | bohrdom. ep. 060
    "I Wish Jeff Were Here" | bohrdom. ep. 060
    Duration: 57min | 01/04/2019

    Rec. 3.31.19 | Niq, Con, and Bogans debate their superhero brackets pinning together Spider-Man and Daredevil, Hulk vs Thor, Batman vs Superman, and more! Our episode ended abruptly when Rapper Nipsey Hussle passed away during recording. #RIPNipseyHussle . Music by Flowz. ENjoy!

  • Wheres Your Moment At? | bohrdom. episode 059
    "Where's Your Moment At?" | bohrdom. episode 059
    Duration: 01h01min | 25/03/2019

    Rec. 3.24.19 | Niq, Con, and Bogans are joined by NewTypeJosh and DJ Wonton are breaking down our Hip-Hop March Madness bracket. J.Cole vs. Isaiah Rashad?? Cardi v Wale?? Drake vs Pusha T?? Our final four came out to Kendrick Lamar, Pusha T, Kanye West, and Young Thug with Kendrick Lamar winning the whole thing. Our bracket submission winner is @justinhisprime on IG. Music by Dii feat. Gxldie and XY Only. ENjoy!

  • Inkblots w/ No Face, Rapper | bohrdom. episode 058
    "Inkblots" w/ No Face, Rapper | bohrdom. episode 058
    Duration: 49min | 21/03/2019

    Rec. 3.6.19 | Niq went to visit No Face to discuss his recent show at The Fillmore, his inspirations, 9GN, and his upcoming project. Music by No Face, Rapper. ENjoy!

  • ProFromThe703 | bohrdom. episode 057
    "ProFromThe703" | bohrdom. episode 057
    Duration: 57min | 19/03/2019

    Rec 3.17.19 | Niq, Con, Sheila, and KingKolTrane go over the Pro's and Con's of releasing projects/songs/content so close together, in the wake of Anderson .Paak's announcement of his new album. We also talk Marvel, our future shows, and we recap Ides of March. Music by Buto. ENjoy!

  • The Fall w/ Geronimo | bohrdom. episode 056
    "The Fall" w/ Geronimo | bohrdom. episode 056
    Duration: 01h24min | 15/03/2019

    Rec. 3.5.19 | This is part 2 of Episode 054, Niq interviewed Geronimo and we discussed the scene in Nova and Lovelace things. It's almost as if Geronimo is interviewing Niq. Music by Geronimo. ENjoy!

  • No Order | bohrdom. episode 055
    "No Order" | bohrdom. episode 055
    Duration: 49min | 12/03/2019

    Rec. Mar 11 2019 Niq, Bogans, and Con, are joined by Vesta, DJ Wonton, OMARtheGroove, NewTypeJosh, and Sheila to talk about whether or not when these festivals come to town if they should shine a light on local talent. We also take a bit of time to discuss these opinionated lists that have come up in our scene. Music by Wombo Combo. ENjoy!

  • Doormat w/ Geronimo | bohrdom. episode 054
    "Doormat" w/ Geronimo | bohrdom. episode 054
    Duration: 01h14min | 07/03/2019

    Rec. 3.5.19 Niq went to visit Geronimo to discuss our inspirations, success, Eminem, case studies, and if Sway and Zane Lowe are doormats. Music by Geronimo. ENjoy! [This is also Part 1 of a 2-part interview]

  • Key.I. | bohrdom. episode 053
    "Key.I." | bohrdom. episode 053
    Duration: 38min | 04/03/2019

    The bohrdom. crew (Niq, Con, and Bogans) with some help from KingKoltrane all discuss the differences of trap music. Who is trap, what is trap, and we give our top 5 trap rappers. Music by Smokewithhutch. ENjoy!

  • I Should Just w/ Ceo | bohrdom. episode 052
    "I Should Just" w/ Ceo | bohrdom. episode 052
    Duration: 02h41min | 28/02/2019

    Niq Bohr has (hypocritically) returned to interviewing. bohrdom. will be doing interviews every Thursday, beginning this week with Ceo. Niq visited Ceo in his Mechanicsville studio to discuss his new project (This is a Cry for Help), his production, astrology, sobriety, and more! Music by Ceo! ENjoy!

  • Moscato  Shrimp Tacos | bohrdom. episode 051
    "Moscato & Shrimp Tacos" | bohrdom. episode 051
    Duration: 01h02min | 25/02/2019

    Niq, Con, and Bogans record from Red's Basement to touch on R. Kelly, Robert Kraft, Prostitution, and more as we get served some shrimp tacos and moscato! Music by DanVHefner! ENjoy!

  • Its Okay To Lie | bohrdom. episode 050
    "It's Okay To Lie" | bohrdom. episode 050
    Duration: 01h03min | 20/02/2019

    Niq and Bogans catch you up on everything that's been going on with Virginia and its black-face government, as well as Pusha T news, 21 Savage, YNW Melly, The Grammys, the NFL/Kaepernick situation, as well as we go through the career of A$AP Rocky! Music by Ceo. ENjoy!

  • Im Too Vibed | bohrdom. episode 049
    "I'm Too Vibed" | bohrdom. episode 049
    Duration: 01h14min | 06/02/2019

    Niq, Bogans, and Con, brought on Sheila, Red, and Gxldie to discuss a new Abortion Law being presented in Virginia. As well as we cover Young Dolph, Tekashi, J. Cole, Migo Arias, Bow Wow, a VA Governor wearing Blackface, and more! Music by Wombo Combo. ENjoy!

  • 4th Wall | bohrdom. episode 048
    "4th Wall" | bohrdom. episode 048
    Duration: 01h03min | 21/01/2019

    Niq, Bogans, and Con do our first episode in Jirani Coffeehouse in Manassas, VA to discuss the most-liked egg, Verizon Fios, Uzi Vert quitting, A Boogie album sales, and much more! Music by ConFromThe703. ENjoy!

  • Transition Bear | bohrdom. episode 047
    "Transition Bear" | bohrdom. episode 047
    Duration: 01h06min | 14/01/2019

    Niq, Con, and Bogans, are joined by Sheila to discuss Cancel Culture, bringing back old tweets, Kevin Hart and the Oscars, and more! Music by KingKolTrane. ENjoy!

  • Lyrical Assassin | bohrdom. episode 046
    "Lyrical Assassin" | bohrdom. episode 046
    Duration: 02h35min | 07/01/2019

    Niq, Bogans, and Con return with Sheila to go in-depth on the Surviving R. Kelly series, its impact on social media, separating artist from art, as well as what to do when approached by a rapper who wants to freestyle. Music by NewTypeJosh. ENjoy!

  • Out of the Basement | bohrdom. episode 045
    "Out of the Basement" | bohrdom. episode 045
    Duration: 02h36min | 24/12/2018

    Niq, Con, and Bogans are joined by Sheila for the final episode of bohrdom. [at least for now]. We took this time to recap the things we've done as a brand and a podcast, reminiscing on old times, and also discussed previous shows, the NoVa scene, playlists being the new radio spin, and more. Music by Lou Burna. Happy Holidays and we'll see you guys at the coffeehouse! ENjoy!

  • Snow Bunny | bohrdom. episode 044
    "Snow Bunny" | bohrdom. episode 044
    Duration: 01h04min | 10/12/2018

    Niq and Bogans talk about the rabbit in the room... the latest in Bogans' onesies. As well Kevin Hart, Grammy Noms, Kareem Hunt, XXXTentacion, and more! Music by Migo Arias. ENjoy!

  • In Parentheses | bohrdom. episode 043
    "In Parentheses" | bohrdom. episode 043
    Duration: 01h03min | 03/12/2018

    Niq and Con are joined by KingKolTrane, Sheila, XYOnly, Flowz, DJ Wonton and more to discuss Infleunce vs Recognition, The Va Scene in the past 2-3 years, New music from Meek Mill, JID, Ski Mask, The 11 minute long Em freestyle, and of course after last week's episode where Con had some choice words for his fellow NoVa counterparts, one of them didn't take lightly and dissed him. Music by Fury MCs. ENjoy!

  • Uninterested | bohrdom. episode 042
    "Uninterested" | bohrdom. episode 042
    Duration: 01h12min | 26/11/2018

    Niq, Bogans, and Con are joined by Sheila and NewTypeJosh to talk about Romaine Lettuce, our troubles with Spotify, Con calls out Northern Virginia rappers dropping in December, Josh gives his Top 3 albums of 2018, and more! Music by Keynote and DJ Wonton. ENjoy!

  • Sir, We Run Ads | bohrdom. episode 041
    "Sir, We Run Ads" | bohrdom. episode 041
    Duration: 01h14min | 21/11/2018

    Niq and Bogans discuss Amazon and Facebook, the Passing of Stan Lee, Bill Maher's thoughts, new music, and other things! Music by Pvvli! ENjoy!

  • Mustard Dreads | bohrdom. episode 040
    "Mustard Dreads" | bohrdom. episode 040
    Duration: 01h09min | 13/11/2018

    Niq, Con, and Bogans are joined by Sheila and KingKolTrane to celebrate 40 episodes of bohrdom. We also discuss comments from our last episode, Dolph, Red Dead Redemption, Amazon, and so much more. Music by $inbad. ENjoy!

  • Brat | bohrdom. episode 039
    "Brat" | bohrdom. episode 039
    Duration: 01h15min | 05/11/2018

    Niq, Con, and Bogans talk about all the new music that dropped including Metro, Swizz, Curren$y, TakeOff, and more. Also, KingKolTrane drops by and we talk about FunkFlex, Desiigner, Nicki vs Cardi, and much more! Music by Dii (The Coupe). ENjoy!

  • PegaCorn | bohrdom. episode 038
    "PegaCorn" | bohrdom. episode 038
    Duration: 01h12min | 29/10/2018

    Niq, Bogans, and Con talk the recent Northern Virginia showcases, people changing in relationships, Red Dead Redemption and other gaming, MihTy, and more! Music by Geronimo! ENjoy!

  • Lets Do a Part II | bohrdom. episode 037
    "Let's Do a Part II" | bohrdom. episode 037
    Duration: 01h08min | 25/10/2018

    Niq and Bogans bring Sheila and KingKolTrane back to talk about the Sicko Mode video, Kanye (again), and we get a little political.. Go vote btw! Music by Kwallah The God! ENjoy!

  • Too Far? | bohrdom. episode 036
    "Too Far?" | bohrdom. episode 036
    Duration: 01h15min | 22/10/2018

    Niq and Bogans sit down with Sheila to discuss Vic Mensa's cypher verse and KingKolTrane joins us to discuss Drake and Pusha's beef (again) along with other topics. Music by Reece. ENjoy!

  • Dont Take It Personal | bohrdom. episode 035
    "Don't Take It Personal" | bohrdom. episode 035
    Duration: 01h05min | 15/10/2018

    Niq and Bogans talk about a DM Bogans got, The new Quavo album, along with "DIMETRAP", and even discuss (once again) Kanye West. Music by Migo Arias. ENjoy!

  • Good Game | bohrdom. episode 034
    "Good Game" | bohrdom. episode 034
    Duration: 01h29min | 08/10/2018

    Niq and Bogans talk about working with Merch, Eagles and Redskins, Fortnite and the "emotes", C5, and much more! Music by DJ Wonton, ENjoy!

  • Brownies and Mac | bohrdom. episode 033
    "Brownies and Mac" | bohrdom. episode 033
    Duration: 01h05min | 01/10/2018

    Niq and Con are joined by NewTypeJosh as well as the Co-hosts of the new Lovelace podcast, "Staying Afloat", Sheila and Lizz. They came on to discuss mental health, as well as Kanye, Spotify, Childish Gambino, and more! Music by Vesta. ENjoy!

  • Alicia with the Keys | bohrdom. episode 032
    "Alicia with the Keys" | bohrdom. episode 032
    Duration: 01h11min | 17/09/2018

    Niq and Bogans are joined by DanVHefner to discuss the explosion of hiphop beef, Eminem's Diddy accusation, entertaining sports, and more! Music by Supe Dupe. ENjoy!

  • Dirty Little Liars | bohrdom. episode 031
    "Dirty Little Liars" | bohrdom. episode 031
    Duration: 01h04min | 10/09/2018

    Niq and Con are joined by Blac Francis to discuss his engineering and upcoming hosting gigs, as well as the Eminem/MGK beef, Cardi vs Nicki fight, the rumored Mary J Blige vs Faith Evans fight, and the tragic loss of Mac Miller. Music by Ashitaka Black. ENjoy!

  • I Needed It, Bruh. Im Ugly | bohrdom. episode 030
    "I Needed It, Bruh. I'm Ugly" | bohrdom. episode 030
    Duration: 01h05min | 04/09/2018

    Niq, Con, and Bogans are back together again, along with Vesta, KingKolTrane, OMARtheGroove, NewTypeJosh, as well as Sheila who is promoting her new podcast "Staying Afloat", coming to Lovelace Media super soon! We talk about society's impact on body image, as well as "Kamikaze", "ASTROWORLD", and a bunch of video game topics! Music by .donavan. ENjoy!

  • Commitment, Pt. II | bohrdom. episode 029
    "Commitment, Pt. II" | bohrdom. episode 029
    Duration: 01h13min | 21/08/2018

    Con told Niq we needed to have a part 2 to episode 027 so we called Lyri back, 90Wyse, OMARtheGroove, NewTypeJosh, and KingKolTrane all to discuss the points we went over as to why the Virginia scene has so many problems. Music by Gray Soul. Enjoy!

  • His Eyes Are Dope | bohrdom. episode 028
    "His Eyes Are Dope" | bohrdom. episode 028
    Duration: 01h10min | 06/08/2018

    Niq and Bogans are joined by Supe Dupe discuss his new video, rollouts, the return of football, travis scott and mac miller, and much more! Music by Supe Dupe! Enjoy!

  • Commitment | bohrdom. episode 27
    "Commitment" | bohrdom. episode 27
    Duration: 01h09min | 30/07/2018

    Niq is joined by Lyri and Indio Prather to discuss the Northern Virginia collective scene, OTDLife show, and commitment to outside ventures. Music by 9GN. Enjoy!

  • Your Sisters Feet | bohrdom. episode 026
    "Your Sister's Feet" | bohrdom. episode 026
    Duration: 01h11min | 23/07/2018

    Niq and Sarah took a trip down to Richmond to sit down with the folks who bring you 'Beastly's Lounge'; aka Cam, Ashhuhlee, and of course Mike Beastly. We talked about everything from Tekashi 6ix9ine, The Avengers, The Clermont Twins, The Beach, and so much more. Music by Peter $un. Enjoy!

  • Of The Decade | bohrdom. episode 025
    "Of The Decade" | bohrdom. episode 025
    Duration: 01h06min | 16/07/2018

    Niq, Bogans, and Ceo all discuss the ways Drake has put on certain artists in the game, as well picking our top album of the year so far. Music by Ceo. Enjoy!

  • I Didnt Realize You Were A Chicken | bohrdom. episode 024
    "I Didn't Realize You Were A Chicken" | bohrdom. episode 024
    Duration: 55min | 09/07/2018

    Niq is joined by the entire gang after a Lovelace Family dinner to discuss the recent Nicki Minaj DMs, Best Buy not selling CDs, LLoyd's wild album cover, and we debate (very loudly) Boneless and Traditional Wings. Music by JahLike. Enjoy! [Rec. 7/9/18]

  • Come Over Here! | bohrdom. episode 023
    "Come Over Here!" | bohrdom. episode 023
    Duration: 01h19min | 02/07/2018

    NIQ IS POWER HUNGRY NIQ ISN’T TALENTED NIQ STEALS PROMO IDEAS FROM POPULAR RAPPERS HIP-HOP NEVER SAVED HIS LIFE NIQ HAS A BIAS NIQ IS AN ELITIST NIQ IS ONLY IN IT FOR THE MONEY NIQ ISN’T A REAL MANAGER I LIKED HIS OLD SHOW BETTER NIQ ONLY POSTS HIS FRIENDS NIQ DOESN’T SHOW LOVE ANYONE ELSE > NIQ... YEAH YEAH WE KNOW — Niq :: Niq is joined by Pvvli to talk about... well.. what everyone else is talking about. Drake dropped his new album 'Scorpion' and we break it down in full detail. We also discuss TyDolla$ign and his amazing year of features so far. Music by RoeShamBeaux. Enjoy!

  • Wrist Deep in Nutella | bohrdom. episode 022
    "Wrist Deep in Nutella" | bohrdom. episode 022
    Duration: 51min | 26/06/2018

    Niq is joined by ConFromThe703, OMARtheGroove, Gxldie, and KingKolTrane to discuss XXXTentacion and Jimmy Wopo's death, along with a bunch of other banter that went on. Music and Outro by R. Locko. ENjoy!

  • Who ISNT Dropping?! | bohrdom. episode 021
    "Who ISN'T Dropping?!" | bohrdom. episode 021
    Duration: 01h23min | 18/06/2018

    Niq is joined by OMARtheGroove and No Face, Rapper to discuss the incredible month of music we've had so far with Nasir, Redemption, Kids See Ghost, and JayZ and Beyonce all dropping. And there's still so much to come. Music by TheFuryMCs. Enjoy!

  • Wyclef, I Dont Feel So Good | bohrdom. episode 020
    "Wyclef, I Don't Feel So Good" | bohrdom. episode 020
    Duration: 01h15min | 05/06/2018

    Niq and Con are joined by King KolTrane, 90Wyse, and NewTypeJosh to discuss the Pusha vs Drake diss, some 6ix9ine/CheifKeef beef, and all things hhhhhhhhiphop. Music by Peter $un and Lasik Beatz. Enjoy!

  • The AMigos | bohrdom. episode 019
    "The AMigos" | bohrdom. episode 019
    Duration: 01h26min | 22/05/2018

    Bogans and Niq discuss the Drake and Migos tour, a disturbing cover of "This Is America", and a dislike for Post Malone. Music by $inbad. Enjoy!

  • Live-Writing | bohrdom. episode 018
    "Live-Writing" | bohrdom. episode 018
    Duration: 02h34min | 15/05/2018

    Bogans and Niq quickly discuss "slavery is a choice" topic, Childish Gambino's new video, and other stories of the week! Music by R. Locko. Enjoy!

  • Wake Up Mr. West! | bohrdom. episode 17
    "Wake Up Mr. West!" | bohrdom. episode 17
    Duration: 49min | 08/05/2018

    Niq and Bogans bring Sheila back to discuss all things Kanye related, with a touch of Cole and Local VA scene talk. Music by Tonee Novaa. Enjoy!

  • A Group Effort | bohrdom. episode 016
    "A Group Effort" | bohrdom. episode 016
    Duration: 01h11min | 23/04/2018

    Niq is joined by ConFromThe703 and OMARtheGroove to discuss their upcoming projects along with NewTypeJosh, Vesta, Gxldie, and Sheila things go off the rails but hey, its cool right? Music by ConFromThe703 feat. OMARtheGroove. Enjoy!

  • SoundCloud Country Artist | bohrdom. episode 015
    "SoundCloud Country Artist" | bohrdom. episode 015
    Duration: 02h49min | 16/04/2018

    Niq, Bogans, and Geronimo discuss the tipping point for great artists, the feud between Cardi and Nicki, and the cloud surrounding Kane Brown and why no other genre is discussed like hip-hop is. Music by Geronimo.

  • Frontin | bohrdom. episode 014
    "Frontin'" | bohrdom. episode 014
    Duration: 01h24min | 09/04/2018

    Bogans and Niq talk Conor McGregor, subtle racism in advertising, some football, and the usual; whatever comes up! Music by Ceo. Enjoy!

  • Role Models | bohrdom. episode 013
    "Role Models" | bohrdom. episode 013
    Duration: 02h32min | 04/04/2018

    Niq and Bogans introduce Key to the show where we discuss Lucas The Spider, Cardi B, Role Models, Drake vs Meek, and much more! Music by Simba. Enjoy!

  • Plug-a-holics | bohrdom. episode 012
    "Plug-a-holics" | bohrdom. episode 012
    Duration: 01h04min | 02/04/2018

    Bogans, Con, and Niq have back DarkCaliSwag of BombBeats Productions directly after Episode 011 to touch on the subjects of this generations Michael Jackson, Stranger Things 2, 6ix9ine, and more. Enjoy!

  • You Tryna Quit... Walk | m(art)ch madness | bohrdom. episode 011
    "You Tryna Quit... Walk" | m(art)ch madness | bohrdom. episode 011
    Duration: 03h38min | 25/03/2018

    Niq, Con, and Bogans are joined by JBrooks, LB, and DarkCaliSwag to debate the M(art)ch Madness bracket we released. I personally think the Final Four will surprise you. Idk! Find out!!

  • Dumpster Dive for Natty Ice | bohrdom. episode 010
    "Dumpster Dive for Natty Ice" | bohrdom. episode 010
    Duration: 02h41min | 19/03/2018

    Immediately after the postponement of the upcoming showcase Lovelace Magazine was putting on, Niq, Con, and Bogans discuss bad business, the disrespect among the community, as well as the Katy Perry debacle, Fortnite, the bracket we put out, and more. Enjoy!

  • No More Flutes | bohrdom. episode 009
    "No More Flutes" | bohrdom. episode 009
    Duration: 02h11min | 12/03/2018

    Bogans, Con, and Niq talk all things beefs an battles; Joyner vs Logic, Xan vs. Pac, Bruno Mars vs...appropriation, all the female wrestlers in NOVA, Alexa vs proper times to laugh as a machine in the world, and most of all, Bogans vs Flutes. Enjoy!

  • All of the Lights | bohrdom. episode 008
    "All of the Lights" | bohrdom. episode 008
    Duration: 02h35min | 05/03/2018

    Bogans, Con, and Niq all talk about Atlanta, NCAA, and the Mo'Nique situation. You also get to hear all about me and Con's long trip to DC... Enjoy!

  • Chameleon Black | bohrdom. episode 007
    "Chameleon Black" | bohrdom. episode 007
    Duration: 02h59min | 26/02/2018

    Vesta joins Niq, Con, and Bogans to pick up where we left off with our abortion topic, as well to talk about Fergie's anthem, our favorite actors, weird dating experiences, and whatever Vesta brings up!

  • Heavy Hearted | bohrdom. episode 006
    "Heavy Hearted" | bohrdom. episode 006
    Duration: 02h47min | 19/02/2018

    Bogans returns to help Niq and Con break down the Top 5 Debut albums of the last 5 years, as well take on the heavy topics of school shootings and abortions. Music by Rozwell Fitzroy.

  •  #FreeMeekMill  | bohrdom. episode 005
    " #FreeMeekMill " | bohrdom. episode 005
    Duration: 02h32min | 12/02/2018

    Con and Niq answer all the pressing questions: Where's Bogans? Did SZA get snubbed? Should they Free Meek? How is the current Virginia Hip-hop scene? What do we watch on Netflix? Where tf is Bogans?!

  • I Wanna Argue | bohrdom. episode 004
    "I Wanna Argue" | bohrdom. episode 004
    Duration: 02h42min | 22/01/2018

    Con, Bogans, and Niq talk everything from BoJack, to the Eagles, to Jermaine Dupri, to 50 vs Ja Rule, and ... you know what we discuss alot alright? lets just go from there. tune in.

  • CONventional Payment | bohrdom. episode 003
    "CONventional Payment" | bohrdom. episode 003
    Duration: 02h15min | 15/01/2018

    Bogans, Con, and Niq all talk about the NFL Playoffs, Producers getting paid, Campaigns being approved, Presidents being demented, and all things bohrdom related. Enjoy!

  • Crisp Transitions | bohrdom. episode 002
    "Crisp Transitions" | bohrdom. episode 002
    Duration: 02h33min | 08/01/2018

    Bogans, Niq, and Con have been working on their subject transitions. Discussing all things festivals, comedy specials, music influences, and more!

  • Normal As Fuck | bohrdom. episode 001
    "Normal As Fuck" | bohrdom. episode 001
    Duration: 02h49min | 01/01/2018

    We start the first episode of 'bohrdom.' with a shouting match, snow, drake vs Migos, Destiny beef, and according to Bogans, everything is Normal as fuck.