Sorcery of the Stony Heart

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The key to unlocking the heart of sorcery

August Swaine’s secret pursuit of sorcery has cost him—he’s down to his last few pennies. Agents of His Majesty scrutinize his every move, ready to jail him for practicing the unseen arts. Worse, a demon more powerful than any he’s ever faced stalks him through the shadowy streets of London. As Swaine untangles the mystery of a cursed book, a beautiful actress, and the wanton heir to a brilliant magician’s fortune, the key to all research comes tantalizingly within reach.

But only if he can outwit those, both human and inhuman, intent on driving him into oblivion.

Kevan Dale returns to the historical fantasy world of The Books of Conjury with the supernatural adventure novella Sorcery of the Stony Heart. Listen today!