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  • The Price of Atonement - Audio

    The Price of Atonement - Audio

    13/11/2016 Duration: 2689h00s

    I'll never forget the young man who came into my office burdened with guilt. He knew he was not living as he should, so he confessed he had gone out and picked up a hitchhiker, hoping a good deed would "atone" for his sin. Each of us has sin in our past (in our present and future too). How can we atone for our sin? What does it cost? Through two stories, we will see David grapple with this and with him we will learn the true price of atonement.

  • Cleaning Up A Mess - Audio

    Cleaning Up A Mess - Audio

    06/11/2016 Duration: 2350h00s

    We all have messy lives. Whether we're directly to blame for the mess or not, we still need help cleaning it all up. Even if you missed King David sharing his mistakes in fatherhood, you'll want to hear this message about how David sought to clean up the mess he had in his life.

  • The Sins of the Father - Audio

    The Sins of the Father - Audio

    30/10/2016 Duration: 1652h00s

    Does what we do as parents impact our children? This message is a special first-person sermon from David's perspective covering his mistakes and sins as a father so we can learn from them. This message is for fathers in particular and parents in general. Warning: the message will reference rape and violence.

  • Consequences - Audio

    Consequences - Audio

    23/10/2016 Duration: 2149h00s

    Can we get away with sin? It can just stay in the past, right? As his life takes a major turn, let's not just learn from David's successes but also his failures--because in them we can connect even more. In this message we'll learn the truth about sin...and it's consequences.

  • Just  Right - Audio

    Just & Right - Audio

    16/10/2016 Duration: 2098h00s

    Leaders take what they want & serve their own interests, right? Though we're accustomed to selfish leaders, God wants a different type of leader. If you're contemplating what type of leader you want to vote or work for, or if you're considering what type of leader you want to be, this message is for you.

  • Our Plan, Gods Plan - Audio

    Our Plan, God's Plan - Audio

    09/10/2016 Duration: 2039h00s

    In conversations lately a theme has emerged...many of us are striving to have a better faith life. We want to try harder. We plan to do better. But we feel like we're falling short. Thankfully, God has a better plan, because it's not so much about what we do.

  • Undignified - Audio

    Undignified - Audio

    02/10/2016 Duration: 2650h00s

    Well dressed and well behaved. Proper, dignified, and boring. Is that how God wants us to act before him? Let's learn from David how we are to approach our powerful and loving God.

  • How Much Longer?!? - Audio

    How Much Longer?!? - Audio

    25/09/2016 Duration: 2419h00s

    Are you in a trial right now and wonder when life's gonna get better? David was promised the Kingdom, yet even after years of grueling waiting, there were still years more. Sunday we'll learn from David what to do during these extended trials.

  • Respect Him? - Audio

    Respect Him? - Audio

    18/09/2016 Duration: 1888h00s

    You know that person--that teacher, that boss, that politician, that parent--who you despise. Yet they are in that position, and you are beneath them on the org chart. Do we really have to respect him? (or her). As we start our new series into 2 Samuel, let's learn about respect from David.

  • I Have A Community - Audio

    I Have A Community - Audio

    11/09/2016 Duration: 1633h00s

    Acceptance. We all want it. We want to fit in. We want to be liked. We want assurance that others care about us. Find out how the gospel shapes how and why we can be accepted and accept others.

  • I Have a Purpose - Audio

    I Have a Purpose - Audio

    04/09/2016 Duration: 2155h00s

    We all want more meaning in life, to find our purpose. In this message, find how we can hone in on our individual, unique purpose.

  • I Am Transformed - Audio

    I Am Transformed - Audio

    28/08/2016 Duration: 2079h00s

    Transformation. We all want to be different. To grow. To be mature. But how do we go from the person we are to the person we want to be? In this message discover the three must-haves of transformation. It's time for a new wardrobe, because of the gospel.

  • Self Control in Spiritual Maturity - Audio

    Self Control in Spiritual Maturity - Audio

    22/08/2016 Duration: 2676h00s

    Doug Cline teaches on the issue of self-control and the role it plays in our spiritual maturity.

  • Youre Not Alone - Audio

    You're Not Alone - Audio

    14/08/2016 Duration: 2234h00s

    A dark and tragic story has a strange ending. In it we find a truth that will bring hope to the hopeless and light in our darkness.

  • When Youre At Your Worst - Audio

    When You're At Your Worst - Audio

    07/08/2016 Duration: 2098h00s

    When you're at your worst, your lowest, your darkest moment what can you do? How do you respond? Learn from David and Saul what to do and what not to do when you're at your worst.

  • Again? - Audio

    Again? - Audio

    31/07/2016 Duration: 1961h00s

    Deja vu? Haven't we heard this story before? Yes, Saul is after David again. Don't we all have things in our life that happen again? That same person keeps hurting you, that sin keeps tempting you, that person you need to forgive again. What do we do when it happens AGAIN?

  • Dont Be A Fool - Audio

    Don't Be A Fool - Audio

    24/07/2016 Duration: 2407h00s

    We all have conflict in our lives, and our approach to it can be either foolish or wise. From this passage learn four traits of a fool, and four of a wise person when it comes to conflict.

  • With Great Power - Audio

    With Great Power - Audio

    17/07/2016 Duration: 2365h00s

    We often don't like the term "power" but we all have varying degree of power and influence over others in our lives. But power itself is like fire, it can be used for great good or great harm. In this message, we can learn an important lesson about power as David learns it.

  • Accepting Responsiblity - Audio

    Accepting Responsiblity - Audio

    10/07/2016 Duration: 1961h00s

    When we sin there are consequences, but most of us try to blame others instead of accepting responsibility. From Saul we learn what happens when we blame others and from David we learn the antidote.

  • O, Valiant Warrior - Audio

    O, Valiant Warrior - Audio

    03/07/2016 Duration: 1708h00s

    Rev. Robin Stoops, Executive Minister of Nebraska for ABC, fills the pulpit to share this faith-building message about Gideon.

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