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  • Ep. 108 - Who's still left for the Nets and Wizards

    09/07/2020 Duration: 36min

    As the NBA continues to test, we have more instances of players testing positive for COVID-19 and many are dropping out. Spencer Dinwiddie and Taurean Prince are sitting out, and we’re left to wonder who’s going to represent the Nets and Wizards for the NBA bubble. What will the Nets and Wizards lineups look like for the bubble? (2:30) Players leaving the bubble for baby births (16:00) Victor Oladipo to sit (20:05) Patty Mills & Dwight Howard donating to foundations (22:30) Dion Waiters vs. JR Smith (23:40) Who’s most likely to infiltrate the bubble? (29:30) How are players coming back in better shape? (31:45) Website: Social: @Stretch4Pod Facebook:

  • Ep. 107 - Let's Talk Bubble Ball

    03/07/2020 Duration: 51min

    We're less than a month away from the NBA coming back to Orlando, and it's natural that we talk about some Bubble Ball! After more than 3 months away, we go take a look at teams' projected line ups, who's going to come out of the gate strong, and who we like in the finals. Who’s coming out of the gate strong and who will be the weakest entering the bubble (4:30) Which team will have the most important pieces sitting out? (28:24) Favourites to make the finals (39:25) Why are the Celtics the Eastern Conference underdog? (45:45) Website: Social: @Stretch4Pod Facebook:

  • Ep. 106 - The Delete 8

    25/06/2020 Duration: 42min

    Amidst all the conversation about how the top 22 teams are going to Orlando, there's been very little talk about how the bottom 8 are going to fare going forward. The fellas are back to talk about the Delete 8, looking at their prospects for the future, and really trying to figure out why we should care about the Hornets. Golden State Warriors (2:50) New York Knicks (11:43) Chicago Bulls (21:00) Atlanta Hawks (25:45) Minnesota Timberwolves (32:40) Cleveland Cavaliers, Detroit Pistons, Charlotte Hornets (37:55) Website: Social: @Stretch4Pod Facebook:

  • Ep. 105 - Bubble Questions

    19/06/2020 Duration: 45min

    We've got some more details about the NBA bubble coming up at the end of July, but it looks like Kyrie Irving and a handful of other players are trying to deny it. The NBA continues to try to resolve issues before they arrive, but it looks like there are some more issues that they haven't thought of. Thoughts on Kyrie the Disruptor (2:00) Bubble vs. Campus (15:45) Precautions (18:35) Who’s going to break quarantine first (23:15) Snitchin’ hotline (28:45) Disney staff gets in/out privileges (36:45) Website: Social: @Stretch4Pod Facebook:

  • Ep. 104 - Re-Living the Toronto Raptors Championship run

    12/06/2020 Duration: 01h16min

    It’s been one year since the Toronto Raptors captured its first NBA Championship title, and we’re here to re-live the past. We bring back special guest Fatah Fatah to talk to us about where he was soaking in the champagne showers of 2019! #WeTheNorth Where were you for game 6 of the Finals? (4:30) Were you worried about Milwaukee in the ECF? (12:30) Raptors odds going into the Finals (29:28) KD goes down (44:15) Game 6 at Oracle (55:30) Favourite Raptor of all time (1:07:00) Website: Social: @Stretch4Pod Facebook:

  • Ep. 103 - We've got an NBA timeline

    05/06/2020 Duration: 45min

    After almost 3 months out of commission, the NBA has announced that it's Board of Governors have accepted the proposed resumption of the season, to be held at Disney World. The guys look at the timeline, which teams are best situated and who's at the greatest detriment, and why Portland would say no to the proposed 22-team system. The NBA is coming back! (2:00) Who stands a chance at getting the 9th seed for the play-in tournament? (6:50) What about old coaches? (9:05) Why did Portland say no (18:55) Best advantage (28:05) How’re the East teams looking (29:40) What will the broadcast experience be like? (32:55) Major roadblocks (38:30) Black Lives Matter movement (41:40) Website: Social: @Stretch4Pod Facebook:

  • Ep. 102 - The NBA's Potential Return

    28/05/2020 Duration: 53min

    The NBA is seriously considering bringing the league back to play in an isolated area, and queue up Disney World! If the NBA is able to continue the season at the happiest place on Earth, it poses more than just a few questions to go forward. The guys talk about the potential re-seeding for playoffs, playing regular season games, and how teams would match up with each other in the first round. Proposals on bringing back teams to finish some games of the regular season and how to complete the playoffs with 1-16 re-seeding (2:00) How do we incentivize bottom tier teams to try instead of tanking (12:10) Will 1-16 make the best first round ever? (24:00) Will players have in/out privileges, how would the rules of a campus-like bubble be enforced? (27:48) Can we get a Disney World x NBA version of Big Brother (32:10) How many players on one team need to contract COVID-19 before the team is eliminated? (33:20) World Cup style Groups (38:15) Which first round match up are you looking forward to? (42:00) Website: ht

  • Ep. 101 - The Last Dance Episodes 9&10 Reaction Pod

    19/05/2020 Duration: 57min

    On this week's episode of the Traveling Cocaine Circus, we go in and take a look at episodes 9 and 10 of ESPN's The Last Dance! We're at the finale, and spoiler alert, the Bulls end up winning the 97 and 98 Finals. We break down Jordan's hardest playoff match up, the potential push off on Byron Russell and of course, Rodzilla! How the Pacers manage to lose game 7 against Mike (2:50) Rookie Byron Russell talking trash to retired Jordan (9:10) Flu game conspiracies (12:30) Scott Burrell gets bashed even when he's not in the room (17:45) The Kenny Lattimore praise is strong (24:10) Rodzilla! (26:20) The Last Game (31:50) Should Phil Jackson have come back with Jerry Reinsdorf’s offer to rebuild (40:00) Closing thoughts (48:45) Website: Social: @Stretch4Pod Facebook:

  • Ep. 100 - Re-Living Kawhi's Game 7 Shot

    12/05/2020 Duration: 01h13min

    We made it to 100 episodes! On such a momentous occasion, we had to bring on two die hard Raptors fans to re-live Kawhi's game 7 shot against Philadelphia last year. Shoutout to Fatah Fatah and Richard Wong for joining us and re-living some of the Raptors glory days from 2019. Where were you during game 7 (4:45) Bleakest point in Raptors history for you (20:55) When did Kyle Lowry earn the praise he’s getting? (29:13) How did you feel about the Kawhi trade when it was initially announced in the summer of 2018? (36:45) Expectations going into the playoffs (42:23) Raptors bench expectations (51:00) Is this when we saw Nick Nurse stand out as a coach? (57:40) Website: Social: @Stretch4Pod Facebook:

  • Ep. 99 - The Last Dance Episodes 7&8 Reaction Pod

    11/05/2020 Duration: 45min

    On this week's episode of the Traveling Cocaine Circus, we go in and take a look at episodes 7 and 8 of ESPN's The Last Dance! We break down Jordan's swing in the AA and his obsessive personality to win. Jordan's first retirement in '93 (2:33) Bulls killed it without Mike in 93-94 being Scottie's leadership (12:00) Is Pippen dunking on Ewing the best in-game in history? (17:03) BJ Armstrong pisses off Mike in '98  (20:40) I'm Back. (25:44) 45 ain't 23. (29:13) Does '95 count towards Jordan's record? (31:35) Jordan-Kerr fight (34:27) '96 Finals against Payton and the SuperSonics(37:37) What're we looking forward to in the finale (42:43) Website: Social: @Stretch4Pod Facebook:

  • Ep. 98 - The Best Teams to Never Win the Championship

    08/05/2020 Duration: 52min

    On today's episode, we show love to some of the teams that never finished off the job and win the Championship. Factors including injuries, management, and league rules made some of these teams miss their only opportunities to jump over the hurdle to get their chips! 1996-1997 Utah Jazz (3:25) 2011-2012 OKC Thunder (9:10) 1999-2000 Portland Trailblazers (16:23) 2006-2007 Phoenix Suns (22:07) 2004-2005 Indiana Pacers (33:07) 2000-2001 Milwaukee Bucks (37:31) 2012-2013 San Antonio Spurs (40:51) 2001-2002 Sacramento Kings (43:45) Website: Social: @Stretch4Pod Facebook:

  • Ep. 97 - The Last Dance Episodes 5&6 Reaction Pod

    05/05/2020 Duration: 35min

    On today’s episode of the Bulls Traveling Cocaine Circus, we take a look at episodes 5 and 6 of ESPN’s documentary, The Last Dance! We talk about the dark side of Michael Jordan's gambling addiction (or a competition addiction...), his feud with Isiah Thomas, and the Jordan Rules. Jordan and the Dream Team and his feud with Isiah Thomas (3:05) Nike sneaker allegiance (11:35) Kobe and Mike relationship (14:35) Jordan is outed as a gambling addict (16:55) Jordan Rules & snitchin’ Horace Grant (22:35) The Traveling Cocaine Circus Reappears! (24:20) Will Perdue story (25:00) Jordan petty levels against Clyde Drexler, Dan Majerle, and Charles Barkley (26:50) Website: Social: @Stretch4Pod Facebook:

  • Ep. 96 - 2020 NBA Season Awards

    30/04/2020 Duration: 01h01min

    With the NBA Season still on an indefinite hold, it's safe for us to assume that we won't be seeing the regular season coming back anytime soon. We take a look at how we did with our predictions for the awards from the beginning of the year! MVP - LeBron vs. Giannis (3:45) DPOY - Giannis vs Anthony Davis (19:00) ROY - Ja vs. Zion (25:00) 6th Man - Dennis Schröder vs. Montrezl Harrell (35:00) MIP - Bam Adebayho vs. Brandon Ingram vs. Jayson Tatum (44:32) COY - Billy Donovan vs. Nick Nurse (52:00) Website: Social: @Stretch4Pod Facebook:

  • Ep. 95 - The Last Dance Episodes 3&4 Reaction Pod

    28/04/2020 Duration: 34min

    On today’s episode of the Bulls Traveling Cocaine Circus, we take a look at episodes 3 and 4 of ESPN’s documentary, The Last Dance! We discuss topics ranging from Dennis Rodman’s involvement with Carmen Electra to his ability to outrun everyone on the team after a weekend “vacation” in Vegas, all the way to Phil Jackson’s ascendance to the head coaching position in Chicago in 1989. We take a look at how Isiah Thomas' Bad Boy Detroit Pistons fell to the Bulls in the early 90s and of course, talk about Michael Jordan's pettiness decades after The Last Dance. Website: Social: @Stretch4Pod Facebook:

  • Ep. 94 - Top 60 Player Draft

    23/04/2020 Duration: 01h44min

    We brought back special guest Darrell Wonge and friend of the program, Bobby Walia to help us with a little project. We turned off all injuries and drafted our top 60 players of the last 30 years! Let us know who you think drafted the best team! Website: Social: @Stretch4Pod Facebook:

  • Ep. 93 - The Last Dance Reactions Pod

    21/04/2020 Duration: 32min

    The guys gather (virtually, of course) to talk about the biggest takeaways from the ESPN Production that we've all been waiting for, The Last Dance. Welcome to the Traveling Cocaine Circus! Website: Social: @Stretch4Pod Facebook:

  • Ep. 92 - Top 5 Teams of the Last 30 Years

    14/04/2020 Duration: 01h01min

    We're looking at the best teams to hit the hardwood in the last 30 years. The guys talk about on and off court chemistry, Jordan's GOAT status, and the newest iteration of the Warriors.  Website: Social: @Stretch4Pod Facebook:

  • Ep. 91 - Special Guest Darrell Wonge

    07/04/2020 Duration: 01h29min

    We brought on special guest 10 year professional Darrell Wonge for a nice chat. He talked about his time on the court matched up against players like Chris Paul and Dwight Howard. With stories from Japan to Ecuador, this is one for the books! Find Darrell's work now at and @DoNoWonge on Instagram Website: Social: @Stretch4Pod Facebook:

  • Ep. 90 - All-Time Starting Line Ups

    31/03/2020 Duration: 01h06min

    We're talking about the starting line ups for the most historic franchises in the NBA! Los Angeles Lakers (3:30) Boston Celtics (17:40) Portland Trailblazers (27:45) Philadelphia 76ers (36:15) Toronto Raptors  (45:40) Houston Rockets (56:25) Website: Social: @Stretch4Pod Facebook:

  • Ep. 89 - All-Time Interview Team & Trivia

    23/03/2020 Duration: 52min

    We're back looking at who we'd want to talk to. The NBA has over 400 current players, and has been around for decades, so you know that there has to be a lot of stories! We look at the guys who we'd want to talk to, whether in an interview setting, over coffee, or grabbing a drink with them. Followed up by some classic trivia (35:35) Website: Social: @Stretch4Pod Facebook: --- Support this podcast:

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