CfEE Podcast Series: Innovate, Implement, Inspire


A podcast series featuring interviews with leaders who bring innovative approaches to improve employment services in BC and other jurisdictions.


  • CfEE Podcast Episode #5: The HOpe Café – A Coffee Shop with a Social Mission

    27/03/2017 Duration: 16min
  • CfEE Podcast Episode #4: Social Enterprise with Darrell Burnham of Coast Mental Health

    29/11/2016 Duration: 21min
  • CfEE Podcast Episode #3: Mergers in the Non-Profit Sector

    29/07/2016 Duration: 22min
  • CfEE Podcast Episode #2: The Cooperative Model in Employment Services

    04/04/2016 Duration: 15min
  • CfEE Podcast Episode #1: Partnering Together in the Employment Program of British Columbia

    04/12/2015 Duration: 14min