The 14 Keys Power, Unity, and Success Unlocked

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Chief Yuya unearths a powerful code in “The 14 Keys”.

Owning the theories and formulas that produce the healthiest person and equipped environment is priceless.

Achieving a working comprehension of the words of power which create and sustain miraculous breakthroughs are vital to becoming the success you see yourself being.

This book is a new conversation with historical brilliance. This work explores the matured formulas of Maat and the Nguzo Saba. These two ways of personal and group alignment provide a masterful outline for development of the inner person and the tools needed to construct an environment that bolsters the success and development of our collectives.

These time proven concepts are for individual transformation and community empowerment.

Chief Yuya takes these principles, which he reveals as formulas, and discloses the magic in them. No longer will you have to wonder how to create a mission for yourself, family, or group. Chief gives us clear explanations of words and tenet's we need to produce the remarkable changes we witness in the movers and shakers of the world. “The 14 Keys” shows the reader how to reclaim their words and thoughts of mastery. 


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