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In Bed is Susie's notorious weekly audio show - all about sex, culture, media, and politics- from a refreshingly sexual point of view! You can't hear it on the radio - you can only get it on the Internet. Commercial-free. Uncensored.


  • Susie Bright Interviews Betty Dodson


    FREE SAMPLE Susie Bright Interviews Betty Dodson, The Jill-Off GodmotherIf Betty Dodson didn't invent female masturbation, she was the first woman to wave the pink flag. This 78-year-old is not afraid of telling it like it is. She first made headlines back in 1974 with her book Liberating Masturbation, and went on to inspire the whole idea behind The Vagina Monologues. Susie and Betty discuss the G-Spot, inter-generational sex, and what it was like when Betty's mom first asked her daughter about her clitoris. Subscribe to IBWSB now!

  • Susie Bright Investigates the Great Sex Games


    FREE SAMPLE Susie Bright Plays Great Sex Games! In Susie's "Try This At Home" mailbag, she gets flooded with questions about wicked sex games for couples: Let's check out her favorite ones, and play a little "Truth or Dare". Subscribe now!

  • Susie Bright Interviews Tristan Taormino


    FREE SAMPLE Susie Bright interviews Tristan Taormino— The Questions No One Asks About Open Relationships! Tristan Taormino, feminist pornographer and author of Anal Sex for Women and the Best Lesbian Erotica series, talks about how to deal with all the issues that come up with non-monogamy. What if your lover throws a jealous fit at every play party and then denies it? How do you have kids and stay the course in a poly family? What if one partner is on the prowl and the other couldn't care less? Why do monogamous folks think they're doing any better? Subscribe now!

  • Susie Bright Interviews Chelsea Girl


    FREE SAMPLE Susie Bright Interviews Sex Blogger, Chelsea Girl Susie talks with legendary sex blogger, "Chelsea Girl." They discuss "viscous porn-starry spit," stripteasing your way to a scholarly interest in Victorian erotica, and Chelsea's always-revealing web diary, "Pretty Dumb Things." Subscribe now!

  • Susie Bright Interviews Leonore Tiefer


    FREE SAMPLE Susie Bright Interviews Sexologist Leonore Tiefer, on Sexual Addiction - The Big Myth Sexual theorist and therapist Dr. Leonore Tiefer. has challenged the standard medical practice of using Viagra to deal with women's sexual issues. Susie and Leonore discuss the differences between sexual addiction, compulsion, and obsession, and why the hype about "Sex Addicts" is off the wall, and more than a little dangerous. Subscribe now!

  • Susie Bright Interviews Kate Bornstein


    FREE SAMPLE Susie Bright Interviews Transgender Outlaw Kate Bornstein When it comes to turning boys and girls upside down, and shaking up every orgasmic assumption you ever had, no one does it better than transgender author, playwright, and performance artist Kate Bornstein. Susie and Kate discuss Bornstein's latest book, Hello, Cruel World: 101 Alternatives to Suicide for Teens, Freaks and Other Outlaws, as well as gender hierarchy and depression. If you've ever wanted to hear the un-cutesy truth about how people stay alive when all seems lost, this is it. Subscribe now!

  • Susie Bright Interviews Katha Pollitt


    FREE SAMPLE Susie Talks with Katha Pollitt at The Nation. Susie talks with feminist author Katha Pollitt, one of the mothers of American women's liberation, and notorious for her Nation magazine column "Subject to Debate". Susie and Katha talk about how sexual liberation got separated from women's liberation, "Virginity or Death!" the sexual licks of the male ego, and global feminism at its most provocative. Subscribe now!

  • Susie Bright Interviews Erica Jong


    FREE SAMPLE Susie Bright Interviews Erica Jong on the Real Deal About Sex and Older Women Susie's in the studio with Erica Jong, author of eight novels, notorious for her 1973 work, Fear of Flying. Susie asks Erica to be candid how her sex life has changed as she's gotten older, and Erica doesn't hold back. Jong says you don't "want to be the nurse or the purse" with older or much younger lovers, and her husband and her are having a whole different kind of sex than they had when they first met. Oral Sex? Susie's bosom? Erica spares...

  • Susie Bright Interviews Richard Connerney on India's Sexual Underground


    FREE SAMPLE India's Sexual Underground, with Richard Connerney Susie talks with Richard Connerney, a Phillips Talbot fellow at the Institute of Current World Affairs, who spent the last two years living in Lucknow, India, investigating the sexual counter-culture in a VERY traditional city. Susie asks Richard about India's hidden homosexual world, AIDS education, and his love life as he got very close with some of the locals of what was once called the Untouchable caste. Subscribe now!