A Dog Day's Night A Dog Days Mystery

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When a motorcycle club rolls into town and the leader opens a biker bar, it stirs up more than dust in Metamora.

The little canal town is known for its grist mill, antique shops, and bed and breakfasts, not for hosting a parade of noisy motorcycles. Cameron Cripps Hayman's neighbors are up in arms about the Night Hounds Motorcycle Club and even start a petition to get the mayor to ban the new establishment. But the mayor says he doesn't have the power to kick a business owner out and there's nothing in the town statutes against opening a bar.

When the Night Hound's leader is run off the road and left for dead, his wife comes to Cam and her Action Agency to track down the hit and run suspect. With her team down to two members, will they be able to solve the case as they've always done in the past? They'll give it their best rip-roaring try!


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