And Yet, Undaunted Embraced by the Goodness of God in the Chaos of Life

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Your story. It zigs just when you thought it should zag. You honestly didn't realize you had a plan for your life until it didn't turn out the way you thought it would. But there's good news. Belonging to Jesus means that your story is part of a much larger tale to be told.

If you see how the real Story began―and where it's headed―you will catch a glimpse of the good heart of God that will anchor you when life gets crazy. Authors Paula Rinehart and Connally Gilliam take a fresh look at the gospel to show you how to place your story within God's greater Story. The life you were created for takes redemptive shape in the present as you look ahead at the hope of what's to come.

Through personal story and Scripture, these two women invite you to face reality head-on. In And Yet, Undaunted, you will learn how to step into the embrace of God's goodness so you can find wholeness within the broken pieces of your life.