Captain Cram's Condensed Audio Course for use with the American Literature CLEP Exam

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This Captain Cram's Condensed Audio Course is the only audio program designed specifically for the American Literature CLEP test. This program provides you with all of the information you need to pass the test. We don’t take any shortcuts. Some study guides are made up of just a list of suggested books to read. While that’s a solid way to prepare, most students don’t have years to invest in reading book after book. Other study guides are just a whole bunch of practice tests. These tests tell you that you have a lot to learn, but leave you wondering how you’re going to learn it.

Captain Cram is unlike any other study guide available for the American Literature CLEP test. It’s over six hours of material packed with rich American literature content and effective techniques to help you remember what you learn. Because it’s an audio guide all you need to do is listen. It’s that simple. We picked over 80 of the nation’s most important authors and covered them and their work in detail. Then we tested the program by getting it in the hands of real test-takers – people who needed the credits from the test to graduate from college. Then we took a few years to perfect the program before releasing it for sale.

The CLEP exam tests your general understanding of American literature. The Captain Cram program gives you that general understanding. You don’t need to be an expert on the subject – you just need a basic understanding, and you need to be able to quickly recall the information that you learn. The Captain Cram program trains you to do that in a way that’s fun and easy – with no reading or writing required. It’s a one-hundred percent audio course - the only program of its kind on the market. No other study guide will assure your success like the Captain Cram program. Don’t walk into the test wondering if you know enough to pass. Save yourself that terrible anxiety and stress. Walk in knowing that you’ve mastered the material because you’ve used the best program available anywhere.


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