Giving It All Away…and Getting It All Back Again: The Way Of Living Generously

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: A Shared Vision
Thesis: The transfer of wisdom I gained through the lessons learned along my journey. (Introductory)
Punch: A path to success means nothing if not shared.
Chapter 2: The Invisible Legacy
Thesis: The legacies are not made of money alone. The greater part of our legacies is made of invisible things.
Punch: The value of a thing handed down does not depend on its bottom line.
Chapter 3: The Joy of Giving*
Thesis: Giving of our resources, time, and money is a joyful experience.
Punch: We learn the hidden power of joy when we learn to pour into others.
Chapter 4: Journey into Generosity
Thesis: Where Giving Begins
Punch: Generosity does not depend on how much money we have, but the posture of our heart.
Chapter 5: The Nuts and Bolts of Generosity
Thesis: Learn to take first steps towards generous living wherever you are.
Punch: Here’s how generosity looks in my life? How about yours?
Chapter 6: Passing the Torch
Thesis: Timeless principles of work, including the value of character.
Punch: Our life values persevere only when take the time to pass them on well.
Chapter 7: The Rule of Peace
Thesis: We and everything we own is God’s. (SCOTUS)
Punch: Putting my faith where my money is; a chance to show that legacy is more than cash.
Chapter 8: A Company Owned By God
Thesis: God stands with us.
Punch: Hard decisions reveal God’s steadying hand. It’s all God’s: a truth well learned.
Chapter 9: The Art of the Generational Handoff*
Thesis: The “Why” of the plan and how it affects the generation behind us.
Punch: My lived story of daily giving everything away, to God, my family, and the community.
Chapter 10: Staying Rich
Thesis: Realizing that legacy is more than leaving money behind.
Punch: I discovered true wealth encompassed all of life.
Chapter 11: How To Build a Legacy Among Your Kids
Thesis: Practical advice for families about leaving money for your kids.
Punch: Here’s what I learned over the years about building invisible legacy into your family.
Chapter 12: For Such a Time as This
Thesis: Why has God entrusted us with these resources to steward?
Punch: This is my call to action: We need a sense of urgency around God’s priorities concerning the resources we’ve been given.