Scary Close: Dropping The Act And Finding True Intimacy

Scary Close: Dropping The Act And Finding True Intimacy


After decades of failed relationships and painful drama, Donald Miller decided he’d had enough. Impressing people wasn’t helping him connect with anyone. He’d built a life of public isolation, yet he dreamed of meaningful relationships. So at forty years old he made a scary decision: to be himself no matter what it cost.

From the author of Blue Like Jazz comes a book about the risk involved in choosing to impress fewer people and connect with more, about the freedom that comes when we stop acting and start loving. It is a story about knocking down old walls to create a healthy mind, a strong family, and a satisfying career. And it all feels like a conversation with the best kind of friend: smart, funny, true, important.

Scary Close is Donald Miller at his best.

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  • chapter 01
    Duration: 03min
  • chapter 02
    Duration: 01min
  • chapter 03
    Duration: 08min
  • chapter 04
    Duration: 05min
  • chapter 05
    Duration: 08min
  • chapter 06
    Duration: 14min
  • chapter 07
    Duration: 16min
  • chapter 08
    Duration: 17min
  • chapter 09
    Duration: 11min
  • chapter 10
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  • chapter 11
    Duration: 16min
  • chapter 12
    Duration: 18min
  • chapter 13
    Duration: 23min
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    Duration: 19min
  • chapter 15
    Duration: 15min
  • chapter 16
    Duration: 21min
  • chapter 17
    Duration: 14min
  • chapter 18
    Duration: 12min