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Astrology Bytes is an educational astrology podcast, with bite-sized lessons for people who want to learn astrology...but don't have all day.


  • How to Understand Your Venus with Rachel Lang

    08/10/2021 Duration: 21min

    Episode 145. When we think of Venus in astrology, we assume it's only about romance. While it does have a lot to say about l'amour, Venus is also associated with money. In this episode, astrologer and author Rachel Lang talks about how to understand your Venus so that you can make better decisions in love and money. Rachel also gives a glimpse into her new book, Modern Day Magic: 8 Simple Rules to Realize your Power and Shape Your Life.

  • The Progressed Moon with Celeste Brooks

    24/09/2021 Duration: 20min

    Episode 144. Of all the progressed planets, the Moon moves the quickest. What impact might it have on the individual? What does it reveal about our emotional lives? Astrologer Celeste Brooks joins me to discuss the role the progressed Moon has in predicting the future, your attitude, and your emotional growth. You'll also learn how to work with the energy of your progressed Moon and what you need to know about the aspects it makes to your natal chart.

  • Astrology for Writers with Jeanna Kadlec

    17/09/2021 Duration: 25min

    No writer is the same. Each one has a unique voice, point of view, style, and process - much like an astrology chart. Once you understand your natal blueprint, you know how to make your writing work for you. In this episode of Astrology Bytes, I'm joined by author and astrologer Jeanna Kadlec to discuss astrology for writers. Jeanna shares what astrology reveals about the writer, how to lean into different transits to max out your writing, and more. She also gives the low down on her new self-study program, Astrology For Writers - a must-have for any writer who wants to connect their writing practice to the cosmos (psst...when you do, your work will flow!).

  • Astrology and Your Money Habits with Kim Woods

    03/09/2021 Duration: 24min

    Episode 142. What does astrology reveal about your money habits? Where do you look to understand how you spend or save? More importantly, how can you use this astrological information to change your financial situation? Kim Woods joins me today on Astrology Bytes to talk about all of this and more (including what you need to know when you and your partner have radically different aspects around money!). 

  • Astrology and Children with Briana Saussy

    27/08/2021 Duration: 32min

    Episode 141. What can astrology reveal about children? And how can we as parents use that information? Briana Saussy, author of Starchild: Joyful Parenting Through Astrology, joins me for an illuminating discussion on astrology and children.

  • Using Elements of Astrology to Look at Your Blind Spots with Compassion with Debra Silverman

    25/07/2021 Duration: 20min

    Episode 140. Astrologer Debra Silverman shares how you can work with the elements in astrology to find your blind spots - and compassion for yourself. 

  • Uranus Through the Houses in the Natal Chart

    16/07/2021 Duration: 09min

    Episode 139. Uranus is the seventh planet from the Sun - and it’s an “ice giant” and the fourth-largest planetary mass in the solar system. It also has 27 moons and rings just like Saturn! In astrology, Uranus is the ruling planet of Aquarius and is associated with change, freedom, and individuality. Where Uranus is placed in your natal chart shows the areas of your life where you are original, non-conformist, and where you might experience sudden changes. It can also tell something about your intuitive gifts or unique work you’re here to do as well as the groups or friends in your life. If afflicted, it can indicate where you’re rebellious. 1st: Uranus in the first house indicates you’re a true non-conformist. You don’t care if you fit in. Instead, you want to express your individuality freely. You might be regarded as eccentric or unconventional - and you may dress in a way that gets people talking. If poorly aspected, you may be unpredictable or unstable. 2nd: Uranus in the second house means your finan

  • Navigating Your Saturn Return with Lisa Stardust

    02/07/2021 Duration: 24min

    Episode 138. The Saturn return is one of the most pivotal astrological transits you'll ever experience. It brings new growth...and plenty of challenges. Astrologer Lisa Stardust, author of Saturn Return Survival Guide: Navigating This Cosmic Rite of Passage, shares her wisdom on how to navigate this tricky and powerful time.

  • The Soul Codes in Your Natal Chart with Debbie Frank

    18/06/2021 Duration: 31min

    Episode 137. Did you know your astrology chart holds clues to what your soul is here to learn? In this episode of Astrology Bytes, UK-based astrologer and author of What’s Your Soul Sign?: Astrology for Waking Up, Transforming and Living a High-Vibe Life shares the secrets of finding your purpose through astrology. Learn about the Nodes, what certain aspects have to say about the people in your life and more.

  • Saturn Through the Houses in the Natal Chart

    11/06/2021 Duration: 07min

    Episode 136. Saturn is the “ringed planet.”  In astrology, it is associated with lessons and limitations. Where Saturn is placed in your natal chart shows the areas of your life where you may experience challenges and must shoulder responsibilities. If you lean into it, you can develop discipline and grow. 1st: Saturn in the first house indicates a disciplined, serious personality. You may appear aloof or unfriendly. You’re hardworking, logical, and not afraid to take on heavy responsibilities. If afflicted, you may be selfish and materialistic - or overly concerned with your status. 2nd: Saturn in the second house means you’ll work hard for the money and are ambitious to acquire wealth. You have shrewd business instincts and might be frugal with your resources. If afflicted, you might be overly preoccupied with material objects - or anxious about your money and unable to enjoy it. 3rd: Saturn in the third house creates mental discipline and a fine, practical mind. You might work in publishing or educatio

  • Tracking Your Transits with Jessica Lanyadoo

    28/05/2021 Duration: 44min

    Episode 135. What are transits and why would you want to track them (or not)? Jessica Lanyadoo joins me on the latest Astrology Bytes to talk about that - and so much more. I've been a huge fan of her work for many years - and I love her perspective on all things astrology. In this conversation, we also discuss our thoughts on moving with the flow of the planets, learning astrology, internet experts, Gemini's obsessions with magazines, our mutual love of Saturn, and her new app, Astrology for Days (my newest fave way to track the transits!). Listen in and learn as Jessica shares her wisdom with that cool Capricorn dry wit. 

  • Postcolonial Astrology with Alice Sparkly Kat

    14/05/2021 Duration: 27min

    Episode 134. Postcolonial Astrology by Alice Sparkly Kat is a thought-provoking, bold, and fiercely smart book. In this week's Astrology Bytes, the author joins me to talk about her book, gender, Venus as a war goddess and so much more. I love this book and think it addresses many questions about white supremacy, colonization, inclusivity, labor, race -  and how astrology can be more responsible going forward.

  • Jupiter Through the Houses in the Natal Chart

    07/05/2021 Duration: 07min

    Episode 133. Jupiter is the fifth planet in the solar system - and the largest of all the planets. In astrology, this big guy is associated with luck and expansion. Where Jupiter is placed in your natal chart shows the areas of your life where you are fortunate and gifted. It’s where you can expand. If afflicted, Jupiter can bring foolish optimism or a lack of moderation. 1st: Jupiter in the first house indicates an optimistic, outgoing personality. You’re easy-going, generous to a fault, and confident. There is an element of spiritual protection around you as well - no matter how bad things get, you always find help, even it comes at the last possible moment. If afflicted, you could be prone to “big talking” or shooting your mouth off. 2nd: Jupiter in the second house means you’ve got business acumen and are lucky at attracting money. You may have financial support in your life, such as a well-to-do family. If afflicted, you could burn through money quickly or gamble it away foolishly. 3rd: Jupiter in th

  • Mars Through the Houses in the Natal Chart

    23/04/2021 Duration: 08min

    Episode 132. Mars is the Red Planet and is named after the Roman god of war. Where Mars is placed in your natal chart shows the areas of your life where you must take action. This is where you express your desires, passion, and leadership. If Mars is afflicted, it can indicate where conflict or anger shows up. 1st: Mars in the first house indicates an aggressive, outgoing, and courageous personality. If you’ve got Mars here, you want to be where the action is. You’re bold and not afraid to take risks. If Mars is afflicted, you may be headstrong and prone to temper tantrums. You’ll need to learn how to think before acting if you want to avoid drama. 2nd: Mars in the second house means you’re not afraid to hustle for your cash. You’ll work hard to achieve your financial goals and you may possess business acumen. You’re also competitive when it comes to money matters, which means you’ll do what you can to protect your own interests. If afflicted, you might be ruthless in your pursuit of material goods and not

  • How to Avoid Making Astro-Excuses with Ben Katzman

    09/04/2021 Duration: 18min

    Episode 131. What happens when you get a music-loving astrologer together with an astrology-loving musician? This great conversation between Ben Katzman and yours truly! Ben, along with his band DeGreaser, is the musical genius behind Astrology 101, an astrology-inspired album with songs for every sign of the zodiac. (You MUST check out the video "My Mom's A Capricorn" - it's hilarious!) In this episode of Astrology Bytes, we discuss how to avoid making "astro-excuses" aka blaming astrology for things! (Ex: "well, I can't help it...I'm a Gemini!" WRONG!) Of course, we also talk a bit about music and his new album too. Listen in and let's shred those astro-excuses!

  • Venus Through the Houses in the Natal Chart

    26/03/2021 Duration: 06min

    Episode 130. Venus is the goddess of love and is associated with romance, art, beauty, and how we express ourselves socially.   Where Venus is placed in your natal chart shows the areas of your life or activities where you find beauty, art, and pleasure.   1st: Venus in the first house indicates a pleasing appearance and loads of charm. You’ve got that “it” factor and always look pulled together.   2nd: Venus in the second house means you can attract money and resources with ease - or you may make a living in the arts. You may have a love of beautiful things and could acquire wealth. You might even marry into it!   3rd: Venus in the third house gives interest in the arts and cultural pursuits. You may enjoy reading poetry or could be a talented creative writer. Artistic scholars sometimes have this placement. Sometimes Venus in the 3rd indicates people who write beautiful love letters.   4th: Venus in the fourth usually indicates a happy childhood and beautiful nest. You might be attached to your ho

  • Understanding Your Loved Ones with the Celestial Trilogy with Amy Zerner and Monte Farber

    19/03/2021 Duration: 41min

    Episode 129. Before you start making assumptions that you simply can't get along with that Taurus or you can only date "certain signs," hear this: you can learn how to foster healthy relationships with anybody, no matter what their sign may be. Astrologers Amy Zerner and Monte Farber join me to talk about how the "celestial trilogy" can help you learn to understand the people in your life better - and create stronger partnerships, even if the stars aren't aligning. Once you know how someone operates (and what you both need), you can work together in a way that is best for both parties. We talk about this - and their new book, Mindful Astrology, a helpful guide to the celestial trilogy, the three most important points in the zodiac chart. 

  • Mercury Through the Houses in the Natal Chart

    12/03/2021 Duration: 07min

    Episode 128. Where Mercury is placed in your natal chart shows the areas of your life or activities that occupy your mind or impact your communication. 1st: Mercury in the first house indicates a personality that is curious and talkative. You have an intellectual outlook on life and might be intellectually competitive. It may be hard to shut you up at times though. 2nd: Mercury in the second house means your mind is preoccupied with money and business. Like Snoop Dogg, “You’ve got your mind on your money and your money on your mind.” You might make your living through a career in writing, teaching, or communications. 3rd: Mercury in the third house is accidentally dignified since this house corresponds with Gemini. If you have Mercury in the third, you’re probably quick-witted, intelligent, and a great speaker. You have a way with words. This placement can also indicate a nervous mind - or a tendency to gossip way too much. 4th: Mercury in the fourth means a lot of mental activity happens in the home. The

  • Lunar Cycles for Business with Leslie Tagorda

    05/03/2021 Duration: 33min

    Episode 127. I follow the Moon closely for everything. I'm serious about that. It's especially useful for business. Brand astrologer and host of The Savvy Luminary podcast Leslie Tagorda knows this - and guides her clients to success using lunar cycles for business. In this episode of Astrology Bytes, she shares her wisdom so you too can make your biz swoon with the moon! Leslie is the author of Star Powered Brand and New Moon Rituals for Entrepreneurs (I HIGHLY recommend both).  *Note: I mistakenly say this is episode 203 but it's actually 127.*

  • The Moon Through the Houses in the Natal Chart

    19/02/2021 Duration: 06min

    Episode 126. The Moon symbolizes your emotions, needs, and how we respond to others and the world around us. There are twelve houses in the natal chart. You can go back to older episodes to learn about the attributes of each house. Where the Moon sits in your natal chart shows where you get emotional. Because the Moon is changeable, this can also indicate where conditions in your life may fluctuate too. 1st: The Moon in the first house indicates a personality that expresses feelings outwardly. Your heart is right on your sleeve. Sometimes, you may be too reactionary. 2nd: The Moon in the second house means money is important to you. It comes and goes, which can create anxiety. When you have enough cash in the bank, you tend to be more chill. 3rd: The Moon in the third house indicates emotions tend to color your thoughts. You’ve got a great imagination and might be intuitive. At times, you need to work hard to keep your feet planted on the ground. 4th: The Moon in the fourth is at home since this is the

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