History Revealed: Nelson: Comander Rebel Lover Episode 25

The life and complex character of one of Britain's most-loved military heroes.

History Revealed: Stalingrad the Worst Battle Ever Fought Episode 57

Julian Humphrys unfolds the dramatic events that made the Battle of Stalingrad the most miserable and bloody battle of World War II – and possibly in the history of warfare

History Revealed: Triumph of the Longbow Episode 28

Edward III's stunning victory over the French at Crecy marked a new dawn for the humble foot soldier. An Investigation into this decisive battle of the Hundred Years' War.

History Revealed: Bannockburn the Fight for Scotland's Freedom Episode 61

A pivotal victory in the Scottish fight for independence from English rule, the Battle of Bannockburn was a classic case of wit over superior numbers and weaponry, says Julian...

History Revealed: Battlefield Kadesh Episode 82

Kadesh, the first battle in history for which we have real details of the action

History Revealed: The Biggest Bloodiest Battle Ever Fought On English Soil Episode 44

Julian Humphrys explores the Battle of Towton, a brutal clash between the armies of Lancaster and York that saw thousands fight, and die, in howling winds and driving snow.

History Revealed: Slaughter Hill Spion Kop Episode 6

The kop it’s a word familiar to all football fans but how many of them know that it takes its name from a steep hill where the British suffered a bloody defeat.

History Revealed: Battle of Power Episode 22

It was the ultimate heavyweight contest – Rome’s two greatest leaders in a bloody fight to the finish.

History Revealed: Cromwell's Last Battle Episode 40

The Parliamentatrian's crushing defeat of Charles II's army at Worcester finally brought to an end more than a decade of civil war in Britain.

History Revealed: Battlefield Marathon 490BC Episode 77

Julian Humphrys reveals how the tiny democratic city state of Athens took on the army of the mighty Persian Empire and won at Marathon in 490 BC

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