I found My Treasure

I found My Treasure


Chris Duran was an internationally famous romantic singer in the 1990s, designed for the Hispanic, English and Portuguese markets. It had a legion of fans, their songs appeared in the successful stops of radios of the world and in the Billboard. In Brazil and Mexico, his songs were novels. It was cover of several magazines; coming to be elected by a famous American magazine as one of the most beautiful men in the world. Chris Duran has sold approximately 6 million albums in his 19-year career, crowded large venues with his shows and shared venues with renowned artists. He has achieved much of what the world knows as success. Until the day he suffered a serious car accident.

After this incident, it was never the same. Chris realized that all the luxury and glamor he was living with on a daily basis was nothing. He could see the huge void inside him. In his loneliness and anguish he began to seek for God.

When he found it, he discovered a great treasure. The best. And he had to give up everything the world had to offer him. Chris did it. And he does not regret it. That was your biggest gain. He lost to win. And he gained more than he dreamed.

Today Chris Duran praises God through his songs and is minister of the Gospel.

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