Stramash With Ian Simpson



Stramash is an eclectic selection of music anything and everything that avoids the regular playlist is fair game. In addition to showcasing new local talent there is a regular element to the show which aims to help serious and hobby songwriters develop.


  • 45 - Duck Gift Snow

    45 - Duck Gift Snow

    22/12/2012 Duration: 59min

    So we're still alive! I'd better get wrapping those presents then. The last podcast of 2012 features: Duck in Tokyo (luisetti); Dare the Night (Quiet Arrows); The Pre-Geography of Snow (read by Maureen Harris, written by Lyn King); Roald Dahl (Dublin Duck Dispensary); Happy Holidays (Dublin Duck Dispensary); Yayoi Kusama video at Kodama Gallery, Osaka, Japan (Free Matter for the Blind); 20M friends (luisetti); Gift (Sunday) (Unfactory); the rain at night (read by Vic Burk, written by Tu Fu); Snow in the Basin (SunWalker); Component Parts (The Family Simpson); Thursday and Snow (Reprise) (Blank & Kytt); Rick Walker makes experimental sounds from dayglo orange plastic live looping techniques at metavinyl, santa cruz, CA (via salsburyp); London Snow (read by AHappyFlower written by Robert Bridges); Snow in the Basin II (SunWalker); Christmas Carols from 1902 (The Wall Family, via HendonTimes).

  • 44 - Far Too Busy For The End Of The World

    44 - Far Too Busy For The End Of The World

    31/10/2012 Duration: 53min

    derek webb - a real ghost the happy hippo family - r u injured? ahappyflower - for #halloween i read the gentleman with the latchkey from lord halifax's ghost book [] kelsey mira - halloween every day (background) the family simpson - casios are forever the family simpson - can i be the one? (background) mentone - horror [] elsinore - vampire in my town i vermi - edgar allen poe All tracks, unless stated, are hosted on the Podsafe Music Network and have been tagged with details of this show.

  • 43 - BSTO

    43 - BSTO

    24/09/2012 Duration: 49min

    "I don't want to be a prophet of doom, but..." Brewing coffee, September 2012 (Family Simpson) - ; Cynical Being (Anitek) - ; Feel Good Weather (Native Souls Crew) - ; September (Artist Unknown, via Ourmedia) - ; Scarf (mildtape) - ; The Dead Sea Scrolls (John 3.16) - ; Kopeika (et_) - ; Candlelight (Jahzzar) - Samples on paperless living from Fourcast #32 (Scott Johnson & Tom Merritt) - This podcast is creative commons. Please share and distribute fr

  • 42 - Wheres My Summer?

    42 - Where's My Summer?

    27/07/2012 Duration: 46min

    A podmix rather than a podcast this month. // Drilling a Hole in The Opposition (The Riffingtons); Sweet and Lowdown (Duke High); Jet Stream (Cane Corso Records); Burning School (Free Piece of Tape) [background during excerpt of Steve Wynn interview with Joe Belocks,WFMU]; Punching Holes in The Sky (Steve Wynn) [WFMU live track]; Window 3 (Two Bicycles) [background during second excerpt of Steve Wynn interview with Joe Belocks, WFMU]; The Happy Sound of Summer (sidbaility, audioboo) [background]; Still Is Summer (Breno Fernandes); Please Mind The Dubstep (Bitbasic); Chapter 6: The Numbering of The Dust (voiced by Jason Mills for libreVox, from J.G. McPherson's Meteorology; or Weather Explained); Requiem for a Fish (The Freak Fandango Orchestra); Summer in The City (Freedom Fry); Summer Blouses (Victoria Vesta); VIOLET (Neural Xolotl); Summer (David Hollowell) // Tracks were all public domain / Creative Commons 3.0. \\ \\ @stramashpodcast \\

  • 41 - Adventures in Free Podcasting

    41 - Adventures in Free Podcasting

    07/05/2012 Duration: 44min

    A show created entirely through associations between artists, songs or their inspirations. Enjoy! // The Kraken Awakes (Daemons) -- from Birds, Beasts + Breakdowns EP // VIOLET (Neural Xoloti) // Centre p.2 (Valiska) -- from Record of 37 album // Piffy on a Rock (Hypermagic) -- from Bad Panda #127 // Leaves Falling (Mixers By The River) -- from Born With This album // Solea para Bailar (Pilar Calvo y Luis Maravilla) // I Can't Stand It (Beth Anderson) -- from Peachy Keen-O album

  • 40 - An Interview with The Razorbills

    40 - An Interview with The Razorbills

    15/04/2012 Duration: 46min

    This one was well planned but badly executed (what a sales pitch!) - a wee bit late and a wee bit lofi but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless!

  • 39 - Interview with Garrett Ammon

    39 - Interview with Garrett Ammon

    26/02/2012 Duration: 01h07min

    First Stramash of 2012 featuring excellent chat with Ballet Nouveau Colorado Artistic Director Garrett Ammon about his recent project Love In A Digital Age. Also music by Decade In Exile, Hollywoodfun Downstairs, Paper Bird, Odjbox, Nheap and C418.

  • 38 - Merry Christmas

    38 - Merry Christmas

    17/12/2011 Duration: 01h54s

    Antithesis of the holiday season! This singer/songwriter filled episode features tracks by Fountains of Wayne, Loney Dear, BuskerOne, El Ten Eleven, Jackie Leven, Gordon Bell & The Sinking Ships, Bryan John Appleby and Tom The Noisemonger. Plus plenty of thoughts on songwriting in between.

  • 37. Oh There You Are

    37. Oh There You Are

    31/10/2011 Duration: 41min

    Long-overdue update featuring The Head and The Heart; Trailblazer; Marc Pinansky; Spoek Mathambo; Sleeper Agent; They Might Be Giants; Momus and chat in between.

  • 36. Celebrate

    36. Celebrate

    14/06/2011 Duration: 01h31min

    This one is all about celebrations! Extended summer holiday podcast featuring a ton of Scottish talent and other fantastic music from around the world.

  • 35. Spring Broke

    35. Spring Broke

    08/03/2011 Duration: 58min - this time around Ian and his co-hosts select from artists as diverse as Dustin Edge, Tokyo Police Club, Pete Stollery and more...