Can Insight Be Awakened In Another?: Ojai 1980 - Dialogue 8

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"Can insight be awakened in another? - 19 April 1980
• What is the relationship to society of a man who has insight? What is his action
with regard to war and the whole world?
• Q: What is the significance of mankind in the universe, or in the ‘ground’?
• ‘Y’ is concerned with ‘Show me, prove it to me, what benefit it has, will I get
my future...’ And he is looking at ‘X’ with the eyes that are so accustomed to this pettiness. He reduces that immensity to his pettiness and puts it in a temple, and has therefore lost it completely. But there is something so immense that ‘X’ says, ‘Please do look at this,’ and ‘Y’ translates this into, ‘Show it to me, prove it to me. Will I have a better life?’
• ‘X’ brings light. That’s all he can do.
• To divert the course of man’s destruction somebody must listen."


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