Game Changer How to Be 10x in the Talent Economy

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Whether you’re an employer, employee, freelancer, or part of a management team, you must understand how highly skilled “10x” talent is radically shifting the dynamics of the employment marketplace. Learn how to identify, attract, vet, employ, and retain--or become--the game-changing talent that will make a difference in the work world of tomorrow.

Individuals, companies, and governments around the globe need to understand what tactics are required to employ, attract, and retain the kind of game-changing talent required to survive and thrive in an increasingly global, automated, and distributed economy.

The term “10x” is borrowed from the tech world to describe an extremely talented coder that brings at least ten times the value to whatever business he or she engages with. In Silicon Valley, the big tech companies compete for the services of 10xers by offering outrageous compensation packages and a plethora of perks. Even more crucially, the 10xers demand and expect a level of flexibility, respect, and participation unheard of in the old work world. The lessons presented in Game Changer apply to individuals or companies striving to become 10x in any industry.

Using the tech industry as an example, Game Changer shows companies how to attract and manage 10x talent by ditching traditional business structures, for a more agile approach where 10xers can be plugged in where they will make the most impact--and where they themselves will find the most fulfillment. Offering work flexibility, increased autonomy, and a variety of previously unheard-of freedoms is a small price to pay for the transformative results 10xers deliver. For listeners who are confident in their abilities and want to make an impact where they work, Game Changer shows them how to be a 10xer and enjoy the varied rewards that this brings.

  • See how highly skilled talent is transforming companies of all sizes and industries through real-world stories.
  • Get an inside glimpse into how companies attract, retain, and manage 10x talent.
  • Recognize the roadblocks to retaining top talent that are inherent in the traditional employer-employee model and learn how these obstacles can be overcome to incredible success.
  • Learn how to see yourself as both talent and management to achieve the rewards and satisfaction that come with being 10x.