Revolutionary Dead

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A horror novel like you’ve never imagined. Zombies like you’ve never seen.

William’s bad luck is about to turn—for the worse. Trapped behind enemy lines on the eve of revolution, the British officer has evaded colonial militia so far. When he stumbles across a quiet village, his hopes of escaping to the relative safety of Boston suddenly look promising.

Until he runs into something worse than vengeful patriots prowling the darkness.

Caught between the undead and roving bands of minutemen, William devises a desperate plan to make it out with his life. But before he can flee, he’s captured by the local villagers. Only one young woman, Carolyn, the daughter of a hated loyalist, believes his story of the unquiet dead. Between the two, they struggle to convince the others of the terror about to descend on all of them.

As the undead sweep the outskirts of the town, William and Carolyn realize there’s only one way to stop them—by heading straight to the source of the plague, to the brooding lake a mile into the woods where the dead talk.

What really happened out at the dark lake? Can they unlock the secret in time? And how far will the dead go to stop them now?

From the bestselling author of the dark fantasy trilogy The Books of Conjury comes this breakneck horror novel. 


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