Living On The Edge: How To Fight And Win The Battle For Your Mind And Heart (teen Edition)
  • By Gary Roe
  • Duration: 0:37:19
  • Narrator: Gary Roe
  • Publisher: Author's Republic

"No one is beyond repair. Anyone can heal. Everyone can make a difference. These are the messages we all need to hear." - Paul Casale, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Marriage &...

Benny The Blue Fish And Friends A Benny The Fish Story, Book 1
  • By Howard Dunkley
  • Duration: 0:04:10
  • Narrator: Kristyn Mass
  • Publisher: Author's Republic

In book 1 of the Benny the Fish Story Series, children explore the hobbies of Benny the Blue Fish and his friends as they learn the importance of making new friends and not...

Ca Lang Biet Bay
  • By Thu Tran
  • Duration: 0:48:31
  • Narrator: Thao Chi
  • Publisher: Author's Republic

Dreaming of childhood, perhaps also a childhood dream of the writer, is almost vividly recreated through 10 stories in the book. Can fly. There are "kids" who do not dream of...

Mister Snuggles Goes To Alaska
  • By Milt Bighley
  • Duration: 1:14:50
  • Narrator: Milt Bighley
  • Publisher: Author's Republic

Mister Snuggles is a cat who likes to travel and go camping. In this unique book you will learn about Alaska in a story told through his eyes. Using a creative blend of humor...

Get Over Fear Of Public Speaking
  • By Fiori Giovanni
  • Duration: 0:31:18
  • Narrator: Michael Nikou
  • Publisher: Author's Republic

When around new people there are often awkward moments when neither of you know what to say. Maybe you fumble and say something stupid. Afterwards, you say to yourself ‘I...

The Story Of Civilization Volume 3: The Making Of The Modern World
  • By Phillip Campbell
  • Duration: 9:29:43
  • Narrator: Kevin Gallagher
  • Publisher: Author's Republic

Children should not just read about history, they should live it. In The Story of Civilization, author Phillip Campbell's historical expertise combines with narrator Kevin...

The Tobacco Worm For Kids
  • By jason Hill
  • Duration: 0:17:42
  • Narrator: Ricky Jones and Jason Hill
  • Publisher: Author's Republic

This audio book is about the pest that may be confused with the tomato hornworm, This bug is a closely related species that also preferentially feeds on solanaceous plants....

Audiofy Yourself
  • By Herson Gonzalez
  • Duration: 0:29:42
  • Narrator: Herson Gonzalez
  • Publisher: Author's Republic

In Audiofy Yourself, Herson Gonzalez makes a compelling case for Audiobooks and his company, Audiofybooks.His love for print books is the foundation for his passion for...

Playboy Made Easy: How To Understand Women's Mind, Master Body Language And Look More Attractive To Date The Women Of Your Dreams
  • By Andrew Manson
  • Duration: 2:30:11
  • Narrator: Corey Sorensen
  • Publisher: Author's Republic

Would you like to be able to master the body language to look more attractive and date the women you have always dreamed of? Do you want to know all the secrets of women’s mind?...

The Day My Vagina Broke - What They Don't Tell You About Childbirth
  • By Stephanie Thompson
  • Duration: 5:39:50
  • Narrator: Dave Stokes
  • Publisher: Author's Republic

The Day My Vagina Broke' follows one woman's journey to becoming a mumma and how she had no idea childbirth could break your vagina… and you. Once you're pregnant the rest is...

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