Self Mastery Through Conscious Autosuggestion
  • By Emile Coue
  • Publisher: FV Éditions

"We possess within us a force of incalculable power, which, when we handle it unconsciously is often prejudicial to us. If on the contrary we direct it in a conscious and wise...

The Secret Of Mental Efficiency
  • By Warren Hilton
  • Publisher: Interactive Media

Many a man will tell you that he does his best work in the wee watches of the morning, after tedious hours of persevering but fruitless effort. Instead[5] of being exhausted by...

Hypnotism For Professionals
  • By Konradi Leitner
  • Publisher: David De Angelis

Table of Contentsby way of introductionThe state of tranceSome are more suggestibleAsleep, or not asleep?The cataleptic testThe reluctant subjectNo rude awakeningIllusions,...

Studies In Self Culture And Character: A Man's Value To Society
  • By Newell Dwight Hillis
  • Publisher: Interactive Media

Man’s evident failure to make the most out of his material life suggests a study of the elements in each citizen that make him of value to his age and community. What are the...

The Social Leap: The New Evolutionary Science Of Who We Are, Where We Come From, And What Makes Us Happy
  • By William von Hippel
  • Duration: 8:36:25
  • Narrator: Michael David Axtell
  • Publisher: HarperCollins USA

In the compelling popular science tradition of Sapiens and Guns, Germs, and Steel, a groundbreaking and eye-opening exploration that applies evolutionary science to provide a new...

The Science Of Hypnotism: All Known Methods Explained And The Way To Become An Expert Operator
  • By L. E. Young
  • Publisher: L. E. Young

This manual is not just theory or conjecture. The concepts presented are the results of tried and proven experience over more than 30 years.The The Science Of Hypnotism Manual is...

  • By Bethany Jacobs
  • Publisher: Pronoun

Having trouble sleeping on a nightly basis? Insomnia troubles millions of people around the world and it can become a hazard to your quality of life.Bethany Jacobs with her years...

The Principles Of Psychology, Vols 1-2
  • By William James
  • Publisher: David De Angelis

This edition of William James' masterwork, The Principles of Psychology, contains his original notes, illustrations, tables and charts which clarify the theory described and...

Mental Efficiency And Other Hints
  • By Arnold Bennett
  • Publisher: Interactive Media

No one is a worse guide to success than your typical successful man. He seldom understands the reasons of his own success; and when he is asked by a popular magazine to give his...

Applied Psychology: The Laws Of Success
  • By Warren Hilton
  • Publisher: Interactive Media

Individual mental efficiency is an absolute prerequisite to any notable personal achievement or any great individual success. Your mental energies are the forces with which you...

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