400 Horsepower of the Apocalypse

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A full-tilt road trip. The end of days. Can they escape the highway to hell?

Jasmine “Jaz” O’Neil wants out of Kansas fast. But escaping her dead-end mechanic job seems just as outlandish as her haunting apocalyptic visions. So when a hunky biker named Leo with a misbehaving machine offers her an out, she ignores her fears and takes it. But they’ve barely begun their trip when they find Leo’s gang supernaturally slaughtered.

Reeling from the bloody sight, Jaz discovers she and her sexy companion share the same prophetic nightmares. On the run from forces they don’t understand, the mechanic makes a startling revelation: meeting Leo has brought the world one step closer to annihilation.

On opposite sides of an inevitable battle for humanity, can Jaz and Leo defeat their inner demons before their road trip becomes a highway to hell?

400 Horsepower of the Apocalypse is a riveting urban fantasy novel. If you like cosmic battles, mythical creatures, and an extra tankful of racy action, then you’ll love Erica Lindquist and Aron Christensen’s all-consuming adventure.

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