Gaming In The Middle Age



Middle agged gamers but kids at heart.  This Podcast will focus on board and video games as well as general nerd/geek cultureFind us on facebook at Twitter


  • Round 2... Fight

    10/12/2018 Duration: 22min

    We're back. After a long break and a rebranding Jason and Juls sit down. Talk about the future of Gaming in the Middle Age and the changes taking place as well as touching on the Star Wars Destiny Regionals, Thrawn/Snoke and Keyforge.Find us on facebook at Twitter

  • X-Wing 2.0 Is Go For Launch

    11/09/2018 Duration: 21min

    Two local X-Wing vets Dan and Hasan sit in with Jason to talk about what they have seen so far playing X-wing second ed. with the early release copys they got and Gencon last month and what they are most looking fowared to when it hits general release later this week.  

  • The Story of Stores So Far

    17/08/2018 Duration: 20min

    With Josh MIA, Jason and Juls talk about local store champs thus far and the possiblitly of changes to young Anikin 

  • Ways Of The Force Is Here

    30/07/2018 Duration: 36min

    With the release only days away the guys talk about what they are most excited about with the new set.

  • Origins 2018 Recap

    16/07/2018 Duration: 29min

    Our recap of the time spent playing in the GQ, other games and food from Origins 2018

  • Store Championships Season

    01/07/2018 Duration: 25min

    The guys talk Store Championships season for X-wing and Destiny as well as what is in the prize kit and supporting your FLGS and Organized Play. BONUS OUTAKE AT THE END! (PG13)

  • Now this is podrcasting

    24/06/2018 Duration: 23min

    Talk on the latest round of Destiny spoilers and ideas around Destiny themed event.

  • Surviving Origins

    12/06/2018 Duration: 26min

    After a week away due to some unplanned travel the guys sit down and talk Origins Game Fair and the upcoming Destiny GQ as well as some tips and ideas about convention survival .

  • Everything storage and extras

    25/05/2018 Duration: 22min

    Happy Memorial Day!!! Short cast prior to the holiday weekend kicking off where the guys take a break from talking games to talk about game storage.Links to things discussed:Aaron Cain: https://www.aaroncaincustomboxes.comCurled Paw Creative: Storage: http://craftedstorage.comFeldherr: https://www.feldherr.netLitko:

  • The Return of Josh... and Destiny spoilers

    20/05/2018 Duration: 41min

    Josh is back from vacation and there are new Destiny spoilers to be talked about… Gungan Hype! We also spend a little bit on what will be coming in the X-wing 2.0 conversion kits.

  • Worlds Recap And New X-Wing OP

    13/05/2018 Duration: 46min

    Josh is on vacation so Jason sits down with our friend Phil from Dark Side Productions and local ace and Top 16 world x-wing player Daniel Fiorentini to talk about the rest of world’s weekends and X-wing 2.0 changes and new organized play.

  • Worlds Week!!

    06/05/2018 Duration: 56min

    Two sick nerds talk about why they play what they play. The news out of FFG Worlds thus far. New Destiny Spoilers and X-wing 2.0 all whilie on cold/sinus meds.

  • And So It Begins

    29/04/2018 Duration: 58min

    The Saga Begins.... Josh and Jason talk #RallyAid, new X-wing expansions, International Table Top Day and the upcoming 2018 Origins Game Fair.