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Gryphon has twenty-three days to ensure that Zo, Joshua, and Tess are cared for before offering his life as a ransom to Chief Barnabas in exchange for the lives of his best friend and mess brothers. He doesn’t have the nerve to break Zo’s heart with the truth, and he spends his time inside the Allied Camp trying not to despise the very people he’s been raised to hate—the Wolves. But Gryphon is not the only one harboring secrets. To spare her own life, Zo has made a blood oath promising to help the Kodiak Clan free their families living as Nameless slaves.

When Gryphon learns the truth—that the peaceful life he’d planned for Zo is not secure—he commits himself to cooperate with the Allies and divulges a secret that will give the Allies the upper hand against the Ram. New alliances form as Wolf, Raven, and Kodiak combine forces in a final battle that will determine the fate of the entire region.


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