Bold - Her Liberation
  • By Toya J
  • Duration: 0:16:39
  • Narrator: Toya J
  • Publisher: Author's Republic

Forget about societal expectations of a woman for a moment where “women should be submissive.” Women who embrace their sexuality can be viewed as “fast or immoral.”...

The Legend Of Icarus O'toole, The Incredible Naked Flying Man Of Achill
  • By John A. Blakey
  • Duration: 7:42:50
  • Narrator: John A. Blakey
  • Publisher: Author's Republic

The Legend of Icarus O'Toole is a satirical love story about an innocent child of nature, who falls victim to his own eccentric, even slapstick ways. Born on the beautiful and...

Trump Rhymes 2-worse Than We Knew
  • By Richard Ackner
  • Duration: 0:29:28
  • Narrator: Robbyn Ackner
  • Publisher: Author's Republic

Approximately one year after Trump was inaugurated and it feels like 10. The horror we felt at Donald J Trump being elected, is like a sunny walk in the park compared to him...

Slipper Plays Catch
  • By Tess Rixen
  • Duration: 0:05:12
  • Narrator: Rachel Slotsky
  • Publisher: Author's Republic

It's a rainy day, and Slipper and Buddy are forced to stay inside. They decide to play catch . . . and end up breaking a vase! Luckily, no one got hurt, but Slipper and Buddy...

Reverse Speech In Theory & Practice: How To Use Your Unconscious Mind To Predict The Outcome Of Future Events
  • By Joshua Schmude
  • Publisher: StreetLib

Reverse Speech in Theory and Practice was written over a 4 year period and details how one may use their Unconscious Mind to predict the outcome of Horse Races, or any other venue...

The Happy Hypocrite: A Fairy Tale For Tired Men
  • By Max Beerbohm
  • Publisher: Interactive Media

Lord George Hell, a worldly man, he is a dandy, fond of gambling, drinking, womanizing, and the like. He is enjoying lavish outdoor entertainment in London with his lover, La...

Wehman Bros.' Vaudeville Jokes No. 1.
  • By Anonymous
  • Publisher:

Collection of numerous jokes for laughing and entertainment.

How To Play Mah Jongg: A Beginner's Guide To American Mah Jongg: An Instruction Book To Learning The Rules, Sets, And Art Of The Game
  • By Chad Bomberger
  • Publisher: CRB Publishing

The Go-To Instruction Book To Learn The Rules, Sets, And Art Of The GameHow to Play Mah Jongg: A Beginner's Guide to American Mah Jongg offers first-time players an...

The Cynic's Dictionary
  • By Josh Verbae
  • Publisher: Interactive Media

The Cynic's Dictionary is an indispensable resource offering satirical reinterpretations of terms in the English language, covering every aspect of human foolishness and frailty....

The Old Bachelor: A Comedy
  • By William Congreve
  • Publisher: Interactive Media

The Old Bachelor is Heartwell, a surly old pretended woman-hater, who falls in love with Silvia, not knowing her to be the forsaken mistress of Vainlove, and is lured into...

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