One Can Learn Easily When There Is An Atmosphere Of Freedom And Friendship: Rajghat 1965 - School Talk (students) 2

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"You can understand yourself very simply when you are quiet - 4 December 1965
• When you are really quiet, alone with yourself, you begin to know yourself and
to see the intricacies of your mind.
• Q:Whydoesthemindgetdisturbedwhenitisinastateofrevoltandhowcanit
quieten down?
• Q: Is communication possible in all conditions?
• Q: When we say anything that is a bit alternative to what our elders think, we are stopped. There is great tension between us. Will you say what we should do about it?
• Q: What is humanity and when can a man be called a human being?
• Q: Is our way of life right?
• Q: You have said that we must have a quiet mind and at the same time you said
that disturbance is inevitable.
• Q: What is the importance of spirituality in the life of a human being?
• Q: How does evil come about?


  • 01 Why are you being educated

    Duration: 01h13min