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  • Today I Stop Drinking Coffee

    01/02/2023 Duration: 12min

    Welcome to another podcast. Wednesday February 1, 2023. Let’s talk about world wrestling entertainment royal rumble pay-per-view. No spoilers. Also, today is the day I stop drinking coffee. Thank you for listening to the show. I try to make these episodes 10 minutes or less.

  • When You Feel Listened To Online by Amazon

    31/01/2023 Duration: 08min

    Welcome to another podcast. In today’s episode when you feel as if Amazon is really listening to you by showing you the things you talked about. Like Dunka Roos. We also discuss snacks. I remember eating growing up when it was time for lunch.

  • Tried To Quit Using My Smartphone

    30/01/2023 Duration: 10min

    Welcome to another podcast. Last week I attempted to stop using my smart phone. How long did I last? Was it worth it? Why did I do this? Hope you enjoy the show and as always leave your amazing ratings wherever you get this podcast.

  • Talking Tipping For Service At a Restaurant

    27/01/2023 Duration: 08min

    Welcome to another podcast. Let’s talk tipping for service at restaurants. Do you do it? Is it your thing?

  • Washing Your bedsheets

    19/01/2023 Duration: 03min

    Welcome to today’s episode they say you should wash your bed sheets twice per month. Do you agree?

  • Mexico tries to get rid of smoking

    18/01/2023 Duration: 07min

    Welcome to today’s episode. Today I discuss Mexico banning the use of tobacco in most public areas. I talk about my addiction with nicotine from when I was smoking and vaping. I also talk about parenting and advice I receive from my mother.

  • J.R. Bjornson’s First Comedy Debate of 2023 At The Fake Comedy Show in Red Deer Alberta

    13/01/2023 Duration: 03min

    Welcome to a unique addition of The Midday Show With J.R. Bjornson Join me as I bring you along for a fun little debate when I was practising my stand-up comedy at the fake comedy show hosted by Zachary. Low stakes debates. Where comedians debate on topics suggested by the attending audience. DUY Vehicle blow boxes.

  • TikTok and Yummy Air-fryer ideas. M.S.W.J.R.Bjornson 12/7/2022

    07/12/2022 Duration: 09min

    Welcome to another awesome episode in where we chat about the addiction known as TikTok and some yummy eats you can make at home.

  • Just 20 Days Until Christmas 2022

    05/12/2022 Duration: 06min

    Welcome to The Midday Show With J.R. Bjornson. In today’s episode J.R. Talks about how he is back to almost daily naps and how he is medicating with everyone’s favourite green plant. Thank you for dropping by and see you in the next one.

  • Stand up comedy and time

    02/11/2022 Duration: 03min

    Welcome to today’s episode November 2, 2022. Let’s talk about stand-up comedy some tips and tricks also time just keeps on going. Snow is falling as well. Remember to leave a kind rating wherever you listen to the show from

  • It Is Snowing Happy Halloween 2022

    31/10/2022 Duration: 10min

    Welcome to the episode! From talking about what drinks to enjoy during the first snowfall of 2022 to sliding down a hill of snow. The different types of sleds I remember growing up.

  • I am BACK

    30/10/2022 Duration: 06min

    It’s good to be back. Quick little episodes Monday to Friday. Five minutes here, 10 minutes there. Let’s talk about passwords, ideas about passwords, and the future of passwords. PS please leave a kind rating wherever you listen to the show

  • Midday show June 6, 2022

    06/06/2022 Duration: 09min

    Midday show notes and links June 6, 2022 Chris rock continues to stay the course and has not said anything or futurist plans regarding the slap heard around the world https://www.cinemablend.com/movies/after-jada-pinkett-smiths-calls-for-reconciliation-after-oscars-slap-new-report-details-what-chris-rock-is-focused-on Having one of those blah days. It doesn’t help that it’s cloudy outside. Did you know Hypermile is a thing? Thanks for listening to The Midday Show With J.R. Bjornson new episodes weekly.

  • The Midday Show Weekend Chatter

    04/06/2022 Duration: 09min

    Midday show weekend chatter. Join me. As we hang out on this glorious Saturday morning

  • Talking Satellite Radio Subscriptions and Costs to Launch Satellite

    03/06/2022 Duration: 09min

    Welcome to the midday show. Remember to give us an amazing rating in your favourite podcast listening platform host. New episodes usually released throughout the week and bonus content on the weekend.

  • The Midday Show With J.R. Bjornson May 26 2022

    26/05/2022 Duration: 08min

    Midday Show Notes And Links Pepsi will no longer be sponsoring the Super Bowl halftime show. Why? https://www.adweek.com/commerce/pepsi-ends-sponsorship-super-bowl-halftime-show/amp/ There is some type of flu going around. Because the family has been not feeling so well. The Launch Receives One Hundred Thousand in Funding to help with tourism in Sylvan Lake Alberta https://rdnewsnow.com/2022/05/25/the-launch-at-sylvan-lake-receives-nearly-100000-in-federal-funding/

  • The Midday Show With J.R. BJORNSON May 25, 2022

    25/05/2022 Duration: 12min

    Midday show! Show notes and links. A family from Ukraine arrives in Alberta. https://calgary.ctvnews.ca/we-re-in-canada-a-family-fleeing-ukraine-arrives-in-southern-alberta-1.5915425 How the family and I spent our long weekend Did you ever get into Sponge Bob Square Pants? Guess what? Their is a musical with everyone’s favourite sponge going on in Calgary until June 4, 2022. https://www.storybooktheatre.org/spongbob-the-musical

  • Justin And Tim Hortons Are At It Again

    18/05/2022 Duration: 05min

    Welcome to the Midday Show Hosted by J.R. BJORNSON Midday show notes and headlines plus links Justin Bieber and Tim Hortons collaborate for a second time. Introducing a new French vanilla and the Timbits are back https://people.com/food/justin-bieber-partners-with-tim-hortons-again-for-new-coffee-drink-plus-his-timbiebs-timbits-are-back/?amp=true Canada healthcare legalizes first treatment of psilocybin to patient with colon cancer. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/canada/article-first-patient-in-quebec-gets-approval-from-health-canada-to-treat/ Conversation of the day. Would you rather live on a very large planet as big as earth. Or a planet that is only 50 km long? Thanks for listening to the Midday show.

  • Gas Prices Going Up and My Son Is Growing Up

    21/03/2022 Duration: 09min

    Welcome to a quick episode of another podcast. Regarding gas prices going up and my son is growing up. Love it. Thanks for stopping bye

  • Accessibility Costs Way Too Much

    15/03/2022 Duration: 08min

    Welcome to today’s podcast episode. Accessibility it costs a lot of money. Thanks for dropping bye

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