Drums of Change The Story of Running Fawn

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Her stirring tales of spiritual conflict have made award-winning author, Janette Oke, one of today’s most beloved inspirational novelists. Drums of Change is her moving story of a Native American girl’s coming-of-age amidst turbulent changes in the late 1800s. Running Fawn loves the rugged mountains and lush green forests of the Northwest where her Blackfoot tribe lives. She dreams that someday she will share a teepee with the chief’s handsome son, Silver Fox. But pale-faced people are moving into the surrounding prairies, bringing strange ideas, and depleting the life-sustaining buffalo. When Silver Fox learns to farm like the white men, and embraces their beliefs, Running Fawn suddenly finds herself alone—clinging to the traditions of her people. In this captivating novel based on actual events in Alberta, Canada, Janette Oke provides an exciting glimpse into an often misunderstood time in history. With Barbara Caruso’s heart-warming narration, you’ll laugh and cry along with Running Fawn as she faces her uncertain future.


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