The Grave Raven The Books of Conjury Volume Two

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Murderous spirits. A shadowy realm of discarded magic. More corpses than Kate Finch knows what to do with.

No one said being a sorcerer’s apprentice would be easy.

Kate Finch keeps her promises. Even the ill-advised ones—like her promise to rescue the woman from the rebellious Rattlesnake Society who once pointed a pistol at her head. Or her agreement to help Grayson Whitelocke lay to rest the rumors about his late brother’s crypt.

Yet nothing she does escapes the notice of the mysterious demon communicating to her through a magic device. Taunting her, threatening her.

When each unrelated promise leads her back to the alarming magic rising in the forests and vales around Salem, Kate’s loyalty faces the ultimate test. Her mentor August Swaine expects her to keep her focus on her studies—mastering the spells, wards, and glamours to help with his grand experiment. Not get involved with someone else’s problems.

Soon enough, Kate’s secrets and promises unravel. Swaine’s work grows brash, forcing her to confront a reckoning beyond any promises or vows she’s made.

What’s his real goal? Will her wit, daring, and desperation be enough to fit together all the pieces of the puzzle? Or has the secretive demon been right all along—she’s no match for the netherworld of terror about to explode into the countryside?

The twists keep coming in this fast-paced second book of the bewitching new fantasy trilogy, The Books of Conjury.


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