Tenacious: How God Used A Terminal Diagnosis To Turn A Family And A Football Team Into Champions

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Williams captured the nation’s imagination by coaching his high school football
team to unprecedented heights while combating ALS and caring for a son with
spina bifida. This is his family’s inspiring story.

America first
met Jeremy and Jennifer Williams when Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
rebuilt their Depression-era farmhouse into a beautiful, handicapped-accessible
haven. Friends, family, and neighbors from their west Georgia community—and all
over the state—came together to support the ailing high school coach who had
won their respect and their hearts. It made for compelling television but only
told a little slice of the story. Tenacious gives you the rest—a tender
love story, a thrilling sports story, and an unforgettable testimony to the
power of faith and grit in the face of almost overwhelming adversity. In Tenacious
you’ll meet:

  • The distraught parents learning
    their son would be born with spina bifida.
  • The young father facing his own
    devastating diagnosis of ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) with matter-of-fact
  • The coach who guided his
    underdog team to a 10–0 Cinderella season—while struggling to walk, talk,
    and even breathe.

Packed full
of faith, hope, love, and miracles, Tenacious is a story you don’t want
to miss.