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What if you can reprogram your brain to crave healthier habits instead? If you could figure out a way to create that magnetic pull towards healthy foods, you wouldn’t have to keep trying to force yourself into eating healthy. Instead, you would be eating healthy foods on autopilot.

Here’s another question. Can this magnetism be changed? Could your programming be reprogrammed? Well here’s the thing, most people don’t recall feeling particularly drawn to junk foods at earlier ages, so evidently that magnetism has changed over time. If it can be changed in one direction it can certainly be changed in another.

Now if you can rewire that magnetism to pull yourself towards healthier eating habits than why not do the same for other habits like exercise? If you could reprogram your brain to feel as much motivation towards exercise as much as you feel motivated to sit down and watch TV, just imagine how easy exercise and healthy eating would become.

In this new and exciting book Shane reveals exactly how to do that, as a WORLD FAMOUS Life, Addiction, Business and relationship coach he has managed to help thousands of people struggling with hurdles and blockages getting in the way. Shane uses the same formula and psychological knowledge used to hypnotise smokers into quitting harmful nicotine addictions, couples fighting and arguing through divorce, gamblers and addicts fighting addiction and many other problematic behaviours developed and conditioned in the mind of children and adults.

Never before has someone applied 'psychology' to diet, exercise and health. The benefit of uncovering these psychological secrets are limitless and the tricks found in this book can be used to help you overcome almost any mental obstacle holding you back currently or in the future.


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