Buffalo, Home of the Braves

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BUFFALO, HOME OF THE BRAVES chronicles the rise and fall of the National Basketball Association franchise in Western New York that existed from 1970-1978. The team roster included such key players and personalities as Bob McAdoo, Dr. Jack Ramsay, Randy Smith, Paul Snyder, Jack Marin, Gar Heard, John Shumate and Ernie DiGregorio. The Braves made history with their up-tempo style of play and had three rookies of the year. This award-winning book highlights each of those memorable seasons, including the playoffs. With a foreword by Van Miller (read by broadcaster Pete Weber), this is a must-listen for basketball fans everywhere.

"Over the years, I can reflect on the experience of living in Western New York with a single phrase: 'You can leave Buffalo, but Buffalo never leaves you.' The same can be said of the Buffalo Braves." -- Rick Azar, longtime Buffalo sportscaster

"If you are old enough to remember the Braves, you will love this book for its clear-eyed, unsentimental rendering of the heartbreak and the history. If you are too young to remember, you need this book for an essential understanding of how the Braves' bizarre departure fits into a continuum with Wide Right, No Goal and the terrible specter of 'Toronto.'" -- Erik Brady, The Buffalo Courier-Express, 1976-1982