New Light On The Eyes - Revolutionary And Scientific Discoveries Wich Indicate Extensive Reform And Reduction In The Prescription Of Glasses And Radical Improvement In The Treatment Of Disease Such As Cataract And Glaucoma
  • By R. Brooks Simpkins
  • Publisher: StreetLib

Today, millions of men, women, and children, throughout the World, depend upon glasses. To the very many who ask, as did the Author thirty years ago, when he too was very...

Defend Yourself: A Comprehensive Security Plan For The Armed Homeowner
  • By Rob Pincus
  • Duration: 4:58:38
  • Narrator: Rob Pincus
  • Publisher: Author's Republic

It CAN happen to you.Your home is the one place you should be safe and the one place you usually are safe--but a home invasion turns all that upside down. You can come out the...

Yoga: How To Practice Yoga In Every Day Life, Improve Your Energy, And Achieve Peace Of Mind
  • By Jay Lorin
  • Duration: 3:14:40
  • Narrator: Stephen M Gillikin
  • Publisher: Author's Republic

Yoga: How to Practice Yoga in Every Day Life, Improve your Energy, and Achieve Peace of Mind

Healthy Eating: A Complete Guide To Enjoying Tasty Recipes That Will Help You Unlock The Secrets Of Weight Loss And Prevent And Reverse Disease - 2 Audiobooks In 1
  • By Karen Moore
  • Duration: 6:32:03
  • Narrator: Adele Bullock
  • Publisher: Author's Republic

If you are unsatisfied with your overall health and you are curious to know how to start eating to feel healthier, if you want to know how to leave behind the huge blowouts you...

Baby Massage
  • By Centre of Excellence
  • Duration: 2:09:09
  • Narrator: Jane Branch
  • Publisher: Author's Republic

The Baby Massage Audiobook will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to practice and teach baby massage, with a comprehensive understanding of the health and wellbeing...

Gluten Free Food: The Ultimate Gluten Free Diet For Beginners, Learn To Create A Gluten-free Lifestyle For Health & Weight Loss
  • By Helen S. Finks
  • Duration: 0:45:56
  • Narrator: John Hays
  • Publisher: Author's Republic

Do you need to adopt a gluten-free diet and lifestyle for health reasons?Are you unsure how you are going to do this, what foods you should eat and what you should avoid?This...

Get Taller Now!
  • By Jamie Strauss
  • Duration: 0:44:14
  • Narrator: Instafo
  • Publisher: Instafo

NOTE: Please be sure to download the accompanying reference material upon purchasing. You'll need it to go through the audio.Grow Taller...Not Just Look Taller!Are you sick of...

Speech Therapy
  • By Centre of Excellence
  • Duration: 5:19:40
  • Narrator: Jane Branch
  • Publisher: Author's Republic

Speech Therapy is a practice that assists people with speech and language disorders or who have trouble swallowing. This audiobook takes you through the role of a speech...

Pregnancy Massage
  • By Centre of Excellence
  • Duration: 4:06:47
  • Narrator: Jane Branch
  • Publisher: Author's Republic

The Pregnancy Massage audiobook will give you both the theoretical and practical knowledge you need to provide safe, relaxing, and beneficial prenatal massage to expectant mothers.

Guided Mindfulness Meditation: Techniques To Relieve Stress And Anxiety
  • By Henry Roland
  • Duration: 3:30:44
  • Narrator: Tom Klendy
  • Publisher: Author's Republic

If you choose to use these scripts to facilitate a guided meditation journey for others, please preface the trip for them through reminding them that no longer all people...

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