Hitching for Hope A Journey into the Heart and Soul of Ireland

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A journey through Ireland by thumb—ears open to the stories, dreams, and struggles of the people encountered along the way

In the wake of one of Ireland’s worst economic recessions and a period of personal burnout from years of relentless social campaigning and organizing, Ruairí McKiernan set out to answer these questions after he was invited to speak about citizens’ views of Ireland. How, he wondered, might he use this platform to capture people’s stories in an honest and authentic way—to give voice to the multitudes that so often go unheard?

By turns exciting, provocative, and sincere, Hitching for Hope: A Journey into the Heart and Soul of Ireland is the tale of a pilgrimage both deeply personal and explicitly political. McKiernan embarks without an itinerary, not knowing with whom he may speak, what he may hear, or where he may sleep each night. As he reflects on his past, faces his fears, and listens to the struggles, hopes, and dreams of Ireland’s people, he excavates a human resilience often obscured by the media.

Our modern world is rife with twists and turns as numerous and daunting as the roads that wind across the Irish countryside. However, when we will ourselves to take a leap, to stick out our thumbs when the going gets tough, and to lend a hand (or a lift) to others in need, we harness a collective power that cannot be shaken.


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