Ask Momrn Show - Tamara Walker, R.n.

Ask Momrn Show - Tamara Walker, R.n.


*NEW for 2011* Beginning January 17, 2011, the Ask MomRN Show is now part of The FlyLady Network! Please visit to listen to the show & chat with us in the chat room. All episodes prior to January 17, 2011 are still available on this page for listening on demand and/or download as a podcast. Thanks for your support!Whether you are a brand new parent or have teenagers leaving the nest in a few short years, MomRN has advice, support, and encouragement to help you on your journey through parenthood. Her expertise has helped thousands of parents as they strive to be the best parents they can be. Join MomRN and her expert guests each week for practical advice for raising a happy, healthy family.

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  • Ask MomRN Show: New Year's Resolutions for Happy, Healthy 2015
    Duration: 31min | 19/01/2015

    Happy New Year! Today, we have resolutions and health tips from Dr. Roshini Raj and other experts to help you have a happy, healthy 2015!  

  • ESPN's Jesse Palmer, Dr. Michelle May, and Chef Chad Sarno
    Duration: 59min | 10/01/2011

    ESPN Sports Analyst, former NFL Quarterback and Bachelor reality tv show star, Jesse Palmer, has a fun new "Bowl Game" that helps out a good cause, plus he'll share his predictions for the BCS Championship game and the Super Bowl. Dr. Michelle May, author of Am I Hungry? What to Do When Diets Don't Work, tells us how to keep our New Year's resolutions to lose weight and get healthy WITHOUT dieting. Then Chef Chad Sarno, world famous for his vegan and raw food creations, whose celebrity clients include actor Woody Harrelson, among others, has tips for incorporating more plant-based foods into our diets and tells us about his unique Health Starts Here program.

  • Christmas Special with Alan Thicke: Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas, Travel Tips, Giveaways & More
    Duration: 02h02min | 20/12/2010

    It's Ask MomRN Show's Christmas Special! We have a great line-up of guests ready to help you finish up your Christmas shopping, stay healthy, travel with less hassle, and make your holidays less stressful and more fun! Actor and author Alan Thicke shares his last minute Christmas gift ideas. Biggest Loser Chef Cheryl Forberg and celebrity fitness trainer, Ramona Braganza have nutrition and fitness tips to help you stay fit and not gain too much weight during the holidays. Former CNN reporter, Stephanie Oswald has holiday travel tips. Toy expert, Shannon Eis shares the hottest toys and her how-to for getting a bargain on your holiday shopping. Get even more shopping tips from Real Housewives of NYC's Kelly Bensimon. We also have Christmas gift giveaways for some lucky listeners! Please join us for this special show! Call in when the phone lines open for a chance to win! 347-945-7957

  • Larry Abel Holiday Party Ideas & Staying Healthy through the Holidays
    Duration: 01h01min | 13/12/2010

    Celebrity event designer, Larry Abel, who has planned events for Oprah, Beyonce, and many more, will share his tips for hosting a fabulous holiday party! Ellen Schutt, the Chief Mom Officer for Xigo Health, shares her tips for keeping your family healthy this holiday season. Plus, MomRN has tips for holiday gifts that give back and ideas for helping others this holiday season.

  • Baby Names and Habitat for Humanity
    Duration: 30min | 06/12/2010

    BabyCenter Editor, Linda Murray, shares the results of the Baby Names Survey revealing the hottest names of 2010 and predictions for the top names of 2011. Habitat for Humanity housing experts join us to share their new initiative to help low-income families who have been affected by the housing crisis.

  • Janna "The Chic Geek" Robinson and Monika Marcel
    Duration: 01h01min | 29/11/2010

    Last year, Cyber Monday set a record as the busiest internet shopping day in history. Consumers went online to spend almost $900 million, and this year is projected to be another record setting year. That's why Janna "The Chic Geek" Robinson believes consumers need to know what they're doing and to think before they click. Janna joins us this Cyber Monday to share some timely suggestions on how to get the most from your online shopping, and she'll have a few of her own suggestions for great Cyber deals. Monika Marcel, author, of Free to Be Me!: The Secret of FLYing (Good Habits), tells us all about her new book that teaches kids how to develop good habits for taking care of themselves and their belongings. We'll be giving away 3 copies of the book, just in time for the holidays!

  • Phil Vischer and Top Chef Celebrity Kevin Gillespie
    Duration: 01h00s | 22/11/2010

    Phil Vischer, creator of the 60-million-selling DVD VeggieTales, tells MomRN all about his brand new best-selling series, WHAT’S IN THE BIBLE?, the perfect stocking stuffer for parents or grandparents to give this Christmas. Funny, engaging, entertaining, educational, WHAT’S IN THE BIBLE? introduces young viewers to a host of comic characters who employ humor, song . . . even stick puppets to clearly and accurately communicate the truths of the Bible. There aren't many Celebrity Chefs who list nuclear physics, survival training, tattoos, motorcycles and pitching horseshoes among their favorite interests. But then, Kevin Gillespie is no ordinary Chef. Since the Atlanta native was voted a "fan favorite" on the Emmy-winning show TOP CHEF, the entire world has come to know his Southern charm and ingenious recipes. Now Chef Gillespie is combining his own recipes and a new infrared grilling technology to create the perfect Thanksgiving turkey.

  • Lee Woodruff's Holiday Survival Tips
    Duration: 01h02min | 15/11/2010

    Best-selling author (In An Instant, with husband Bob Woodruff, and Imperfectly Perfect), travel trend expert, and family contributor for Good Morning America, Lee Woodruff shares her tips for surviving the holidays with less stress and more fun. The mother of four has a box of tricks to help parents navigate the cooking and the shopping and the entertaining and the kids and the visiting relatives. She’s also got some good info on how to save on travel. Author Jane Wilson, discusses her experiences with breast cancer which led her to write A Jar for My Tears: A Journal of Prayer and Healing for Women with Breast Cancer, a journal full of hope and encouragement for breast cancer patients. A new test is available for the screening of colorectal cancer that could detect the cancer earlier and save thousands of lives.

  • Christopher Knight
    Duration: 30min | 08/11/2010

    Actor Christopher Knight is best known for playing Peter Brady on The Brady Bunch, and has been featured more recently on The Surreal Life, and My Fair Brady, but he is also a technological guru who has some fabulous and fun holiday gift ideas! Next: You eat right, exercise and try to avoid stress to maintain a healthy lifestyle. But what about the day-to-day stressors that can build up over time and take a toll on your overall health and well being? Like driving. We may TRY to shrug off the stress from our daily drives but new research by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology reveals those road-raging confrontations and sometimes the most simple driving tasks can take a brutal… and lasting… toll. Even parallel parking can wring you out. And MIT scientists have discovered traffic related stress can last long after drivers park and get home with their families! Joe Coughlin from MIT and Andy Sarkisian, from Ford are looking at the damage all that cringing and teeth grinding do and will offer some soluti

  • Kirk Cameron
    Duration: 01h00s | 01/11/2010

    The Growing Pains star (and hubby of actress Chelsea Noble) tells us why he’s so passionate about helping couples “fireproof” their marriages. Plus: Ask Mom RN’s Tamara Walker talks with Dr. Gary Chapman about his new book, Things I Wish I'd Known Before We Got Married.

  • Tips for Parents of Picky Eaters & Medicine Cabinet Safety
    Duration: 01h01min | 25/10/2010

    No Whine with Dinner turns mealtime whines into “wows” with nutritious and delicious recipes kids and parents will love. Written by Liz Weiss and Janice Newell Bissex — the dietitians behind the popular cooking blog, Meal Makeover Moms’ Kitchen — the book features 150 easy-to-make, family-friendly recipes as well as 50 moms’ secrets for getting picky eaters to try new foods. Then Suzy Cohen, America's most trusted pharmacist, talks about what to have in your medicine cabinet and how to clean it out and dispose of expired and unused medicines properly and safely.

  • Water Safety & The Momma Guide & Beads of Courage
    Duration: 01h01min | 18/10/2010

    Rebecca Wear Robinson shares the launch of ‘Jabari’, a new approach to water safety for children. Find out how to protect your kids from drowning and near-drowning accidents. Then, author Traci Davis, tells us all about her book, The Momma Guide, a "Desk Reference for Moms" that covers most of the pressing questions parents have about raising kids. We'll also speak with Dr. Howard Katzenstein and Laura Stewart about a unique program to help kids with cancer called "Beads of Courage" and how you can help support kids who are fighting cancer. Please join us and call in with your questions at 1-347-945-7957!

  • Best of Ask MomRN Show: Dr. Michele Borba's Big Book of Parenting Solutions
    Duration: 36min | 11/10/2010

    Dr. Michele Borba, child media expert and author of 23 parenting books, shares tips from her latest book, The Big Book of Parenting Solutions:101 Answers to Your Everyday Challenges and Wildest Worries. (This is a replay of one of our most popular episodes. Phone lines are closed and contests mentioned at the end of the show are no longer active. Join us next week for an all-new episode. Thanks for listening!)

  • Carter Oosterhouse, Chef Sam Talbot, & Birthday Party Giveaway
    Duration: 45min | 04/10/2010

    HGTV host Carter Oosterhouse is known for his easygoing attitude, effortless charm and eye for tackling challenging carpentry projects. But this handyman and part-time international model shows his passion when talking about building more energy efficient homes. That's why Oosterhouse has teamed up with Lowe's to encourage you to take advantage of new technologies to save on your energy bills. He has some amazing ideas for energy savings and wants to share them with you! Then, Chef Sam Talbot, a finalist in season two and later a guest judge on Bravo's Top Chef, shares how having Type 1 diabetes influences his cooking style and offers some healthy ways to satisfy a sweet tooth with his creative recipes. Finally, MomRN celebrates her birthday by giving away some fun presents to a few lucky listeners! Tune in, call in, and you might win! Call 1-347-945-7957 when we open the phone lines and share your favorite birthday party ideas for a chance to win!

  • Modern Family's Rico Rodriguez, Brain Training, & Cervical Cancer Awareness
    Duration: 01h00s | 27/09/2010

    Wondering what toys your kids will want this holiday season? Rico Rodriguez, who stars as Manny on the Emmy-winning hit show, Modern Family, has been doing some undercover investigating at all the top toy companies as Kmart's Fun Ambassador. Rico has completed his investigation and will give us the scoop on the Fab 15 toys for the holiday season. You can also catch all of Rico's video reports on! Ever wonder why kids seem to lose so much of what they've learned over summer vacation? Want to know how to help them train their brains to catch up quickly now that school has started? Dr. Martha Burns takes a fascinating look into the science of learning and how to get kids motivated to learn. Then, singer/musician Christine Baze, shares the mission and purpose of The Yellow Umbrella organization and her experience of surviving cervical cancer and why women need to be aware of the risks and symptoms and need to take action to protect themselves from this disease.

  • Safety Mom, NCMEC's Ernie Allen, and Like Dandelion Dust movie
    Duration: 01h00s | 20/09/2010

    President of the Home Safety Council, Meri-K Appy, and the renowned Safety Mom, Alison Rhodes, joins MomRN to discuss home safety. The nonprofit Home Safety Council and Lowe's believe the best way to improve your home is to make it safer. Then, Kevin Downes, producer of the upcoming movie, Like Dandelion Dust, based on the best-selling book by Karen Kingsbury, discusses the movie and his own experience of adopting a son from Haiti. Next, Ernie Allen, CEO of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, and Chef Lou Bivona share what the center is doing now to protect children and about a new company, Tavern Direct, whose mission is to help support the NCMEC. Please join us for this important show!

  • NBA Great Grant Hill
    Duration: 01h01min | 13/09/2010

    Dateline NBC reporter, Kate Snow, shares her special report, which airs tonight on Dateline, on whether kids are heeding the safety lessons they've been taught. Then, 7-time NBA All-Star Grant Hill knows first-hand the dangers of MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus). In 2003, he developed a MRSA infection on his ankle and experienced a high-grade fever and convulsions from the potentially fatal and antibiotic resistant Staph infection. With the prevalence of MRSA increasing in youth athletics, Grant will talk about the prevention steps necessary to keep kids safe. Then, Dr. Ken Montgomery, team physician for the NY Jets and orthopedic surgeon, talks about the increase in knee injuries in teenage and young women athletes, esp. torn ACLs, new medical breakthroughs for treating knee injuries, and how to help young athletes prevent common sports injuries.

  • Single Motherhood, Bullying, & Acceptance
    Duration: 01h01min | 30/08/2010

    Stacey MacGlashan is a licensed clinical social worker and author of the book, Just You and Me, Kid, a memoir about her journey of single motherhood by choice. Stacey discusses how becoming a single mom changed her life and provides hope and encouragement to other women who have chosen single motherhood. Winona Rasheed is the author of Broken Voices, an encouraging story that takes you inside a different world, the world of the handicapped and people with broken voices and impaired hearing. Winona joins us to discuss bullying and accepting those with disabilities. We'll also be giving away an adorable toy from, a tiered special occasion cake that can be used for pretend tea parties, birthday parties, and play weddings. Your kids will love it! Call in to win! 1-347-945-7957

  • Lice Prevention & Sixty Second Parent: The Triumphant Child
    Duration: 01h00s | 23/08/2010

    It's back to school time & unfortunately, that means kids are more likely to get lice. Dr. Lawrence Rosen, an internationally recognized expert in Pediatric Integrative Medicine and contributing author/editor for several books, tells us how to prevent lice & how to treat lice properly. We'll be giving away 2 sets of Zippity Doo's hair care products that actually help prevent lice by repelling them without pesticides or harsh chemicals. Then Dr. Olson Huff, one of America's most respected pediatricians, joins us to discuss his book, Sixty Second Parent: The Triumphant Child: A practical guide to raising two, three and four year olds, to help you as parents raise triumphant and resilient children. Call in to speak with our guests, ask questions, and for your chance to win our giveaways: 1-347-945-7957

  • Dr. Ian Smith, Dr. William Sears & Back to School Special
    Duration: 02h30min | 16/08/2010

    Celebrity Fit Club doctor and author, Dr. Ian Smith and Neil Mulholland, President-CEO of the non-profit US National Park Foundation, talk about staying fit and active as a family in America's parks. Then, it's that time of the year again! School will soon be in session and our panel of experts, including renowned pediatrician Dr. William Sears, have the tips you need to help your kids have a successful school year! Whether your kids attend public or private school, or are homeschooled, tune in for our tips and call in to share your own or to ask questions. 1-347-945-7957

  • Best of Ask MomRN Show: Kathy Ireland's Real Solutions for Busy Moms
    Duration: 02h30min | 09/08/2010

    Mom of three, designer, businesswoman, and former model, Kathy Ireland, joins us live to share her insightful advice for moms in her new book, Real Solutions for Busy Moms: Your Guide to Success and Sanity. Andre Carthen, aka Chef Andre of ACafe, who contributed to Real Solutions, will also join us to share his advice for healthy family eating and entertainment. (This is a replay of a previously aired episode. Phone lines will not be open. Giveaway has ended. Thank you for listening!)

  • Support for Caregivers
    Duration: 01h00s | 26/07/2010

    Are you caring for a parent or other loved one? Are you feeling overwhelmed? Viki Kind shares her tips for making the tough decisions as a caregiver. Viki is a clinical bioethicist, medical educator and hospice volunteer. Her book, “The Caregiver’s Path to Compassionate Decision Making: Making Choices for Those Who Can't,” guides families and healthcare professionals through the difficult process of making decisions for those who are losing or have lost the ability to think. She has also been a caregiver for many years for four members of her family.

  • Kid's Books with a Purpose
    Duration: 01h01min | 19/07/2010

    Children's author, Sheila Booth-Alberstadt, shares her books, An Angel in the Sky, The Day I Met Santa, and Under the Crybaby Tree, designed to encourage, support, and teach children about some of life's difficult challenges. She also brings humor to a common parenting challenge in her book, Maggie McNair Has Spiders in Her Hair. We'll also have a giveaway of Sheila's books! Then, Daniel Rosengard, author of The ABC's of Autism, discusses his book, the inspiration behind it, and what he wants other kids to know about autism.

  • Addict at 10 with Derek Steele & the "July Effect"
    Duration: 57min | 12/07/2010

    Derek Steele shares in his first book titled Addict at 10, how he overcame addiction, homelessness, and poverty to reach extraordinary success personally and professionally. A full-blown addict by age 10, Derek walked in a dangerous and chaotic world until that “final deal” woke him up to the reality of what his future could hold in a life of sobriety. As he struggled through the recovery process, he discovered his true gift of entrepreneurial spirit and became a multi-millionaire by the age of 35. A new 2010 Patient Safety in American Hospitals study shows that 99-thousand patient deaths at U.S. hospitals could have been prevented. And in a separate study, researchers found that fatal medical errors at teaching hospitals peak in the month of July – creating the “July Effect”. So, the question is… What will it take to make hospitals safer? Joining us with an insider's view of the latest medical technologies that are helping save lives and transform healthcare is Dr. Michael Ramsay and Dr. Thomas Crimi, bot

  • All about Probiotics & Beauty Do's & Don'ts
    Duration: 57min | 28/06/2010

    Jennifer Cherry, who runs Everidis Health Sciences shares her expertise on the use of probiotics. Everidis distributes BioGaia probiotics and B-natal TheraPops and lozenges for morning sickness. Beauty expert, Martha McCully shares her do's and don'ts for looking younger and healthier.

  • Dr. Jim Sears, How to Be Your Own Boss, & Summer Science Fun
    Duration: 56min | 21/06/2010

    DO YOU HAVE A “REGULAR” KID? New Survey Finds 50% of Children Suffer from Constipation Each Year; Renowned Pediatrician and TV Host, Dr. James Sears, Addresses This “Uncomfortable” Situation. Call in with your question for Dr. Sears. 1-347-945-7957 We'll also be giving away 5 bottles of Pedia-Lax Fiber Gummies for Kids. Financial expert, Farnoosh Torabi, shares advice for becoming your own boss. Wondering how to keep your kids learning this summer while having fun? A couple of science instructors, Dr. Pat Shane and Dr. Sarah Berke, share fun tips for teaching and learning science this summer.

  • Kristen Jane Anderson's Life In Spite of Me
    Duration: 01h00s | 14/06/2010

    Kristen Jane Anderson joins us again to tell us more about her amazing story of God's grace, mercy, and hope, which she has written about in her autobiography, Life in Spite of Me: Extraordinary Hope After a Fatal Choice.

  • Niecy Nash, Dave Grotto, & Busy Breathers's founder, Michelle Staley
    Duration: 01h00s | 07/06/2010

    Actress Niecy Nash (Clean House, Dancing With the Stars) offers her tips for finding a clean hotel when traveling and what she's up to next. Michelle Staley, mom of a baby who was born prematurely, joins us to tell how her company, Busy Breathers, LLC, is working to make parenting a preemie a little easier. The American Lung Association tells us what we need to know about the air around us and how it affects our health. Then leading “Guy-a-titian” and author Dave Grotto brings to light what everyday foods you can “add in” to your diet (not “take out!”) to help remedy health issues both large and small, plus overall improve one’s diet!

  • March of Dimes, Mean Girls & Bullying
    Duration: 01h00s | 10/05/2010

    Dr. Joan Rosenberg, co-author of "Mean Girls, Meaner Women: Understanding Why Women Backstab, Betray and Trash-Talk Each Other and How to Heal, discusses the origins of bullying behaviors and how to help our kids avoid bullying and being victims of bullying. The March of Dimes shares important information about prematurity and how to help give every baby a healthy start.

  • Mother's Day & DIY ideas, Juvenile Diabetes, & author Ridley Pearson
    Duration: 01h00s | 03/05/2010

    Author Ridley Pearson discusses his latest book, Kingdom Keepers 3 and what inspired this popular series. Erica Domesek of P.S. - I Made This shares how she's teamed up with Dasani to create a line of hats with sales benefiting the non-profit organization, Ocean Conservancy."Total Mom" Hannah Keeley shares inexpensive gift ideas for Mother's Day and Mrs. Oklahoma International 2010, Stephanie Anello, talks about juvenile diabetes and what parents need to know about it.

  • The Pregnancy & Baby Show: Planners, Showers, Postpartum Depression
    Duration: 01h00s | 26/04/2010

    Join us for a show all about babies! Premier Baby Planner, Desiree Miller, explains how a baby planner can save you money & make preparing for baby less stressful and more fun. She'll also tell us all about the upcoming World's Largest Baby Shower in Atlanta, GA. Then Mrs. Oklahoma International 2009, Rachel Roberts, shares her experience with postpartum depression and her quest to help other moms and moms-to-be.

  • Ask MomRN Show's 2nd Anniversary & Giveaway Celebration
    Duration: 02h30min | 05/04/2010

    The Ask MomRN Show will be celebrating 2 years of providing practical advice for raising a happy, healthy family on BlogTalkRadio! Country star, Eric Dodge, will share a song from his soon to be released new CD & give one away to a lucky listener. Join in the fun by calling in to help us celebrate & for a chance to win one of several great prizes! 1-347-945-7957

  • Lucy Liu on Infant Anemia
    Duration: 01h00s | 29/03/2010

    Lucy Liu discusses infant anemia and what is being done to help eradicate this overlooked global health threat. Author, speaker, and radio personality, Liz Curtis Higgs,shares her newest novel and her children's book written for kids who are afraid of the dark. Dr. Brad Klontz shares tips on money management & his new book, Mind Over Money. We'll be giving away copies of each book and a copy of H&R Block's At Home Deluxe tax preparation software so call in with your questions and chance to win! 1-347-945-7957

  • Table for 12 supermom - Betty Hayes
    Duration: 01h00s | 22/03/2010

    Betty Hayes, mom of 10 and star of TLC's Table for 12 reality show, shares her parenting tips for dealing with different age groups and raising a large family.

  • Gluten-Free Diet Help - Part Two
    Duration: 01h00s | 08/03/2010

    Tina Turbin joins us again to offer more information and advice on eating a gluten-free diet. Plus, we'll announce the winner of "Danny the Dragon DREAMS" CD! Call in to talk with us and ask questions! 1-347-945-7957

  • Celiac Disease & Gluten-free Diet Help
    Duration: 01h00s | 01/03/2010

    Tina Turbin, a children’s author, researcher, and humanitarian joins us to explain celiac disease and gluten sensitivity or intolerance and how a gluten-free diet can help. Tina shares resources, information, and delicious recipes on her website, Phone lines will be open. You are invited to call in with your questions at 347-945-7957.

  • Tweet This! Using Twitter & Social Media for Your Business and for Fun
    Duration: 01h00s | 15/02/2010

    Social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and our own BlogTalkRadio are increasingly popular not only for having fun with friends, but for businesses to reach customers and clients as well. Jessica Miller-Merrill, author of Tweet This! Twitter for Business, shares her strategies for making the most of these social media sites.

  • Recognizing and Overcoming an Eating Disorder
    Duration: 01h00s | 08/02/2010

    1 in 5 women struggle with an eating disorder or disordered eating. Ninety percent of those who have eating disorders are women between the ages of 12 and 25. Dr. Philip Mehler, author of Eating Disorders: A Guide to Medical Care and Complications, shares tips for recognizing an eating disorder in children and teens. Special guest, Heather Lytle, shares her struggle with and triumph over an eating disorder that lasted several years. Join us to learn how to recognize the signs of an eating disorder in yourself or your child and how to get help. Call in to chat with us 347-945-7957.

  • Disney Travel Tips & Protecting Our Kids
    Duration: 01h00s | 01/02/2010

    Dreaming of a trip to Disneyland or Walt Disney World? Amy Wilson Pruitt of 3D Travel Company shares her must-have tips for making the most of your Disney vacation! Then Jill Starishevsky, author of My Body Belongs to Me, shares her 10 tips to protect your kids from child predators.

  • Girlfriends 2.0 with Cindy W. Morrison
    Duration: 01h00s | 25/01/2010

    The Ask MomRN Show is BACK with a brand new episode about finding the best group of girlfriends to help you live your best life! Girlfriends 2.0 is all about women. Author Cindy W. Morrison shows you how to Dump Sabotage Suzie, Helen Hater and Nancy Needy and instead surround yourself with a loving and supportive Girlfriends Network. Besides her new book that's already becoming a cult favorite, Cindy's Girlfriends 2.0 Show is one of the most popular on The Win (Women's Information Network). Join the conversation with Cindy and MomRN by calling 347-945-7957.

  • MomRN's Christmas Gifts Giveaway Show
    Duration: 02h30min | 21/12/2009

    We'll be celebrating Christmas by playing Christmas songs from our friend and rising country music star, Eric Dodge,and giving away Christmas gifts for you and your family! Call in to win and to share your favorite holiday memories and traditions with us! 347-945-7957

  • Dr. Michele Borba's Big Book of Parenting Solutions
    Duration: 01h00s | 14/12/2009

    Dr. Michele Borba, child media expert and author of 23 parenting books, shares tips from her latest book, The Big Book of Parenting Solutions:101 Answers to Your Everyday Challenges and Wildest Worries. Call in with questions: 1-347-945-7957

  • Eating Healthy Through the Holidays with Dinner Diva & Carla Ferrigno
    Duration: 02h30min | 07/12/2009

    Worried about gaining weight during the holidays? Leanne Ely, aka The Dinner Diva, and Carla Ferrigno, a health/fitness expert & wife of Lou Ferrigno, will share tips & tricks for eating healthy during the holidays so you can enjoy the season without regrets! Plus, the Dinner Diva has great tips for having a stress-free holiday celebration!

  • Fevers, Kids, & When to Go to the Doctor
    Duration: 01h00s | 30/11/2009

    Fevers in kids can cause lots of parents to worry, but is all that worrying really necessary? MomRN tells you when you should and shouldn't treat a fever, how to treat fevers at home and when to go to the doctor or emergency room. Call in with your questions about fevers or any other parenting or health issues! 1-347-945-7957

  • Holiday Shopping Tips to Save Money, Time, & Sanity!
    Duration: 02h30min | 23/11/2009

    Need expert advice and tips to help you make the most of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and all of your holiday shopping? Help is here! "Consumer Queen" Melissa Garcia, "MomMadeThat" founder Amy Bellgardt, and "Coupon Princess" Shannon Snow share tips for saving money & getting great deals this holiday season. Beth Jordan of AVG will tell us the right way to shop securely & safely online. Need a sitter for the kids while you shop? CEO, Mike Craven, has tips for finding one online. Plus, we might have a prize or two to give away to some lucky listeners!

  • Girls with Dreams & the 2 Movie Guys
    Duration: 02h30min | 16/11/2009

    Carrie Silver-Stock, M.S.W., L.C.S.W., author of two books for teen girls, founded Girls with Dreams ( to create a global movement where girls discover their power, passion, and big dreams. Kim Gellman, founder of, joins Carrie to discuss their online virtual slumber party & offer MomRN listeners a chance to enter a teen room makeover contest. Then the wild & crazy 2 Movie Guys, Ryan Bellgardt & Lucas Ross, join us to talk about holiday movies & might even have a few surprises to giveaway! Don't miss these guys!

  • 10 Things to Do and Not to Do During the Holidays after Divorce
    Duration: 02h30min | 09/11/2009

    "Total Mom" Hannah Keeley is back to share quick tips for making the holidays more fun & less stressful for your family. Then, Joanie Winberg, founder and CEO of the Happy Wednesday Foundation and the National Association of Divorce for Women and Children, will share her top ten tips for coping with divorce through the holiday season.

  • Best of Ask MomRN Show: Have A New Kid By Friday with Dr. Kevin Leman
    Duration: 01h00s | 02/11/2009

    Dr. Kevin Leman, internationally-known psychologist and bestselling author, joined MomRN to discuss how to change your child's attitude, behavior & character in 5 days and more tips from his best-selling book, Have A New Kid By Friday.

  • Ask the Doctors: What You Must Know About the Flu & H1N1 (Swine Flu)
    Duration: 02h30min | 26/10/2009

    Call in with your questions for our panel of medical experts who will tell you what you need to know to protect your family from the seasonal flu and from 2009 H1N1 (Swine Flu). The doctors will share tips on prevention methods, info on vaccines and who should/shouldn't get them, treatment options, and answer your questions. Call 1-347-945-7957 (then press 1 after the recording) and let us help you keep your family healthy during the flu season!

  • Dr. Raj on Kids, Backpacks, & Sports Safety
    Duration: 01h00s | 19/10/2009

    Dr. Bal M. Rajagopalan, M.D. (aka, "Dr. Raj"), an orthopedic surgeon, discusses backpack safety & how using backpacks incorrectly can injure kids, and kids sports safety.

    Duration: 02h30min | 12/10/2009 founders and contributors join us to share this fun and informative new site for women.

  • MomRN's Birthday Party Show
    Duration: 02h00s | 05/10/2009

    You're invited to join MomRN as she celebrates turning "Forty & Fabulous" and to call in to win "birthday presents" for you and your family! Lots of presents to giveaway so join the fun! Call 1-347-945-7957 to win!

  • Actress Ellen Bry of "The Lost and Found Family"
    Duration: 02h30min | 28/09/2009

    Actress Ellen Bry shares her latest film, The Lost and Found Family, and talks about foster care, one of the central themes of the movie.

  • Dr. Dolgoff's Weigh to help kids eat healthy and get fit
    Duration: 01h00s | 21/09/2009

    Joanna Dolgoff, M.D. has created a simple and popular traffic light-based nutrition system that allows children to lose weight safely and effectively. The program, designed by a Board Certified Pediatrician, offers a kid-friendly approach to help children learn the benefits of healthy food choices and portion control. Rather than requiring children and parents to constantly track calorie counts and fat content, Dr. Dolgoff has divided over one thousand foods (with appropriate serving sizes) into easily recognizable “green light”, “yellow light”, and “red light” categories and (based upon a child’s height, weight, gender, and age) creates customized plans that determine the amount of “colors” that should be consumed at each meal and snack. No food is off-limits and with Dr. Dolgoff’s Weigh, kids are encouraged to be creative with their food selections...and to even indulge every now and then! Join us to learn more about this helpful program and for Dr. Dolgoff's tips for keeping your kids healthy!

  • Must-See Family Films - Lost and Found Family and Set Apart
    Duration: 02h30min | 14/09/2009

    It's movie day on the Ask MomRN Show! We'll be discussing some upcoming family-friendly films with Ellen Bry of "Lost and Found Family" and Randy Gunn of "Set Apart", two new movies coming out on DVD this month. Plus, we'll have a chance to win some fun prizes from the much-anticipated "Cloudy With a A Chance of Meatballs" movie!

  • Best of MomRN: MomRN's Safe Kids: Protecting Kids from Child Predators
    Duration: 01h00s | 31/08/2009

    This is a classic episode from the Ask MomRN Show archives. MomRN will return in two weeks with an all-new live episode.

  • Sam Haskell & Love Without Boundaries
    Duration: 02h30min | 24/08/2009

    Love Without Boundaries began in 2003, after a group of adoptive parents came together to help save the life of one tiny boy in China. Amy Eldridge, Executive Director, & Karen Maunu, Associate Executive Director, share how LWB is touching the lives of thousands of children and how we can help. Sam Haskell, former Executive Vice President and Worldwide Head of Television for the venerable William Morris Agency, who, at age 52, was named in 2007 by TV Week as one of the 25 Most Innovative and Influential People in Television over the last quarter century, has authored the autobiographical memoir with life lessons, “Promises I Made My Mother.” Sam will share his promises to his mother and lessons learned from her. Call in with questions for our guests at 1-347-945-7957!

  • Back to School Party Show - Tips & Giveaways!
    Duration: 03h30min | 17/08/2009

    Back to school doesn't have to mean the fun is over! You're invited to party with MomRN and her guests as we share helpful tips for the new school year & giveaway lots of incredible prizes! Call in to win! 1-347-945-7957

  • Kids, Sleep, & School - Helping Kids Get the Sleep They Need
    Duration: 02h30min | 10/08/2009

    Marcia Lindsey, psychologist known as the "Sleep Diva" shares her tips for getting sleep schedules back on track for the new school year, helping your kids (& you!) get enough sleep, bedtime routines, and all things sleep! Call in with questions or to chat with us - 1-347-945-7957.

  • Total Mom Hannah Keeley & Shaun Robinson of Access Hollywood
    Duration: 02h30min | 03/08/2009

    TV personality, lifestyle expert, author, and overall Total Mom Hannah Keeley, has tips to help families get back to the basics and create rewarding family time during the hectic, over-scheduled summer! Shaun Robinson, weekend anchor of Access Hollywood, discusses her book on building healthy self-esteem for teen girls, Exactly As I Am. Plus, we have fun giveaways!

  • It's Hip Hop Baby! CEO Candi Carter and Pebble the Penguin's Summer Safety Tips for Kids
    Duration: 01h00s | 27/07/2009

    Candi Carter introduces us to "It's Hip Hop, Baby", a series of fun, educational DVDs for kids. Then Pebble the Penguin teaches kids how to stay safe while having fun in the sun!

  • Helping Paws: Therapetics Service Dogs
    Duration: 01h00s | 20/07/2009

    Therapetics Service Dogs of Oklahoma, Inc. train and provide service dogs for people needing assistance with physical disabilities. Join us to find out more about these special animals, the volunteers who train them, and the people who benefit from having a service dog.

  • Kids & Dogs Safety: Safe Interaction Tips to Prevent Bites
    Duration: 01h00s | 13/07/2009

    Dog bites increase dramatically in the summer months. Most of these bites are from a dog the victim is familiar with or knows well. Tamara Follett is an internationally-recognized expert on the prevention of dog bites and the host of Dog Blog Radio. Tamara's tips protect kids by teaching them to safely interact with all dogs, those they know & those they don't know. Please join us for this very important show & call in with your questions: 1-347-945-7957

  • Kathy Ireland's Real Solutions for Busy Moms
    Duration: 02h30min | 06/07/2009

    Mom of three, designer, businesswoman, and former model, Kathy Ireland, joins us live to share her insightful advice for moms in her new book, Real Solutions for Busy Moms: Your Guide to Success and Sanity. Andre Carthen, aka Chef Andre of ACafe, who contributed to Real Solutions, will also join us to share his advice for healthy family eating and entertainment. Call in at 347-945-7957 with questions for Kathy & Chef Andre & your chance to win 1 of the 5 copies of the book that we'll be giving away!

  • Protecting Your Home & Family with Home Security Expert, Brent Buxton
    Duration: 02h30min | 29/06/2009

    Home security expert, Brent Buxton, shares his advice & tips for protecting our homes and our families.

  • Best of Ask MomRN Show: Car Seat Safety
    Duration: 01h00s | 22/06/2009

    MomRN is on vacation again so we're playing another classic episode! In this episode, MomRN & Car Seat Chick shared some great advice to help you keep your kids safe on your travels this summer and every day in the car. Nikki will have chat open today & MomRN will be back LIVE with an all new episode next week!

  • Dr. Mommy & Pebble the Penguin's travel adventures
    Duration: 02h30min | 15/06/2009

    Dr. Daisy Sutherland, aka Dr. Mommy, shares her "Reserved Only" program designed for parents to teach their children the 3R's - Respect, Responsibility and Renewal. Pebble the Penguin called in to share his exciting adventures driving to from Oklahoma to California & back!

  • Baby & Child Safety Show with Kay Green of
    Duration: 01h00s | 08/06/2009

    MomRN is in sunny CA today enjoying a mommy/daughter road trip, so we're bringing you a re-play of one of our most popular shows. Nikki will have chat open & MomRN will be back next week with an all episode of the Ask MomRN Show!

  • Nancy O'Dell - Full of Life: Mom to Mom Tips
    Duration: 01h00s | 01/06/2009

    Actress, author, and new mom Nancy O'Dell shares the experiences and lessons of her first pregnancy in the book, Full of Life: Mom to Mom Tips I Wish Someone Had Told Me When I Was Pregnant. Tune in to hear great advice and hilarious stories that moms-to-be (and everyone else) can learn from and enjoy!

  • MomRN's Summer Safety Guide
    Duration: 01h00s | 25/05/2009

    It's Memorial Day, the unofficial start of summer! MomRN is spending the day with family so we're replaying this fun, informative summer safety guide to help your family enjoy the sunny days ahead!

  • Speak Now for Kids & Pebble the Penguin
    Duration: 01h00s | 18/05/2009

    Speak Now for Kids in Health Reform is a national campaign sponsored by the National Association of Children’s Hospitals (N.A.C.H.). N.A.C.H. is joined by national partners and supporting organizations from around the country who all care deeply about how children will be treated in health reform. Speak Now for Kids in Health Reform urges parents, family members, health care providers and other advocates to tell Congress why children matter in health reform – through stories, photos and videos. Call in to share your experiences and concerns. Pebble the Penguin will guest star in the second half of the show to teach kids about going to the doctor, the dentist, and taking care of their bodies! Kids can call in to talk to Pebble too!

  • Pirate Parenting
    Duration: 01h00s | 11/05/2009

    Tim Bete joins us to discuss his hilarious parenting advice parody book, CAP’N BILLY “THE BUTCHER” MACDOUGALL’S GUIDE TO PIRATE PARENTING: Why you should raise your kids as pirates and 101 tips on how to do it. Then Carol McManus joins us to discuss her new cookbook, Table Talk: Food, Family, Love, which she wrote to promote families eating together, taking the time to spend together and bring family values back to the table. We'll give away one copy of each book so call in to win! 347-945-7957

  • Moms and Money
    Duration: 02h30min | 04/05/2009

    Erica Sandberg, family finance expert and author of Expecting Money: The Essential Financial Plan for New and Growing Families, answers your questions about managing your family's money during the current recession and beyond. Call in to speak with Erica: 1-347-945-7957

  • Today’s Moms: Essentials for Surviving Baby’s First Year
    Duration: 01h00s | 27/04/2009

    Today Show producers Mary Ann Zoellner and Alicia Ybarbo share their advice and answer your questions about how best to survive your first year as a mom in their new book, Today’s Moms: Essentials for Surviving Baby’s First Year. Join us to discover why their book, full of great advice, helpful tips, & real-life anecdotes from several Today Show contributors, is the new "must-have" guide for new parents!

  • Stop Shaken Baby Syndrome
    Duration: 02h30min | 20/04/2009

    It's Shaken Baby Syndrome Awareness Week and Child Abuse Prevention Month so we will be discussing both with Jennipher Dickens, founder of Stop Shaken Baby Syndrome, Inc. Jennipher's son was shaken as an infant and she is on a mission to stop this from happening to other children.

  • Juvenile Arthritis Awareness
    Duration: 02h30min | 13/04/2009

    Kelly Rouba, former Ms. Wheelchair NJ 2007 and National Arthritis spokeswoman, and author of Juvenile Arthritis: The Ultimate Teen Guide shares her story of living with and helping others who have juvenile arthritis.

  • Puberty and Periods: Talking with your teens and tweens
    Duration: 02h30min | 06/04/2009

    Special guests from Dot Girl First Period Products and HEALTHYedudynamics share helpful tips for having those important talks with tweens and teens about puberty, periods, and hormones, and the products they've created to make it easier on parents and kids.

  • Ask MomRN's Anniversary Party
    Duration: 03h30min | 30/03/2009

    MomRN is celebrating the first anniversary of the Ask MomRN Show on BlogTalkRadio! We'll have several great giveaways and fun surprises! Call and join the party on air and in chat!

  • Breast Cancer 3-Day
    Duration: 02h30min | 23/03/2009

    Can you imagine a world without breast cancer? It's hard, given how pervasive the disease is. But go ahead, let yourself envision that world. Because it's not a fantasy. It's a reality within our grasp. Each step you take on the Breast Cancer 3-Day brings us closer to ending the disease forever. Join us to learn more as Diana Rowden shares information on breast cancer and the Breast Cancer 3-Day efforts to find a cure.

  • Brain Injury Awareness Month
    Duration: 02h30min | 16/03/2009

    Patrick Donohue, founder of the Sarah Jane Brain Project, and father of a brain-injured child, educates us on pediatric traumatic brain injuries and his mission to help those affected.

  • Ask MomRN Show - Spring Break Show
    Duration: 01h00s | 09/03/2009

    Fun ideas to do with your kids during Spring Break! MomRN will also take your questions, or just call in to chat.

  • Toddler 411 with Dr. Ari Brown
    Duration: 01h00s | 02/03/2009

    From temper tantrums to toilet training, raising a child between 1 and 4-years-old, brings its own set of challenges and questions. Get the 411 from "Dr. Ari" on your toddler in her newest book, "Toddler 411". In the second half of the show we'll talk about the importance of furniture-strapping and safety with Carri McQuerrey-Funk, founder of

  • "Dr. Shosh": Staying Sane While Raising Your Kids
    Duration: 02h30min | 23/02/2009

    Shoshana Bennett, Ph.D. (“Dr. Shosh”), the "go-to" expert on postpartum depression and frequent guest on such shows as, "The Doctors" and "20/20", shares her valuable advice on maintaining your mental and physical health to be the best mom or dad you can be.

  • I AM Standing Up! True Confessions of a Total Freak of Nature
    Duration: 02h30min | 16/02/2009

    Luke Lang has spent much of his life standing out and feeling left out. He's a self-proclaimed "freak of nature" who has spent more than twenty years working with teenagers. In his new book filled with hilarious true stories with a dash of sage advice, Luke shares how God can do extraordinary things through extremely ordinary people and how we can learn to accept and celebrate our weaknesses. Plus, you'll have a chance to win Luke's new book!

  • Dr. Romance on Money, Sex, & Kids
    Duration: 02h30min | 09/02/2009

    "Dr. Romance", Tina B. Tessina, LMFT, PhD, gives us her prescriptions to prevent fights about the top 3 things that can ruin your marriage: money, sex, & kids! Dr. Romance will also prescribe her timely tips for a romantic Valentine's Day with your sweetie. Ask Dr. Romance a question and you might just win a copy of her new book!

  • "Know Fibro" with Martha Beck & Adrienne Dellwo
    Duration: 02h30min | 02/02/2009

    Martha Beck, spokesperson for the "Know Fibro" campaign and columnist for O, The Oprah Magazine, and Adrienne Dellwo, Guide to Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, will share their experiences and helpful tips for living with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.

  • "Fireproof" Giveaway & Interview with Stephen Kendrick
    Duration: 01h00s | 26/01/2009

    Stephen Kendrick (co-writer, co-director,& co-producer)of "Fireproof" discusses the movie's impact on marriages since opening in September and tomorrow's release of the DVD. PLUS, we have copies of the DVD and Love Dare book to giveaway! Call in to win: 1-347-945-7957

  • Get Your Kids Off the Couch with Jonathan Roche
    Duration: 02h30min | 19/01/2009

    Rebroadcast of a fun and informative interview with BTR's own Virtual Personal Trainer, Jonathan Roche, and our very special guest, Joey! Chat will be open.

  • CPSIA Concerns & Dinosaurs Ticket Giveaway
    Duration: 02h30min | 12/01/2009

    How will the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act affect parents, kids, & businesses? Plus, want to win tickets to the Walking With Dinosaurs Tour? Call in 1-347-945-7957!

  • Parenting Resolutions for a Happy, Healthy Family in 2009
    Duration: 01h00s | 05/01/2009

    Want to make 2009 the best year yet for your family? Tune in for parenting resolutions that will help your family be happier and healthier in this new year! Call in with your resolutions and ideas: 1-347-945-7957

  • Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas
    Duration: 01h00s | 22/12/2008

    Stressing out because you haven't finished your shopping and don't know what to give your kids, family, and friends? MomRN has some fun and creative gift ideas for you! Call in with your ideas too! 1-347-945-7957

  • MomRN's Safe Kids - Offline and Online Safety
    Duration: 01h00s | 15/12/2008

    Critical information every parent needs to know. Today's show is a re-airing of one of our most downloaded shows with important tips for protecting your kids from child predators. Mindy will have the chat open and MomRN will answer questions in the chat room.

  • Saving the Planet One Diaper at a Time
    Duration: 01h00s | 08/12/2008

    What if the parents of diaper-age children didn't use disposable diapers just one day a week? According to Margarita McClure, founder of Swaddlebees and Blueberry cloth diaper companies, the results would be monumental. Join us to learn more about "going green" by using cloth diapers.

  • Kids and Cash - Teaching Financial Responsibility
    Duration: 01h00s | 01/12/2008

    Valerie Karnes, CEO of Kids Cash Connection, tells us how to teach children about money management. Eleven year old entrepreneur, Faith, owner of Faith's Awesome Products, will give us a kid's perspective. Call in! 347-945-7957

  • Tom Arnold and director Damian Harris - "Gardens of the Night"
    Duration: 02h30min | 24/11/2008

    Award-winning director Damian Harris tells the story of a 17 year old girl trying to cope with the trauma of having been abducted and held captive by two men nine years earlier in "Gardens of the Night". Tom Arnold will share why this movie is important to him. Plus, MomRN's MUST-HAVE tips to protect your child.

  • Autistic 6 Year Old Singing Star - Gina Marie Incandela
    Duration: 02h30min | 17/11/2008

    Gina and her mom, Michelle, share her inspirational story of performing around the nation, while living with autism.

  • Dr. Kevin Leman - Have a New Kid by Friday
    Duration: 02h30min | 10/11/2008

    Dr. Kevin Leman, internationally-known psychologist and bestselling author, joins MomRN to discuss how to change your child's attitude, behavior & character in 5 days.

  • Vicki Courtney's "5 Conversations You Must Have With Your Daughter"
    Duration: 01h00s | 03/11/2008

    Vicki Courtney discusses her newest book with MomRN and tells us the most important issues we need to address with our daughters.

  • MissusSmartyPants on Kids and Clothes
    Duration: 01h00s | 27/10/2008

    MissusSmartyPants will teach us how to find great kids clothes at affordable prices, so our kids can dress their best, for less!

  • Jeff Deyo - The Imposter Movie Pt. 2
    Duration: 01h00s | 20/10/2008

    Jeff Deyo (formerly SonicFlood) and Meredith Mauldin join us to discuss their roles in "The Imposter" movie and their music.

  • The Imposter - Director Daniel Millican Actors Tom Wright and Arianne Martin
    Duration: 01h00s | 13/10/2008

    Daniel Millican (A Promise Kept, Striking Range) will share the story of "The Imposter", his new movie starring Kevin Max, Kerry Livgren, and Jeff Deyo. Tom Wright (Barbershop, Seinfeld) and Arianne Martin (Crash, Prison Break) will talk about their characters. We'll also give away some free tickets to see The Imposter!

  • MomRN's Surprise Birthday Party Show!
    Duration: 02h30min | 06/10/2008

    MomRN is celebrating and YOU get the gifts! Come join the party to hear all about the Dallas FlyFest and find out how to get a present! Call in at 347-945-7957 and remember we're starting the party an hour later this week!

  • MomRN's Guide to Choosing the Right Doctor for Your Family
    Duration: 01h00s | 29/09/2008

    Pediatrician or Family Practice? M.D. or Nurse Practitioner? General Practioner or Specialist? If you need help deciding what doctor is right for you and your family, tune in and let MomRN help!

  • Sign With Your Baby - Ask MomRN Show
    Duration: 01h00s | 22/09/2008

    Gwen Cox, Sign With Your Baby educator, will teach us about using sign language with your baby or young child to enhance communication.

  • Ask MomRN
    Duration: 01h00s | 15/09/2008

    Parenting call-in show - Open topic day! Please call in with your parenting questions, advice, or share something funny your kids have said or done. 1-347-945-7957

  • Baby and Child Safety Show - Ask MomRN Show
    Duration: 01h00s | 08/09/2008

    Kay Green, owner of My Precious Kid ( will teach us about baby and child safety and the importance of using child I.D. products to protect your kids.

  • "Fireproof" Movie - Interview with Erin Bethea
    Duration: 01h00s | 29/08/2008

    Actress Erin Bethea will join MomRN to discuss the new movie, "Fireproof"; a powerful story from the producers of "Facing the Giants".

  • Raising Special Kids
    Duration: 01h00s | 25/08/2008

    Join MomRN and her special guest, AmyJo, host of "Special Children, Special Parents" as we discuss parenting kids with special needs. Call in with questions or your own experiences: 1-347-945-7957

  • "Fireproof" the Movie, Fireproof Your Marriage
    Duration: 30min | 20/08/2008

    Kirk Cameron will be joining MomRN to discuss his new movie, "Fireproof", and how to "fireproof your marriage" using The Love Dare!

  • Back to School Special with MomRN
    Duration: 01h00s | 18/08/2008

    Come and party with MomRN and friends as we say goodbye to summer and start a brand new school year! Whether your kids attend public school, private school, or homeschool, you are invited to join in the fun! Call in and let's chat! 1-347-945-7957

  • Pregnancy and Childbirth Q & A with MomRN
    Duration: 01h00s | 11/08/2008

    Today on the "Ask MomRN Show" we're discussing pregnancy, labor, doulas, midwives, labor meds, c-sections, and natural childbirth. Call in with questions or to share your experiences and advice for other parents: 1-347-945-7957

  • Get Your Kids Off the Couch and Moving with MomRN and Jonathan Roche
    Duration: 01h00s | 04/08/2008

    The Virtual Personal Trainer, Jonathan Roche, will be sharing tips for motivating your kids to put down the video games, turn off the tv, and have fun getting fit! Call in with your questions, suggestions, and comments! 1-347-945-7957

  • Children's Dental Health
    Duration: 01h00s | 28/07/2008

    MomRN will be joined by Dr. Barbara Chappell, a family dentist and oral health expert, to answer questions about your child's dental and oral health care. Call in with your questions: 1-347-945-7957

  • Ask MomRN: To Vaccinate or Not?
    Duration: 01h00s | 14/07/2008

    MomRN will be discussing vaccines and the concerns parents have about immunization safety. Are vaccines safe? Do they cause or contribute to autism? Call in with your opinion and questions: 1-347-945-7957

  • MomRN's Car Seat Safety Show
    Duration: 01h00s | 07/07/2008

    Join MomRN and special guest, "Car Seat Chick" aka Thaleia Maher, as we discuss keeping your kids safe in the car and on the road.

  • Coping with Loss of a Loved One
    Duration: 01h00s | 30/06/2008

    MomRN will discuss grief management and offer resources for handling the death of a loved one, and helping children grieve.

  • Ask MomRN
    Duration: 01h00s | 23/06/2008

    The heart disease-related sudden deaths of two famous people in the past week drives home the importance of taking care of your heart health. Today's show was on heart disease and stroke prevention, tests women need to get at the dr.'s office, and questions to ask your doctor about your risk factors.

  • Hope for Teen Parents - "Ask MomRN Show"
    Duration: 01h00s | 16/06/2008

    (Skip the first 10 minutes, we had technical problems due to a bad internet connection in my hotel room) Special guest, Tracy Wood, joined MomRN to discuss what life as a teenage mother was like, and what she's learned over the years as a wife and mom of two. This was an uplifting, encouraging show for all parents, once we got past the technical difficulties!

  • Taking Care of Mommy
    Duration: 01h00s | 09/06/2008

    Special guest, Nicole Willis, mom of three boys and owner of The Ibrow Studio, will share her tips to keep busy moms looking and feeling our very best!

  • Summer Fun Guide with MomRN and Special Guests
    Duration: 01h00s | 02/06/2008

    What are your kids doing this summer? Need ideas to keep them entertained? MomRN and her special guests, Kayleigh and Noah, "two teens in the know", will bring you fun summer activity ideas, video game reviews, and book and movie reviews to help you plan an exciting summer with your kids! Call in with your ideas and plans too! 1-347-945-7957

  • Ask MomRN's Summer Safety Show
    Duration: 01h00s | 19/05/2008

    Summer is almost here! Today, we'll discuss the use of tanning beds by teens, sun safety, and other "hot" summer safety concerns! Call in and let's chat: 347-945-7957

  • "Ask MomRN"
    Duration: 01h00s | 12/05/2008

    Should kids be allowed to sleep in their parent's bed? How do you prevent and treat croup? How do you potty train kids who don't want to use the potty? Call in and let's discuss these and other pressing parenting issues! 347-945-7957

  • "Ask MomRN" - MomRN's Safe Kids
    Duration: 01h00s | 05/05/2008

    Going beyond "stranger danger", MomRN teaches you how to protect your kids and teens from child predators, both online and out in the "real world".

  • "Ask MomRN" Sibling Rivalry
    Duration: 30min | 28/04/2008

    Are your kids fighting with each other? Is their bickering driving you crazy? Find out how to handle sibling rivalry and keep your sanity!

  • "Ask MomRN" Communication is the Key
    Duration: 30min | 21/04/2008

    Communication is a key factor in any relationship, especially with your kids! Communications expert, JoJo Tabares, owner of, will be my guest today!

  • "Ask MomRN"
    Duration: 30min | 14/04/2008

    When is the right age to get a pet for your kid? What types of pets are best for kids? Call in with your opinion and any experiences with your kids and their pets!

  • Ask MomRN
    Duration: 30min | 07/04/2008

    Update: The first 8 minutes of the show had technical difficulties, so skip over to the 8 minute mark. We had some great discussions about teens and dating, bedtimes, and sex education in the schools. Let's talk about the issues, concerns, challenges, and joys you encounter day to day as a parent. Whether you are a first-time parent, or a veteran with several kids, we all want to do the best parenting job we can, so let's encourage and help each other.