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My purpose is to offer my perspective on sci-fi and fantasy topics in such a way as to promote positive interactions, entertainment, and criticism.


  • ...About Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor

    28/06/2018 Duration: 14min

    A lot of people say Jesse Eisenberg's performance as Lex Luthor is one of the worst comic book movie performances ever. A lot of *other* people disagree, saying it's a layered, nuanced portrayal of one of comic book's greatest villains.

  • ...About A Sequel To Man Of Steel (Part 2)

    21/06/2018 Duration: 14min

    There are so many elements from "Man Of Steel", from the worldbuilding to the background stories, that are just waiting to be used in a sequel. This is how they could fit into "Superman: Birthright".

  • ...About A Sequel To Man Of Steel

    14/06/2018 Duration: 14min

    Although Henry Cavill has portrayed Superman in three films over the last five years, many people think there should be a "proper" sequel to the movie that started the DCEU. Here's a way they could do it that may just make everyone happy, fans and haters alike.

  • ...About Haters

    07/06/2018 Duration: 14min

    You don't have to like something, but you don't have to hate it. You certainly don't have to hate the people who made it or the people who DO like it.

  • ...About Avengers: Infinity War (Part 2)

    31/05/2018 Duration: 14min

    Infinity War is a phenomenally successful movie, the pinnacle of expanded cinematic universe movie efforts. But, narratively speaking, there are some big problems with it. Part 1 of this episode deals with how Marvel Studios could have led up to the movie, and this part covers changes they could have made to the movie itself.

  • ...About Avengers: Infinity War (Part 1)

    24/05/2018 Duration: 14min

    The Marvel Cinematic Universe makes a big deal out of solo movies leading into team up movies. But this time, there's one solo movie they really shouldn't have skipped.

  • ...About Why He Won't Buy the Justice League Movie

    17/05/2018 Duration: 14min

    Six months ago, Warner Bros. released "Justice League" in theaters...but it wasn't the movie fans were hoping for. Just like the Richard Donner Cut of "Superman II" and the Ultimate Edition of "Batman v Superman", we want the Zack Snyder Cut of "Justice League". It can be done. We'll wait.

  • ...About Himself

    18/02/2018 Duration: 14min

    Stephen talks briefly about himself, the things that led him to make a podcast, and the purpose of the podcast itself.

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