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Dr. Karen Wolfe is an Australian physician with a mission. She is the leading voice to discern how to use the massive amounts information in the field of nutrition, mind/body medicine and functional medicine. Dr Karen will offer you strategies and plans to take your health to the next level. With scientifically sound principles, she will offer tips, motivation and inspiration to support your total health and wellness.Dr. Karen worked initially in Australia as a family physician and moved to the United States in 1991 for love! She is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and is a long time faculty member of the National Wellness Institute ConferenceDr. Karen is the Founder of WellPRO International, her company dedicated to bringing an integrated healing model into the health and wellness community. She is also a Team Leader for Team Northrup, which is group of like minded wellness professionals dedicated to building a global health and wellness business that recognizes the vital link between joyful work, abundant health and financial prosperity.Dr. Karen has been featured on National Wellness Institute, Sanoviv Medical Institute, Center for Science in the Public Interest, KateNorthrup.com, MariaShriver.com, Psychology of Eating Top 50 Health Coach Blogs 2015 and 2013, Young Presidents Organization, LA Talk Radio, Integrative Nutrition, Hyatt.


  • To Rest Like A Tree

    To Rest Like A Tree

    13/11/2019 Duration: 08min

    Dr Karen discussed the work of Mark Nepo, a poet and teacher. In this podcast Dr Karen discusses Mark's book called The Book of Awakening - Having the Life You Want by Being Present to the life You Have.  He provides small doses of what really matters, simple truths, and stories for our  everyday life. This podcast is one such story, called To Rest Like A Tree and is based on a teaching from Buddha's Little Instruction Book: "Praise and blame, gain and loss, pleasure and sorrow come and go like the wind. To be happy, rest like a great tree in the midst of them all."

  • A Mind of Your Own

    A Mind of Your Own

    13/11/2019 Duration: 10min

    A Mind of Your Own outlines a new paradigm of depression as a lifestyle crisis. Dr Kelly Brogan, MD  has written a book based on her clinical experience as a board certified psychiatrist and her interpretation of published medical findings.  Dr. Brogan illuminates the true cause of depression as not simply a chemical imbalance but a lifestyle crisis that demands a reset. It is a signal that the interconnected systems in the body are out of balance - from blood sugar to gut health to thyroid function -and inflammation is at the root. This podcast will open your eyes to recognize the links between various body systems and our connectedness to the environmental ecosystem around us!

  • Testing for Adrenal Fatigue

    Testing for Adrenal Fatigue

    08/11/2019 Duration: 08min

    Testing for Adrenal Fatigue correctly requires using a combination of lab testing and feedback from the patient (questionnaires can also play a useful role). The major lab test used to diagnose Adrenal Fatigue is, as you might have guessed, the cortisol test. But there is more than one type of cortisol testing, and the correct interpretation of results is also important. Your doctor may order a saliva, blood or urine test to measure your cortisol. These days it is generally accepted that saliva cortisol testing is the most accurate, as it gives a better estimate of the cortisol levels within your cells, where the hormone reactions are actually taking place. Remember that it is important to be well-hydrated before you do your saliva test – dehydration can skew the results. Here’s another important thing to know about cortisol testing. Taking a single measurement, or even a 24-hour average, is not enough. The best cortisol tests take 4 individual samples at various points of the day and then map your cortisol l

  • Sugar Sensitivity and Cravings

    Sugar Sensitivity and Cravings

    04/11/2019 Duration: 17min

    If sugar were put on the market for the first time today, it would be difficult to get it past the FDA. Eating sweets can give us a temporary emotional boost, which leads to a craving for still more sweets. Many people who suffer from sugar sensitivity don't even know it; they continue to consume large quantities of sweets, breads, pasta or alcohol. These foods can trigger feelings of exhaustion and low self-esteem, yet their biochemical impact makes sugar-sensitive people crave them even more. This vicious cycle can continue for years, leaving sufferers overweight, fatigued and depressed. Using the self -test from the book Potatoes Not Prozac by Dr. Kathleen Des Maisons, Dr Karen gives you the tool to determine your sugar sensitivity and guides you on the path to no longer living in secret shame because you will understand these behaviors are part of addiction.

  • Pure, White and Deadly PART 1

    Pure, White and Deadly PART 1

    28/10/2019 Duration: 13min

    Why don’t we hear much about the dangers of sugar? Forty years ago, renowned physician John Yudkin sounded the alarm that sugar is bad for our health – he was ignored by the medical community. Now with current science and nutrition and the fall of the low-fat hypothesis, this “old” book is “new” again. I will share in this Podcast series how we can improve our health by paying attention to the book “Pure, White and Deadly – How Sugar Is Killing US and What We Can Do to Stop It"

  • 4 R’s For Gut-Brain Care

    4 R’s For Gut-Brain Care

    16/10/2019 Duration: 14min

    Your digestion is important for absorption of nutrients, elimination of wastes and a vital component of our immune system. When things go wrong with our digestive tract it can cause widespread symptoms throughout our body and BRAIN like brain fog, fatigue, aches and pains, skin problems, mood problems and increase your risk of autoimmune conditions. Listen to this podcast to learn the 4 R’s for your Gut/Brain Care!

  • Biomarkers You Need To Know

    Biomarkers You Need To Know

    16/10/2019 Duration: 08min

    The next time you go for lab work, consider requesting these biomarkers that are often not ordered. They are a good indication of inflammation in your body! These tests are economical, and generally covered by most insurance plans. Bring this list to your next doctor’s visit.  

  • Let Your Life Speak

    Let Your Life Speak

    16/10/2019 Duration: 08min

    Learning to ”Let Your life speak” means "living the life that wants to live in you." It involves creating the kind of quiet, trusting conditions that allow your soul to speak its truth. It also means tuning out the noisy preconceived ideas about what a vocation should and shouldn't be so that we can better hear the call of our wild souls.

  • Have you heard about Nutrigenomics?

    Have you heard about Nutrigenomics?

    09/10/2018 Duration: 14min

    Have you heard about Nutrigenomics? In this episode of Dr Karen Health Talks, I explain how we are not victims of our genes. In fact with the human genome project showing that humans have the same number of genes as worms, there is a whole new understanding of the cause of human variation. I use the specific example of Alzheimer’s Disease and the ApoE4 SNP and how this marker is more likely to be expressed with a diet high in saturated fat and sugar. You may want to  listen to this podcast many times to get an understanding of the future of personalized health and wellness interventions. There will be more episodes on this topic!

  • Have you heard about Lipoprotein A?

    Have you heard about Lipoprotein A?

    12/09/2018 Duration: 06min
  • Lab Testing for Better Health

    Lab Testing for Better Health

    12/09/2018 Duration: 10min
  • Acid versus Alkali - What is the difference?

    Acid versus Alkali - What is the difference?

    01/08/2018 Duration: 06min
  • Top 10 Tips for Adding Alkaline Foods to Your Diet

    Top 10 Tips for Adding Alkaline Foods to Your Diet

    01/08/2018 Duration: 05min
  • Is sugar addiction really a problem?

    Is sugar addiction really a problem?

    07/06/2018 Duration: 09min

    The Lay’s potato chip advertising company were really onto something when they developed their “betcha can’t eat just one” slogan in the 1950s. Talk about ahead of their time!   So many people struggle with sugar cravings and loving carbs! Do you?

  • How Pets Help Your Health

    How Pets Help Your Health

    02/05/2018 Duration: 13min

    Did you know that owning a pet can help improve your overall health? Our dogs are part of our family. Some might say a little “too much” since they sleep in our bed and cuddle up on the couch with us!  See all the ways pet owners’ health can prosper—physically, mentally, and emotionally.

  • How to Attract Clients with Public Speaking

    How to Attract Clients with Public Speaking

    13/04/2018 Duration: 11min

    Public speaking is a powerful way to build your client base and build trust. However there is a whole “System” to put in place before, during and after your presentation to attract your perfect clients. It is not just about the speaking itself, it is about the speaking system you set up.

  • How Our Eating Habits Can Impact Our Planet

    How Our Eating Habits Can Impact Our Planet

    16/09/2017 Duration: 14min

    I was in Mothers market this week and I found a RAW HUMMUS WRAP that has this on the container “Adopting a plant-based diet is the single most powerful action an individual can take to stop climate change, end world hunger and save our planet” This got my attention. So I did my research. Listen to my PODCAST to hear what I found and comment below to start a conversation about plant-based eating.  

  • Dr Karen Health Talks Podcast - How to Make Fermented Foods 101

    Dr Karen Health Talks Podcast - How to Make Fermented Foods 101

    28/07/2017 Duration: 09min

    Fermented foods have a lot of health benefits. They are rich in enzymes, which help speed up digestion and absorption in our system. They are also rich in good bacteria, specifically lactobacillus acidophilus, which is an extremely beneficial flora found in the gut. A study published in the International Journal of Obesity even found that some types of probiotics promoted weight loss. NOTE - Most fermented foods you can buy in supermarket jars or cans have been pasteurized and cooked at high heat, killing any friendly bacteria. You'll have to make your own pickles or sauerkraut to retain those products' bacterial benefits. (If you take basic precautions in fermenting your own, there's little risk.)

  • Constipation 101

    Constipation 101

    07/02/2017 Duration: 20min

    We are not really taught about the importance of the gut and whether your digestive system is working properly. Some people have been constipated for 10 years and are dependent on laxatives. If you continue this trend, you can have further consequences. Some people are suffering from the effects of constipation and don’t know any difference. Acne, weight, stomach pains, gas, bloating, skin issues, mood problems, lack of concentration and more!

  • How To Survive the Holiday Party Menu

    How To Survive the Holiday Party Menu

    16/12/2016 Duration: 17min

    The holidays are upon us and we have parties and food everywhere! My brand new Dr Karen Health Talk Radio Show is all about my Top Ten Tips for How to Survive the Holiday parties!!!! Enjoy and share with those who would enjoy listening!   Would you like to listen to more episodes from Dr. Karen's Health Show? Receive automatic updates by subscribing on iTunes:   Save

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