I'm Kate Densen. Listen to me try to learn from my mistakes and figure out what I want from the hellscape that is online dating. Questions? Comments? Stories of your own? Email me at


  • Everything Is Terrible (And That’s Okay)

    15/06/2018 Duration: 12min
  • How I Learned to Stop Worrying (About Turning My Life Into a Romantic Comedy)

    15/02/2018 Duration: 13min
  • Fare Thee Well to All That

    12/12/2017 Duration: 12min
  • Thristmuffin

    10/05/2017 Duration: 19min
  • (Not So) Hot Take – Dick Pics

    28/03/2017 Duration: 03min
  • Meet Ariel!

    26/03/2017 Duration: 35min
  • A Kink By Any Other Name

    26/03/2017 Duration: 17min
  • V-Day Special

    26/03/2017 Duration: 22min
  • Hey, Hater(s)

    26/03/2017 Duration: 16min
  • Mansplained / Ghosts of Tinder Past

    26/03/2017 Duration: 22min