Stone Knife, The (Songs of the Drowned, Book 1)

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An astonishing new fantasy trilogy of gods and monsters by the acclaimed author of GODBLIND.

In the humid jungles of Ixatal, a war has been raging for fifty years as the Pecha, by order of their supreme ruler the Singer, conquer their neighbouring tribes and bring them into the glory of the Empire of Songs. Only the Yalotl and their neighbours, the Toko of the hills, remain.
Meanwhile, the Toko fight a second war – against the Drowned. Clawed and fanged humanoid predators who dwell in water, luring unwary victims to their deaths.
As the Pecha army advances ever closer, conquering Yalotl land and taking its people as slaves to the glory of the Singer and their gods, the Toko must find a way to survive the war and the waters both. But within their home, the Cloud City, not everyone is who they seem, and one people’s gods are another’s monsters.


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